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Is a Severe Diaper Rash Ruining Your Baby’s Day? You Need to Try This.

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Everyone has good and bad days. Even babies.

Good Baby Day = giggles, grins, and guffaws, good naps, strong eating

Bad Baby Day = tears, tears, and tears, terrible naps, fussy eating

Nothing screams “Ahoy! Bad day ahead!” quite like unwrapping that sweet little tushie and discovering a blistering red severe diaper rash hiding underneath. You give your little sad sailor a look of compassion, knowing what’s coming: the wipe.

It’s going to be painful. He’s going to hate it, but there’s nothing you can do! It just has to happen.

A wail of agony fills the nursery and your heart cracks. Surely there’s something you could do to fix this before the next diaper disaster!

Good news, sistah. There is.

By the time you finish reading this little post, your Parenting IQ will have gone up by 10 points. You’ll know how to avoid that severe diaper rash in the future and (most importantly) how to fix it TOMORROW.

Firstly, though, we should probably make sure your baby actually has a severe diaper rash, and this isn’t eczema.

Is it a Severe Diaper Rash?
Or Eczema?

A severe diaper rash is going to be splotchy red inflamed skin around the genitals, thighs, and tush. It’s like a patchwork quilt, only made out of barbs and thorns. In cases of a severe diaper rash, you could see oozing, dampness, or bleeding in the skin folds. 🙁

Eczema, on the other hand, is going to show up as tiny red bumps. (You can learn more about eczema in this article.) The thing is, if you try to treat a yeast diaper rash with eczema solutions, it’s possible to make it worse. So if you’ve been trying traditional eczema treatments and it’s not getting better, it’s time to switch gears.

Healing a Severe Diaper Rash in 3 Steps

Now that we know that we are, in fact, dealing with a nasty little diaper rash, we can take the necessary steps to eradicate the enemy completely in three easy steps.

Step One: Bathe that Bum

The first step in healing that diaper rash is to give your baby a warm bath. Let that warm water slip up into all those cracks and fat-rolls. Not only will it soothe him, it will begin to move into the skin itself, rehydrating it. This way, when you apply your healing ointment, it doesn’t have to fight through layers of bacteria to start healing the skin – it can get to work right away.

I recommend adding a little Triple Wash to the bathwater. This tear-free baby wash and shampoo makes sure all the irritants are removed from your baby’s sensitive skin and soothes the inflamed skin. (Even better, it does bubble nicely which serves as a great distraction for an unhappy baby!

Step Two: Slather on the Triple Paste

Now that you’ve completely cleaned your baby’s tender spots, pat your baby dry with a soft towel. (No rubbing! Or you’re guaranteed to get some ear-splitting howls!)

Next slather on a healthy portion of Triple Paste, covering the whole heinie and affected area. (They also have a tube version.) This ointment is unparalleled in it’s healing ability when it comes to diaper rashes.

In fact, we sent out Tripe Paste diaper ointment samples to a select number of our wonderful readers with babies suffering from severe diaper rash. I wanted to find out if the claims by all the raving Amazon fans were actually true. Here’s a summary of what our testers said:

Did you catch that? 100% of our surveyed moms said they saw results in 2-3 days, while almost 6 in 10 moms saw the diaper rash improve within 24 hours!

Not bad. Not bad at all.

I’d go with those odds, my friend, and pick up some Triple Paste tonight at Walgreens. Or, if your baby isn’t currently suffering from a diaper rash, I would add it to your medicine cabinet now so you have it right away when your baby does get a diaper rash. (Because he totally will. It’s practically a rite of passage.)

Step Three: Rinse and Repeat

Everytime you have a diaper change, slather on another layer of Triple Paste. That will protect your baby’s bum from the acidity of urine and poo that’s bound to happen in the next hour or so. It will give your baby’s skin breathing room to heal without being re-traumatized by new irritants.

How to Keep the Diaper Rash Far, Far, FAR Away

The best offense is a good defense, right? Now that you’ve gotten your babies buttushki all cleaned up dry and adorable again, you’ll want to follow a few good-sense rules to keep it that way as long as possible.

  • Change his diapers more frequently, especially the poopy ones. If your bum was sitting in acid all day, you’d get a severe diaper rash too.
  • Dress him in loose-fitting clothing and a slightly larger diaper. Tight-fitting diapers and clothes will rub together as he’s moving around, causing chafing.
  • Watch carefully when he tries a new food. Digesting new foods can change the pH of the poo, which besides giving you a rainbow of surprises, can cause a severe diaper rash.
  • Watch carefully if he is on antibiotics. The job of an antibiotic is to kill bad bacteria. Unfortunately, antibiotics end up killing the good guys too! This means that yeast doesn’t have the good bacteria to keep it in check, which can lead to a severe diaper rash. (Same if you’re breastfeeding and you are on antibiotics!) Increase your diaper changes!
  • Avoid perfumes and scents. If your baby seems to have sensitive skin (eczema, dry skin, etc.) try to pick out products like scent-free wipes to avoid adding irritation to an already-irritated bum.
  • Experiment with a different diaper brand. Sometimes super-absorbent diapers are so good at trapping moisture, that a little bacteria farm can start growing down there, and lead to more-frequent diaper rashes. Switch to a different brand, or try cloth diapering. Cloth diapers don’t absorb as much, which means they require more frequent changes.
  • Use cotton balls or a warm washcloth instead of wipes. Sometimes wipes (especially the really cheap ones), can feel like sandpaper on sensitive bums.
  • Encourage Naked Streaking. Another way to help prevent a severe diaper rash, is to set a timer for 10-15 minutes and let your little one streak through the house in his birthday suit a few times. This will increase air circulation, drying out any moist areas tempted to harbor fugitive bacteria.

Turning a Frown Upside Down

So how you feeling? Would you consider yourself a “bum expert”? You should. A lot of Tush Tips have just been downloaded into your Parenting IQ. Do you feel a bit more confident in tackling that ruby red terribleness that’s got your baby so darn cranky?

I hope so.

Even better, according to our survey of moms, your baby’s severe diaper rash could be largely cleared up by tomorrow. Yes, BY TOMORROW! That means you (and your munchkin) don’t have to suffer through another bad day.

I wouldn’t use any other diaper rash cream but Triple Paste. I’ve worked in a daycare for many years and can tell you that nothing works as good as this cream for any rash. It’s like magic! Many other creams or ointments take several applications to see results but this one eases the pain instantly and begins to work on clearing the rash right away. I now use it on my daughter and this size has lasted us over 18 months. ~ Amazon Parent Review

There really is a happy baby just over the horizon. It’s time to get your little sailor back to smooth sailing! Follow those three easy steps and watch the red just fade away. No more bad baby days. It’s time to bring back the grins, giggles, and guffaws!

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This article was sponsored by Triple Paste, who provided free samples for our subscribers to try. We then asked them to share their honest opinions with us. Triple Paste was the severe diaper rash ointment I used on my babies years ago, so I’m thrilled to see they are still around to help other sore little tushies find relief! Click here to learn more about this beloved product!



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