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25 Reasons Finding Dory Should Be Your Next Birthday Party Theme


Are you looking for a crowd-pleasing theme for your baby’s first birthday party?

If so, STOP RIGHT HERE. Do not keep swimming through the Internet.   

You want to read this.  I’m going to freestyle you 25 different ideas for a Finding Dory birthday party that are so memorable, even Dory herself would remember it.

Starting with the food. Because where else would we start?  99% of your guests are showing up so Mom can avoid kitchen-duty anyway.  #IsItJustMe?

Finding Dory Birthday
Party Theme Food Ideas

1.  Marshmallow Pops ~ These are a lot easier to make than you think! You just need some Dory Goldfish crackers, blue candy melt, halved paper straws, marshmallows, sugar pearls (for the bubbles), and graham cracker dust. See the full recipe here.

2. Dory Cupcakes ~ If you can bake cupcakes and use a pair of scissors, you can make this.

3. Pretzel Sticks ~ Can’t you just see these standing upright in a glass vase on your buffet table?  You just need a box of Finding Dory cereal and this recipe.

4. Sour Seaweed Strands ~ Don’t forget to grab your camera before giving your baby a tiny corner of these Sour Seaweed Strands.  It’s probably the simplest themed-food idea you can throw on the table: just purchase and pour.

5. PB & J Sandwiches ~ Yes, you could make tunafish salad instead of PB & J…but what kind of sick monster would serve Dory-friends with mayo? Oh, you’ll need a fish cookie-cutter for the shape.  This one is cheaper, but these will keep their shape in the kitchen drawer.

Other Finding Dory Birthday Party Food Ideas:

  • Finding Dory graham cracker snacks ~ The perfect snack for attendees who are teething!
  • Candy Coral ~ Arrange these “corals” beautifully in a glass vase for older guests (or take home gifts).
  • Finding Dory Cookies ~ A bit more advanced, but if the phrase “royal icing” doesn’t make you feel inadequate, watch this video and give it a try.  
  • Hank the Septopus Rice Crispy Treats ~ In honor of my favorite Finding Dory character…Hank.  
  • Dory Cupcake Toppers ~ Best intentions, right?  But sometimes you’ve only got 30 minutes.  Slap these Dories on top and call it a party!

Finding Dory Birthday
Party Theme Drink Ideas

1. Ocean Punch ~ All you need here is blue gatorade mix and yellow-striped paper straws.  (Photo credit

2. Dory Drink Dispenser Such a cute idea to turn a drink dispenser into Dory herself! (Don’t forget the blue Gatorade mix again.) Learn how to do this simple craft here.

3. Dory Floats ~ Adding yellow sugar and those handy paper straws transforms is the perfect touch to a delicious blue ice cream float.  (Whether or not you want to “adultify” a second batch for exhausted parents is up to you…)

4. Fizzy Octopus Ink ~ I thought this was a clever idea from Cupkates and Parties.  You don’t have to tell guests it’s Izzy Sparkling Juice. #sneakymom

5. Fish Ice ~ Another quick drink option is to grab your favorite blue punch recipe and have these fish-shaped ice cubes just keep swimming around the bowl. Didya see what I did there?  hmmm??  (Photo credit)

Finding Dory Birthday
Party Theme Decor Ideas

1. Photo Booth Backdrop Bubbles ~ Take photos of your guests (and the Birthday Kid) in front of this DIY Bubble Backdrop. Also a great way to frame an entrance into a new underwater world!

2. Ocean Waves ~ These gradated tassels would look beautiful on the cake table or above the buffet.

3. Party Table ~ I love this inspired buffet table, complete with Finding Dory Tableware and textured hanging decorations like these.

4. Customizable Party Plates ~ Add your child’s name to party decorations like these plates on Zazzle.

5. Bubbles Confetti ~ Brilliant idea to sprinkle around the tables and add texture to any flat surface. Find them here.

Finding Dory Birthday
Party Theme Activity Ideas

Once the kids have arrived, what do you do with them?  It’s not like they’ll be content sitting around drinking hot beverages and discussing the latest Nicholas Sparks book.

Unless you enjoy utter chaos, you’re going to need some structured activities.  Like these.  If you have a lot of kids, break them up into smaller 2-3 person groups and rotate them around the room in stations.

1. Water Activity Table ~ Let the kids play with Dory and the gang in this water activity table.

2. Ocean Sensory Activity ~ Why are textures so fascinating to young kids?  Click here to learn how to make this attention-getter.

3. Dory Party Hats ~ Because a party that doesn’t include goofy hats really just isn’t a party.

4. Sea Urchin Craft ~ This craft using inexpensive pipe cleaners is a great take-home to show Dad later that night! See the instructions.

5. Finding Dory Magic Sand ~ Who doesn’t love magic sand?  (Especially magic sand that’s contained in a bottle.) Learn how.

Finding Dory Birthday
Party Favor Ideas

1. Fish Breath Air Bubbles ~ This idea for “fish breath” is a brilliant.  You just need twine, paper tags from Hobby Lobby, and bubble wands.

2. Dory Glitter Slime ~ Make a huge batch of this slime with the Birthday Kid beforehand, then stash it in cute jars with stickers and send it with your guests for a “tomorrow” toy.

3. Dory Gift Bags ~ Or you could create these Dory-shaped gift bags and fill them full of candy and themed prizes.

4. Hank the Septopus Pops ~ Since Hank was my favorite character, I had to share this adorable idea.

5. Thank You Cards and Toys ~ Pre-print these thank-you’s, have your little one “sign” them, and attach a free bath toy.  Here is the best deal I could find on Dory bath toys.

Dory = Every Toddler Everywhere

There’s something just so lovable about Dory.  So much of her reminds me of my own young kids. Just consider the uncanny resemblance between toddlers and Dory:

  • Short attention span
  • Can remember somethings (“You promised candy!”) more than others (“You told me to pick up these toys?”)
  • Unconditional love
  • Friendliness.  To anyone.  (Like when 2 year old Elena forced my extremely cantankerous Uncle Chet to read her a Dr. Seuss book. He actually smiled! #miracles)

If you’ve got a birthday coming up and you’re looking for something sweetly memorable, use some irony and make it a Finding Dory themed party.  🙂

Have you done a Finding Dory (or Nemo) birthday party before?  How did you make it special?  I’d love to hear your party ideas and tips below!

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  1. This is very helpful! I expect to have around 20 kids at my son’s next birthday party, and breaking them up into groups is a very smart move in order to make sure the event will be incident-free.


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