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How to Speed Up Your Baby’s Brain Development with Smart Toys

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Listen up, Coach.

Your baby’s brain development needs some gentle nudging.  Some inspiration to build healthy neurons and strong synapses. It’s your job to provide that extra motivation.

Granted, he’s probably not going to be this year’s Mensa Chess Champion.


But there’s some strong potential hidden away in that itty bitty cranium.  Potential that you can unlock with the right tools and some good old-fashioned smarts.

That’s right. Tools and smarts. These legal “enhancers” will zoom your baby’s neurons along as he works hard all day at his one job: playing.  Don’t underestimate the power of play!

Read the whole thing, top to bottom, or skip straight to your baby’s age!

Enhancers for 0-3 Month Old
Brain Development

At this age, your newborn’s biggest task will be to discover and begin to manipulate those stick-thingies on his sides. Then after he’s mastered the big sticks (arms) he has to start figuring out how to move those little sticks (fingers) to follow his brain’s bidding.

At this age, your newborn’s biggest task will be to discover his arms! It may not seem all that exciting to you, but mastering those “big sticks” (arms) and moving those “little sticks” (fingers) are his main milestone mountain at this age.  

Here are the skills your 0-3 month old baby will be working on:

  • Coordinating his eyes to move together
  • Grasping fingers and toys, learning how to move his arms to grip objects (fine motor skills)
  • Coordinating his neck and head so he can turn towards interesting sounds.

As your baby’s brain personal trainer,  your job is to challenge your baby to master these skills by providing toys that will keep him interested long enough to practice!  Here are two unique toys designed just for that purpose.

Ideal baby toys at this age include the Lullaby Rattle and the Baby Senses Coordinator.

Brain Builders: Smart Baby Toys for 0-3 Month Olds

The Lullaby Rattle has a highly reflective surface your baby will find fascinating, allowing him to practice his eye-tracking skills.  It also has a hand-grip to strengthen his finger grasp!

The Baby Senses Coordinator uses brightly-colored beads in an hourglass shape for excellent tracking practice. It also is a great parent-play toy, you shake it on the side, and let your baby practice turning his head towards the sound.

Enhancers for 3-6 Month Old
Brain Development

This is a critical time period for your baby because this is the official “bye-bye newborn” stage.  Your baby will through a MASSIVE growth spurt and one day you’ll wake up in the morning only to realize (with shock) that your newborn is gone for ever.  *sob!* 

Here are the skills your 3-6 month old baby will need to work on:

  • Coordinating her muscles to bring objects from her hands to her mouth (where she can explore them)
  • Learn how to pass objects from one hand to the other
  • Stretching her leg muscles by bringing her legs to her mouth, and laying on her tummy to strengthen back and neck muscles
Give your baby a mental workout with engaging toys such as the Like It Pacifier and the Educational Eddie Rattle.

Brain Builders: Smart Baby Toys for 3-6 Month Olds

The Like It Pacifier (besides being hilarious) is the perfect toy for your baby to learn bringing items from the hand to the mouth. Not only does the thumb make the perfect (non-habit-forming) suction object, your baby will be fascinated by the shape and texture of this toy in his mouth, giving him lots of practice!

The Educational Eddie Rattle looks different from most toys, but for a very good reason.  The cylindrical shape is ideal for babies learning how to pass objects from the left hand to the right, and the unique hands, feet, and head create an irresistible urge to gnaw and explore.


Enhancers for 6-9 Month Old
Brain Development

The 6-9 month period is full of exciting new things for baby.  He will start sitting up, changing his perspective and giving him all kinds of new things to look at! He will also start teething (ugh!) and experience new flavors with solid foods.

Coach Mom will want to provide him with plenty of opportunities to tackle these milestones:

  • Since he’s going to start recognizing faces, give him opportunities to play with mirrors and other reflective surfaces. They will transfix him!
  • He will need to explore cause and effect – if I hit these blocks, I hear this sound! This is a vital brain skill teaching him how to interactive within his environment.
  • He will start experimenting with making sounds, so help him practice blowing in and out in creative ways, an essential first step to baby babbles!
Your 6-9 month old will find both of these toys fascinating: The Magic Reflection Ball and the Multi-Sense Trumpet.

Brain Builders: Smart Baby Toys for 6-9 Month Olds

The Magic Reflection Ball is designed to stick onto any flat surface (high chair, restaurant table, etc.) and provide your baby with his new best friend: his own face.  Your baby’s brain development (especially girls) will be in synapse heaven as she explores this toy.

The Multi-Sense Trumpet is definitely one of a kind. I’ve never seen anything like it, which is too bad, considering that it makes total sense as a baby brain development toy! Not only does it teach your baby cause and effect (“I blow into the toy, I hear a fun little whistle and see bright colors”), the act of blowing practices the necessary lung and lip movements necessary for talking later on! 

Enhancers for 9-12 Month Old
Brain Development

OMGoodness. Your 9-12 month old baby is starting to move.  And we’re not talking “rolling around for inches” kind of movement.  We’re talking “make-sure-your-furniture-won’t-tip-over” kind of movement.

Sorry, friend.  Those lazy parenting days are over. He is going to stretch the limits of his mobility as much as possible.

Okay, so he may not be ready for a P90X workout, but you can still help him target those major muscles!

  • He needs motivation and encouragement to scoot/crawl/slide across the room. The more he moves, the stronger his muscles will become!
  • Don’t neglect his fine finger movements.  Give him opportunities to grab and manipulate palm-sized objects with latches, buttons, and stackable blocks.
  • One of his favorite games will be the Dropping Game. As he throws something off his tray, does it disappear? or is it just out of sight? This is called Object Permanence and it’s a huge developmental milestone for babies at this age!
Help your 9-12 month old conquer crawling & walking with the Catch Me If You Can! Lion and perfect his pincer grasp with the Push & Pull UFO.

Brain Builders: Smart Baby Toys for 9-12 Month Olds

The Catch Me if You Can! Lion scoots just out of reach of your little baby, tantalizing his curiosity with a short little pull cord dangling behind. It’s perfect motivation for laid-back personalities, while at the same time irresistible to young explorers who hate to sit still.

The Push and Pull UFO consists of a series of brightly colored buttons your baby can easily grasp and pull back and forth.  This movement provides excellent practice for his pincer grasp skills, the foundation for eating independently with a spoon, coloring, and eventually writing those epic novels that will pay for your retirement.  (He’s such a thoughtful boy!)

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