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Sweet Feet: 18 Baby Booties That Will Steal Your Heart

We should probably get something straight from the very beginning. 

When I say baby booties, I’m referring to small slippers that keep tiny toesies warm.

I’m not talking about rumps, buttushkis, badonkadonks, or tushies.  (Although, let’s be honest, those are pretty cute too.)

These baby booties aren’t just “feet coverings” these are “gush-makers”. They are guaranteed to make every passerby’s day.  

Every baby should have at least one set, you know, for special gushing occasions. (That means, I would wisely encourage you to share this this on Facebook and tag Grandma…) *wink*

I’ve split this mega-list into two groups:

  • The Fun Foodie Collection of Baby Booties (#1 – #7)
  • The Cute Critters Collection of Baby Booties (#8 – #18)

Find a bootie you just have to have? Click on the links below the graphics to see where to find them online!

The Fun Foodie Collection:
Baby Booties #1 – #7

#1. Taco Booties | #2. Banana Split Booties | #3. Watermelon Booties
#4. Fortune Cookie Booties | 5. Pineapple Booties 
#6. Strawberry Booties | #7. Corn Booties

Cute Critters Collection:
Baby Booties #8 – #18

Not interested in nibbling on watermelon toes? These baby booties are perfectly precious replacements!

#8. Lion Booties | #9. Giraffe Booties | #10. Bunny Booties
#11. Hedgehog Booties | #12. Elephant Booties
#13. Skunk Booties | #14. Whale Booties | #15. Fish Booties
#16. Peacock Booties | #17. Gator Booties
#18. Dalmation Booties

Giving Joy to the World…
One Peeking Peacock at a Time!

When your baby is snoozing inside the stroller or car seat, what part of your baby will be peeking out for all the world to see? 

Yep. Those toes.

So why not give other parents a glimpse of a sweet little giraffe warming up your baby’s toes as he’s sleeping? It will make their day. (Or at least, it would make my day…)

Which of these shoes do you think are the most adorable? (BTW, several of these also come in toddler sizes!) Honestly, I can’t decide. (Which is why ended up with eighteen…)

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