Get Yourself Organized for the Holidays with This Free Printable

Usually the holiday season starts with a feeling of confidence. You can totally do this. You’ve got weeks before the big day! There’s plenty of time! Time goes on…and the schedule gets stacked tighter and tighter.

Eventually, you start feeling a bit panicked. Nearly all the stress that comes with the Christmas season can be categorized into two categories: 

  • Tasks You HAVE to Do
  • Tasks You’d LIKE to Do

The key is figuring out which category each task belongs to. Does this really need to get done?

The Secret to Skipping Stress Over the Holidays

We asked Mrs. Claus (the champion of “getting things done” during the Christmas season) to share her best holiday survival tips. She graciously agreed, letting us publish the interview on  She’s nice like that. 

Within that article, though, she described the organizational system that allows her to be so rosy-cheeked and jolly during the most stressful period of the year. You can request a copy of her famous system, along with a blank version for your own use, by filling out the form below.

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