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How to Pick Your Perfect Baby Announcement in 3 Minutes or Less

Sending out your baby announcement is an exciting thing.

It’s your first bragging opportunity.  (…and MAN did you earn it!)

Ladies and gentlemen!!

I’m going to help you zero on the absolute-most-perfect baby announcement for you, your baby, and your life.

And I’m going to do it in LESS THAN 3 MINUTES!!

*crowd gasps, woman faints*

A Quiz To Find the Perfect Baby Announcement

With just a few questions, I can pull out your deepest hopes and longings to locate the man baby announcement of your dreams.

Disclaimer!! These points are only used to help narrow down which baby announcement method is best for you.  It’s not a moral value.  Don’t send me hate mail if you score a 3. It means NOTHING.

How do you feel in general about baby announcements?

  1. It’s vitally important to me, I want something I’ve poured myself into. (3 points)
  2. I want something that is completely unique from everyone else, but someone else can make it. (2 points)
  3. I want to get these baby announcements done as quickly and effortlessly as humanly possible. (1 point)

Do you enjoy doing crafts?

  1. Yes!  In fact, I have a 3-lb bag of scrapbook supplies next to the kitchen table! (3 points)
  2. Occasionally.  If someone will watch the kids.  (2 points)
  3. Crafts = Torture (1 point)

How much do you want to spend on your baby announcement?

  1. As little as humanly possible. (3 points)
  2. I want to pay extra for a handmade beauty that we can treasure for years to come. (2 points)
  3. Can you put a price on convenience? (1 point)

Okay then, add up your points and see which option comes out on top!

The “Make Your Own” Option

(7 – 9 points)

The bonus of making your own baby announcement, is that they will stick around longer in the houses you send them to. 

At least they do at my house, but mostly so I can brag: Look at me! I have a friend who MAKES STUFF!

If you are aiming to be the Crafty Mama in your neighborhood, here are some places to bathe yourself in inspiration:

Martha Stewart Land

Why not start with the Queen of Crafts herself?

Here is an inspirational baby announcement photo gallery with some really cute (and surprisingly non-complicated)  ideas.

In fact, I think even someone of my craft-calliber (still using Elmer’s school glue) could make them.

 Better Cards and Gardens

The Mecca of design-conscious homeowners everywhere, Better Homes and Gardens has a photo gallery of stunning baby announcements for you to glean ideas from.

These are little more complicated, but make a heart warming keepsake for your little girl when she’s older.  It says these should only take an hour…but if that’s true I’ll eat my weight in scrapbooking paper.  (I will deny typing that, so don’t email me.)

The “Handmade, But By Someone Else” Option

(4 – 6 points)

This option is for parents who love the idea of a handmade card, but don’t actually want to make one.  (Be honest!!!)

So this is the part in the show where I introduce you to a Moocher’s paradise: Etsy.

Where crafty people go to sell neat stuff  to those of us too unmotivated and untalented to make the stuff ourselves, but are perfectly happy taking the credit anyway.

Here are my two favorite baby announcement stores on Etsy. (Click on the photo to see their store.)

By Charmed Beginnings

By Stampin’ Crazy in Texas

The “Click and Forget About It” Option

(1 – 3 points)

This last option is my personal favorite.  But mostly because I’m a super busy person who loves to check boxes off lists.

Tiny Prints is a busy mama’s hidden weapon. Here’s all the reasons I love using them for my cards and things.

  1. They have a zillion trendy and stylish card designs ready for me to click and drag photos to.
  2. I can add reminders and schedule cards to be sent ahead of time.  (No more guilt trip for my parent’s anniversary!)
  3. They can pull the addresses right from my contact list and print them right on the envelopes.
  4. They will even STAMP THE SUCKERS FOR ME!

I pick out the design and photos (the fun part) and they handle the addressing and stamping and mailing (the work part).

It’s dang awesome.

We  honesty!  This post contains affiliate links that provide extra money for our mutual coffee habits addictions. Click here to learn more.

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