How to Create an Effective 2 Month Old Sleep Schedule

Has your little chubby cherub screamed the house down yet? Has he played the whole Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde trick on you? That’s very common at this age.

Your baby is easily overtired, even though it looks like he’s sleeping all day. Fortunately, a smart 2 month old sleep schedule can make a huge calming difference!

Your Newborn Has a Super Power

Your newborn has a super power that most parents don’t know about. It’s called habituation. It is the reason you used to be able to take your newborn to a busy restaurant and watch snooze through the whole meal like magic.

Here’s the trick though, about those snoozes. She was faking it. There was no actual sleep going on here. She was overstimulated by all the sounds/smells/faces around her, and so went into this hibernation state to help her cope.

It’s like when you try to take a nap on the couch, and you are sleeping, but you can also hear everything that’s happening around you. You wake up semi-rested, but it’s not as fulfilling as a long night in bed.

2 Month Old Sleep Schedule:
All Habituation Must Come to an End

Sometime around the 8 to 12 week mark, your newborn begins to lose this wonderful super power, and simply doesn’t know yet how to cope without it.

That’s why he seems so CRAZY GRUMPY these days. He’s frustrated that he can’t hibernate like he used to.

What’s the solution here? Help your baby avoid getting overtired, so he doesn’t have to feel so frustrated when his powers fail him. And the best way to do that is to…you guessed it!

Put Your Baby on a 2 Month Old Sleep Schedule

I know that can feel a little overwhelming, so I’ve created a free worksheet set to help you. Just fill out the form below and I’ll email it straight over.

There are other things we can do, by the way, to help improve your baby’s sleep besides just figure out a daily rhythm. If you are feeling on the edge, why not sign up for a Newborn Session and let us help you?

Sleep Regressions on the Horizon!

It is very common for these early months to have hiccups. Your baby’s brain is growing crazy fast, which can mess up with his sleeping/waking rhythms! Make sure your expectations are not unrealistic by reading these two articles:

As Certified Gentle Sleep Coaches (yes, that’s a thing that exists), it’s our job to help new parents work through ALL those issues (and not just going over the basics of a 2 month old sleep schedule). We would love to help you create a customized newborn sleep shaping plan for now and for the months ahead.

My 60 minute session was fantastic. I just feel so encouraged and excited to start a plan. It really feels like a lifeline!”

Meg Johnson

Let a Certified Sleep Expert Help You With Your 2 Month Old Sleep Schedule

You’ve been winging it for long enough. It’s time to sit down and really talk with someone. Amy and I would love to listen to your situation and help you figure out what to do next. Nothing can give you hope like a plan!

Here’s how a Newborn Sleep Session works:

Step 1: Schedule Your 60-Minute Session

After your purchase, you’ll be shown how to schedule your sixty-minute online session with Gentle Sleep Coach Amy Estell.

Step 2: Fill Out a Short Health Survey

You’ll be sent a short survey to fill out about your unique family so we can get to know you a little better. Gentle Sleep Coach (GSC) Amy will use your answers to prepare ahead of time. This way we won’t waste time things that don’t directly apply to your family.

Step 3: Print off the Session Workbook

Finally, you’ll receive a copy of the Newborn Sleep Session Workbook to print off. You’ll want to have this document in front of you so you can take notes. (You’re so tired right now, don’t assume you’ll remember!) We will go beyond the standard 2 month old sleep schedule and help you prepare for the months ahead.

“I loved Amy! She was so accommodating, sweet, and helpful! She was so easy to work with and encouraging. I can’t say enough good things!”

Cari Caramonta

Invest in the Advice of a Professional

Okay, so who are we, anyway? Just two moms who have a couple of kids who somehow slept through the night eventually? What makes our knowledge any different than the advice you get from your Mom’s Group?

A certificate, lots of experience, and a tushload of invested money. This is our profession, not a side hobby. Here’s what makes our sleep training so different from than the other (non-certified, non-gentle) sleep coaches you find online.

We have studied directly under The Sleep Lady herself, Kim West, and have learned to spot possible medical issues, as well as gentle weaning techniques for every sleeping issue under the sun moon. We always have access to Kim if we need an outside perspective. (Three Certified Gentle Sleep Coach heads are better than two…)

Amy and I had to pass a written exam and complete multiple pro bono supervised case studies to show a strong grasp of the concepts. We also have to pay a yearly re-certification fee and take continuing education classes to confirm that we are up on the latest sleep research for children!

As Certified Gentle Sleep Coaches, we have had to complete over 80 hours of coursework under medical doctors,a psychologist, attorney, lactation consultant, doula, and a family therapist. Together, we have over six years of GSC experience and have helped hundreds of happily sleeping families.

Amy Estell
Certified Gentle Sleep Coach
Heather Taylor
Certified Gentle Sleep Coach Supervisor

“Heather and Amy are my family’s sleep angel. If you are debating whether or not to get sleep help, DON’T HESITATE! Your sleep will thank you.”

Amy Cruz