Here are 101 Ways to be an AWESOME Mom

It is very easy to feel like you’re not quite what you should be, as a mom. That somehow the neighbor (or that woman in your mom’s group) is doing such a better job at motherhood.

It’s easy to feel like becoming a mother was a mistake, and you aren’t cut out for this after all.

That is a lie.

You can do this. None of us are going do this mom-thing perfectly. (All our kids are going to end up on the therapist couch someday, even the mom’s group lady you are so intimidated by.)

We just keep practicing to make progress. (Not perfection).

Isn’t that why you landed on this page in the first place? You clicked here with the vague unease and hopeful desire to be a better mom next month than you feel right now?

Everyone Can Use Some Tweaks
(Even an Awesome Mom Like You)

I sat down one afternoon and thought through 101 different ways to take your mothering to the next level. Some of these are crazy simple, (give your kids at least one hug every day), while others may require some mental discipline (refuse to allow people outside your husband and kids to determine your mom-value).

Just put your information in below and I’ll send this encouraging booklet right over. Then, whenever you feel overwhelmed and worthless, you can flip through it and realize how many of those 101 things you are already doing!

This two-page printable breaks down all those “preparing for baby” tasks into smaller bite-sized pieces you can get wrapped up early. This way when you reach the home stretch, you won’t be worried about anything but the Finish Line.

Need a Few More Virtual Hugs?

Sometimes it’s helpful to know that other moms have bad days too. 🙂 Here are a few other just-for-mom posts on you may find encouraging!