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The Breastfeeding Mom’s Mega Resource Guide

Are you breastfeeding?

Who knew such a short question could command so much of a mom’s self worth?

Pressure to breastfeed… Pressure NOT to breastfeed…

It’s a hot mess of guilt.

Some moms pick up breastfeeding tips like it’s part of their DNA. Nursing perfectly (pain free) hours after birth.

And then there’s the other mothers. The mothers who have to work at it. Who struggle with it. Who weep about it.

They feel like absolute failures.  (At least I did.)

Is that you?  Do you feel like you’ve failed your first test of motherhood?

Don’t give up…yet.  Yes, at some point it may be best to throw in the nursing rag and pick up some formula.

But it is not THIS DAY!  *I sincerely hope you read that like Aragorn, because that’s totally what it sounded like in my brain.*

The Best Breastfeeding Tips
Begin with a Game Plan

Let me help you figure this whole breastfeeding out. After all, there’s a very good chance I got more sleep than you did last night. (Don’t be jealous, you’ll get there. Even if you do need a little nudge in the right direction!)

We’ll start by asking a few questions. If you answer “I don’t know” to any of the questions below, take a minute to read the article I have linked.

Each one provides you with easy-to-follow steps, videos, graphics, anything you might need to make breastfeeding easier.

Do You Even Want to Breastfeed?

The whole “Breast vs Bottle” debate has become a shouting match. One that I don’t honestly feel like participating in, because I believe the answer is different for every mom. Read through Breastfeeding vs. Formula: How to Know Which is Right For Youtake a little quiz, and see where you end up!

Do You Understand the Mechanics of Breastfeeding?

Just because you have boobies doesn’t make you a breastfeeding expert.  It’s a skill that has to be learned and practiced. Brush up on the basic know-how in How to Breastfeed Like the Rock Star You Really Are.

Do You Know What a Good Latch Feels Like?

It only takes a single bad breastfeeding session to bring a good nipple down. Do you know how to quickly determine if you’re on that path?

In this article, I walk you through the process to double check that you’ve got a solid healthy breastfeeding latch. It also includes an infographic, for you visual learners, to walk you through every step to breastfeeding bliss!

How Are Your Nipples Holding Up?

Being a self-declared wussie, the cracked and bruised nipples I earned breastfeeding my second was a nursing death wish.

Fortunately for you, someone taught me the breastfeeding tips to get them healed as quickly as possible.  Tricks that I’m happy to pass on to you inside Cracked Nipples…BEGONE!

Are You Comfortable When You Nurse?

When I started writing online about babies in 2007, I was shocked to discover a simple breastfeeding position that I had never been taught.  One that I’m convinced would have prevented those sore nipples in the first place.

I’ll reveal it to you in The Secret Breastfeeding Position No One Talks About.

Hate Pumping? 10 “Me Time” Ideas That Will Change Your Mind

Whether you are pumping breast milk throughout the day or just once a day (or once in awhile), one thing all milk moms can agree on is that it sucks. In every way. Why not use those 20 minutes to feed into yourself, and end up feeling happier…and possibly even more productive?

In this article, Karen shares ten things that will help you turn pumping breast milk into “me time,“ carving out a time in the day you didn’t know you had for something you really need.

Do You Know Your Baby’s Nursing Personality?

Babies as young as just a few minutes old can exhibit personality clues. (For example, Lauren refused to put her head on my shoulder right after birth. REFUSED. At 13 years old, she’s still not a cuddler! Too much to see and do!)

Nowhere else do those preferences shine out as brightly as when they are eating! By understanding your baby’s personality preferences, you’ll be able to adapt your breastfeeding technique and avoid difficult breastfeeding problems ahead of time. What better way to do that, than by comparing your baby to a Muppet? 🙂

How Do You Keep Breastfeeding When You’re Child Has Allergies?

It’s more common than you may think: Mama eats something and feels fine…but baby’s last meal of breastmilk has caused an allergic reaction that has got everyone freaking out. Does an allergy mean you have to stop breastfeeding?


Veteran Mama Chelsea Stanley shares the tricks to keep breastfeeding your baby, even through difficult allergic waters. Chelsea has used these tips to successfully breastfeed TWO tots with severe allergies to dairy, soy, and wheat. The Breastfeeding Mama’s Guide to an Allergy-Free Diet is practically helpful and wonderfully inspirational.

How About Getting a Free Breast Pump (It’s Possible!)

Did you know that your insurance agency is required by law to provide you with breastfeeding support? That includes top-of-the-line breast pumps!

In this article, I’ll explain how to get your free breast pump, in only three steps (which can all be done within 10 minutes!). This is one of our most popular articles, because FREE. 🙂

How to Gently Wean Your Little One Off Breastfeeding (When You Feel the Time is Right)

Nothing lasts forever, and that includes breastfeeding. At some point you’re going to want to wean your little one. How do you start that process, making sure that your baby is still getting the nutrition he needs and you don’t end up with boulder boobies?

In this article, I’ll walk you through the gentle steps to make weaning as easy as possible!

How to Pump at Work (Without Embarrassing Yourself)

Unless you work a La Leche League, the words “breastmilk” and “office” don’t normally go well together. As someone who pumped at work, I can relate to the many (many) moments of letdown panic, or triple-checking the locked door, or trying to hide my pumped milk in the office fridge.

I wanted my male coworkers to look at me like a professional, not like a novelty milking act. If you are going back to work soon (or have already), this article will help you gather everything you need to be a Superstar Breastfeeder and Employee of the Month.

Give Yourself a Deadline

If your baby is a newborn and your milk hasn’t come in, dedicate yourself to four weeks of effort. Or, if your milk is already flowing, give yourself a quitting deadline of two weeks.

Just a few weeks. 

If, after following my breastfeeding tips for a few weeks, you’re still feeling the same sense of hopelessness…give it up.


You heard read me correctly.

If you tried for a few weeks and it’s not getting any better, stop breastfeeding.

No guilt.

No “bad mommy” feelings.

True, breast is best for babies.

  • Except when it starts to affect your marriage.
  • Except when it’s an additional weight against your desperate struggle against post-partum depression.
  • Except when you’re starting to harbor resentment towards that little ALWAYS hungry little person. (Repeat after me: I am not a milk cow.)

Those relationships are the cornerstone of a healthy growing family.  If your attempts to nurse your baby are compromising those things, leaving you emotionally handicapped, it’s time to find a good formula.

As a social worker (and mother who breastfed and used formula) let me tell you, formula feeding your baby doesn’t make you a bad mother. Failing to feed the baby at all makes a bad mother.

That said, breastfeeding isn’t something you can go back to. Once the door closes and your breasts stop producing, it’s really hard to get them going again. So why not try this amazing once-in-a lifetime opportunity and use these breastfeeding tips while you still can?

Do you have any breastfeeding tips to share? What words of wisdom would you offer other struggling mamas?

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