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4 Surprising Reasons Why Your Baby Has a Diaper Rash

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I want to talk for a second about your baby’s bum. 

Yes. It’s adorable.

It can also be, at times, not-so-adorable, demonstrating your infant’s talents as the Picasso of Poo. His “artwork” is actually really important in judging your baby’s overall health.  Unfortunately, though, that palette can create something a bit more sinister…

No, it’s not a frowning Bob Ross. 

I’m talking about Diaper Dermatitis.

*slipping into a white lab coat*
*picking up a Fisher Price stethoscope, pen, and clipboard*
*striking a dramatic Grey’s Anatomy pose* 

Hmmmm…. *looming officially* It looks like your baby’s got a diaper rash blooming under those bloomers.

“But Fake Doctor Heather, I have been meticulous about making frequent diaper changes and cleaning out all the ‘poo traps’ those folds conceal! Surely, you are wrong in your fake diagnosis!”

Well, unfortunately, sometimes that’s just not enough to give your baby a Diaper Rash Pass. (And don’t call me Shirley.)

Here are four surprising sources of diaper rash you should be aware of. *starting slideshow*

Happy Bums = Happy Faces

You know what? If I had to sit on a giant red rug burn, I’d be pretty grumpy too.

The best thing you can do for your baby when you see a slightish tinge of fuchsia settling in is to slap a barrier cream like Triple Paste on there STAT. The sooner you can put up a wall around that tender tissue and the bacteria horde, the happier your baby will be.

A Barrier Cream is a Beautiful Thing

Let me give you a tip: a really good barrier cream will contain zinc oxide. This special ingredient creates a protective layer between bum and bacteria. A Happy Zone, if you will, where healing can happen.

This study in Sweden indicated that the presence of zinc oxide actually speeds up the healing process of wounds. And, in all honestly, that painful red bottom is a wound. No wonder Triple Paste makes such a great barrier cream. It protects and heals at the same time, speeding everything up tenfold.

More Than Wet Diapers…
Other Causes to Diaper Rash

As I was browsing through my many medical research articles on this subject (You know, to keep my Fake Doctor Degree), there were a few facts I thought were particularly interesting…  (You can see these citations at the bottom of this article, btw.)

  • Between 7% and 35% of infants will end up with a diaper rash at some point.
  • Most of those children are between the ages of 9 and 12 months.
  • Doctors (of the non-fake variety) estimate a 1 in 4 chance of your child developing the Red Rash of Rage.


Yep. There’s a 1 in 4 chance he’ll suffer from the Rudolph Reverse.

Reduce that diaper rash chance even further by learning these other surprising sources of diaper rash, so you can jump on the treatment wagon as soon as possible.

The Weather Factor

The weather is definitely a factor when it comes to the development of diaper rash. Actually, I can set my fake-doctor degree aside on this one, because it makes a lot of logical sense:

  • For Warm-Weather Climates: Everything is hot and sweaty, including both sets of cheeks. It’s the perfect place for a bacteria colony to settle.
  • For Cold-Weather Climates: Layering your baby like a 5-tier birthday cake is great for arms and legs…but can bake up some seriously naughty bacteria biscuits in the nether-regions!

Fake-Doctor Heather says… be careful about over-bundling your baby! Bacteria loves a warm dark place, and they don’t get much warmer or darker than those Tushie Creases, either in the summer or in the winter.

The Teething Factor

As I’ve explained before, one of the weirdest teething symptoms out there is a sudden onset of diarrhea. Your baby doesn’t have a fever. There’s no cough. In fact, he appears perfectly normal! Except that he’s drooling like a caveman and his diaper keeps filling up like an unpleasantly fragrant balloon.

Take a guess on what happens to the tender soft skin on your baby’s badonkadonk when it’s sitting in a Poo Soup?

Yep. Diaper rash.

Fake-Doctor Heather says…if your baby is teething, switch to ultra-absorbent disposable diapers or set a timer to remind you to change his diaper more frequently.

The Antibiotic Factor

Another possible cause for your baby’s diaper dermatitis disaster could be that the doctor recently put him on antibiotics for a cold or ear infection. Antibiotics are awesome because they kill the bad bacteria that’s wreaking havoc on his system. They suck, though, because they also kill the good bacteria living in his intestines.

Buh-bye good bacteria…hello Montezuma’s Revenge.

Fake-Doctor Heather says… use a really good barrier cream like Triple Paste to create a butt-buffer and increase he’s yogurt intake to start replacing the good bacteria as quickly as possible. (If your baby is too young for yogurt, probiotics are a good choice!)

The Yeast Factor

If you’ve been using your barrier cream faithfully for 4-5 days and haven’t seen a change in your baby’s diaper rash, a yeast infection may be the culprit. A yeast diaper rash includes dark red areas of skin and may have raised yellow, fluid-filled pustules *gag reflex* that can rupture and flake.

Unfortunately, I’m not going to link to a picture, because I like keeping my post-chewed food to myself.  These, um, pustules *gag reflex* are commonly found in the skin folds between the thighs and around the genitals.

Fake-Doctor Heather says… if you see the pustules white bumps *sigh of relief* go ahead and give your doctor a call. No bumps? Treat the diaper rash normally with miracle Triple Paste. If you don’t see progress after 3-4 days, take him in for an evaluation.

The Sooner You Start Treatment,
The Sooner the Screaming Stops

REAL doctors (not “Fake Doctor Heather,” although I’d probably toss my hat in that ring as well) recommend you apply a cream like Triple Paste at every diaper change. Don’t worry about completely removing it in between changes, either.  The less “rubbing” you do to that area, the better.

Naturally, you won’t be able to apply this Bottom Barrier at the first sign of the approaching Red Army if it’s not already sitting inside your medicine cabinet, ready to report for duty. No, your best defense, as any good Machiavellian would agree, is a good offense.

Don’t wait for Screamfest ’18 to kick in before doing something about your baby’s diaper rash. Act boldly. Pick up some Triple Paste now, and slather on the best fanny fixer on the planet. 

(Fake) Doctor’s orders.

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This article was sponsored by SumLabs the maker of Triple Paste Diaper Rash Cream. I agreed to write this post because I actually used Triple Paste when my kids were babies, and thought it was the fastest healer in the West, polishing up their blessed behinds quicker than you can say “sassafras.”


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