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House Cleaning Services: More Affordable (and Awesome) Than You Realize

It’s time for an Honest Moment with Heather:

  • Are there dust bunnies burrowing under the end table and lurking in the corner?
  • When’s the last time you disinfected the bathroom?
  • Is there anything on the floor of the room you’re in right now, that doesn’t actually belong there?
  • Do you have a regular cleaning routine?
  • How many layers of food would I have to scrape off the microwave to find the rotating plate?

Yes, I realize that answering these questions may make you a little uncomfortable, like a little worm is wiggling around in your stomach. I totally get that. When I answer those questions, I can feel a Guiltbird creeping up my neck and settling into a nest of self-doubt.

My life is chaotic busy and the last thing I want to do at the end of my Mom Marathon Day is break out the Windex.

I started dreaming a few months ago…What if I looked into house cleaning services to come every so often (monthly? quarterly?) and shoulder part of the cleaning burden? Is that even POSSIBLE? or is that just for rich Hampton people?

I’ve not been adopted by Daddy Warbucks. Scrooge McDuck is not my uncle. I neglected to buy Apple stock in the early nineties. We are an average family who shops at Aldi and uses You Need a Budget(It is amazing and has revolutionized our finances, btw.)

Still…a girl can dream, right?  It’s time to make my own dreams come true.

How Important is
the Deep Clean, Anyway?

There are two types of cleanliness:

  • Surface Cleanliness—The house is generally picked up, the floors are occasionally swept/vacuumed, the kitchen is wiped down, and the bathroom toilets don’t have rings in them.
  • Deep Cleanliness—There is scrubbing involved, dusting happens, windows and mirrors are unspotted and clear, bathroom surfaces shine, and the microwave looks brand-new.

I think many of us are pretty good with Surface Cleanliness. It’s the Deep Cleanliness that gets pushed behind the sofa and buried under stale Cheerios. Fortunately, that’s exactly where house cleaning services really begins to glow with holy blessing.

Last year, my sister and I created some cleaning checklists for the three typical types of moms: The Snow White (SAHM), the Cinderella (Working Mom), and the Sleeping Beauty (Exhausted Mom). This way, no matter what season of life you are in, you can feel good about your home!

That begs the question, though, is it worth it? How important is it, really, to do some deep cleaning every now and then?

The scientific community has discovered some interesting benefits of a clean home: (Citations at the end of this article.)

  • People with a clean home are more likely to exercise more.
  • A messy home can visually overwhelm you, leaving you more stressed and anxious.
  • A clean home reduces allergy and asthma symptoms.
  • Making sure your home is clean can drastically reduce the number of accidents for you and your children.
  • It can keep the stomach bug away.
  • A clean kitchen actually reduces caloric intake! Studies show women who have a clean kitchen make better food choices.
  • A cluttered dirty house has been shown to increase the stress hormone cortisol in women and lead to higher rates of depression.
  • A made bed and clean sheets have been shown to provide people with better quality sleep.
  • Researchers have shown that a cluttered home can make it harder for children to concentrate and complete tasks at home.

I’m sold. Who doesn’t want to sleep better, avoid allergies, bypass vomiting, lose weight, and have inner peace?

House Cleaning Services at Amazon

The other way to find reputable house cleaning services is to pop over to Amazon and have them search for you. They have a special directory for regular house cleaning and deep cleaning, depending on how often you need the help.

  • It’s a new program, so may not be available in your area yet. Click here to sign in and it will automatically tell you.)
  • Prices will vary on how large your home in and the area you live in.
  • There is a Happiness Guarantee, so if you aren’t happy with the service, Amazon will back you up.
  • In order for someone to be listed in the Amazon Home Services directory, they have to have a full background check, insured, and licensed.
  • You pay Amazon for the service, like you purchased a product, using the credit card saved in your Amazon cart. (They don’t allow direct payments to the cleaner.)

The benefits to using house cleaning services through Amazon is the hassle-free factor. Everything is handled through your Amazon account, which makes scheduling and payments a breeze.

You Deserve This.
Your Family Deserves This.

You are a wonderful mother. You feed your family. You wash their clothes. You wipe snotty noses and icky bums. You deserve to sit down on the couch after putting the kids to bed, look around, and feel like you are truly DONE for the day.

  • No dust bunnies nibbling on your conscience in the corner.
  • No more vomitorium germs in the bathroom haunting your sense of relaxation.
  • No more Legos to step on in the living room.

Just the faint pleasurable aroma of a clean home. 

You don’t need a Downton Abby maid to enjoy that feeling. There’s a cleaning for every budget. Monthly, quarterly, weekly, whatever you can afford.

Just use a good budgeting software like the one I use to set aside a few dollars every paycheck and watch that sum grow, looking forward to the day they arrive, with their vacuums and mops and you realize it’s finally happening! 

It’s like arriving at the top of Mt. Everest. You’ve longed. You’ve hoped. You’ve gazed on the dream of having some help around the house, and now you are enjoying the vista of sparkling floors, clean windows, a shiny sink, and a germ-free bathroom.


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