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Heather’s Favorite Holiday Pinterest Fails of All Time

Many of you already know this, but I’m Martha Stewart’s worst nightmare.

I’m not crafty, nimble-fingered, or artsy-fartsy.  (I may be the latter half of that phrase, or it could be the dogs.  Like I claimed.)

  • I don’t sew.  (Even buttons.)
  • Glitter is a banned substance no amount of having-three-girls will overcome.
  • I own a glue gun, but only because a friend pitied my kids and gave it to me. (It’s still encased in plastic.)

In fact, I actually make Katie do the DIY posts here at MightyMoms.club.

Speaking of, if you haven’t seen her amazing DIY post showing how to make a baby-happy felt tree, you are missing out!

There’s a sick twisted part of my soul that rejoices when I see another person have a craft fail worthy of my own abilities.

As a Christmas gift to myself, I decided to put together a collection of my favorite holiday Pinterest fails.  I’m wrapping them around my shoulders as a mantle of friendship.

These my peeps. 

Finally.  A crafting language I can speak.

The Best Way to Read This Article

I showed this post to my Hubster (who was laughing so hard we had to take a break), and I realized that by far the best way to enjoy it was to scroll slowly, stopping at the “~~” line about halfway down the photo.

This way you can get a clear view of what it SHOULD look like, before finishing the scroll to see the actual fail.  🙂

Creative Idea: Driscolls
Epic Fail:  Pinterest Fail

Creative Idea:  A Joy Photography
Epic Fail:  Pinterest Fail

Creative Idea: Little Bit Funky
Epic Fail:  Craft Fail

Creative Idea:  My Feelings Taste Like Cupcakes
Epic Fail:  Craft Fail

Creative Idea:  Queen Vanna Creations
Epic Fail:  Pinterest Fail

Creative Idea:  Pinterest
Epic Fail:  Pinterest Fail

Creative Idea:  Buzzfeed
Epic Fail:  Pinterest Fail

Creative Idea:  Sprinkle Bakes
Epic Fail:  Pinterest Fail

Creative Idea:  Abby’s Tutu Factory
Epic Fail:  Pinterest Fail

Creative Idea:  Cooking Classy
Epic Fail:  Pinterest Fail

Creative Idea:  Nail Polish Wars
Epic Fail:  Pinterest Fail


Creative Idea:  Smart School House
Epic Fail:  Pinterest Fail

Creative Idea:  Classroom Ideas
Epic Fail: Pinterest Fail

Creative Idea:  Not Martha
Epic Fail:  Pinterest Fail

The Best Thing About
Holiday Pinterest Fails Is…

How much better it makes me feel about my own craft/baking disasters.

It’s like a call to solidarity, you know?

An admission that we all can’t be Martha Stewart, and that’s okay. We don’t need no “Pinterest Perfection” to seal our awesomeness! We rock, regardless of how well our delicate Rudolph cookies turned out.

Welcome to the real Mighty Moms Club! 

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6 thoughts on “Heather’s Favorite Holiday Pinterest Fails of All Time

  1. I have a Pinterest fail today. Candy cane shaped cookies. Even my 5 year old said, “Mom, they didn’t turn out good.”
    This post made me laugh. I am the Pinterest fail. Lol
    Thanks, Heather 🙂

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