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21 Preschool Christmas Gifts That Will Fit in Your Suitcase

Christmas mornings often create treasured memories for the whole family.

Picture it: The whole family is gathered together at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. You’re wearing your matching Christmas pajamas as aunts, uncles, and cousins gather around the Christmas tree. You share each other’s excitement when opening just the gift for which you were hoping. Maybe the adults even enjoy a few moments to drink their coffee in peace while the children are engrossed in their new toys.

Okay, it’s probably not that picture-perfect.

But even the most peaceful Christmas mornings can be overshadowed just a few hours later when you’re trying to shove that new remote-controlled helicopter into your already overstuffed suitcase.

Don’t worry, friend. You can eliminate that extra stress from your holiday by making sure your preschooler’s Christmas wish list includes gifts that will easily fit into your luggage on the way back home.

You don’t have to sacrifice Christmas joy just because the trunk of the minivan is already stuffed to the brim.

Here are 21 of the best preschool Christmas gifts that will easily fit into your suitcases!

Travel-Friendly Preschool Christmas Gifts:
Give an Experience

The easiest way to be sure your preschooler’s Christmas gifts will fit in your suitcase is to ask for gifts that aren’t physical objects.

Gifts that come in the form of an experience are an excellent way to encourage curiosity and adventure in your preschooler without taking up precious room in your suitcase. (More room for matching jammies!)

And the best part? They aren’t toys that will inevitably end up collecting dust on the shelf in the playroom come February. *Fist bump*

  1. Annual pass to local zoo or museum: A gift your preschooler will enjoy countless times throughout the year.
  2. A set of musical lessons (piano, voice, guitar): Encourage him in his musical interests.
  3. Gift certificate to local indoor play area: Doubles as a gift for mom and dad by providing free entertainment during those long snowy days!
  4. Try a subscription to Audible! Encourage your budding readers with access to a library of audiobooks for them to enjoy within their own mind.

Travel-Friendly Preschool Christmas Gifts:
Gifts That Keep On Giving

Monthly subscription boxes are another travel-friendly preschool Christmas gift idea. The gifts will be delivered to your door monthly so there’s nothing for you to pack in your suitcase. And come on, who doesn’t love getting mail?!

There are an unbelievable number of subscription boxes for kids these days, for all different ages and all different interests, so you can be sure to find the perfect box for your preschooler.

  1. Kiwi Co – Filled with age-appropriate science and art projects.
  2. Green Kid Crafts – Featuring STEAM-focused projects and crafts.
  3. Little Passports – Let your preschooler explore the world from their own home!
  4. Ann Williams Crafts – Monthly “surprise box” gives you everything you need. (No more hunting for glue dots or scissors!)
  5. GiftLit – Receive a personalized book (based on age and preferences) each month. Use the exclusive coupon code MIGHTY to save 10% on your subscription.
  6. Kidpik – For girls interested in fashion, a new head-to-toe outfit each month!

Travel-Friendly Preschool Christmas Gifts:
Gifts That Fit into Suitcase Corners

Okay, now to address the elephant in the room.

Kids love opening presents. And many relatives (*ahem* grandparents) love giving presents. It’s a match made in heaven, really.

Sometimes we can get overwhelmed thinking about where we’re actually going to keep all of the new toys. But let’s remember that some of the best Christmas memories for both your kids and their grandparents come from opening presents together.

Traveling for the holidays doesn’t mean that all presents are off the table. Sure, the Barbie Dream House will not fit in your carry-on, but there are plenty of preschool Christmas gifts that will delight your child without putting you over the suitcase weight limit. Look for items that can be squished a bit or are already small enough to fit into corners.

In a time crunch? All of the items linked below are eligible for free two-day shipping if you have an Amazon Prime account…something you can try Prime here for FREE for 30 days. (Seriously, if there’s a time you need free two-day shipping, it’s right now.)

  1. Paw Patrol plush pups: Easy to pack, but your preschooler might insist on carrying it the whole trip home!
  2. Pull Back construction vehicles: Endless fun for your vehicle-loving preschooler.
  3. Plush “Poppy” from Trolls: This soft and cuddly talking “Poppy” from the movie Trolls will delight your preschooler.
  4. Hatchimals CollEGGtibles: Help the eggs “hatch” and find an adorable toy inside!
  5. Marvel Super Heroes set of 10: These superheroes are the perfect size for sneaking into unused luggage corners.

Travel-Friendly Preschool Christmas Gifts:
Gifts for the Trip Home

And for the ultra-practical tip: ask for gifts that your preschooler can use on the trip home. A practical gift that you can put into immediate use AND will help entertain your preschooler while traveling? That, my friends, is a win-win-win.

Remember, you can make it a win-win-win-WIN (*gasp!*) with free two-day shipping if you have an Amazon Prime account! Get all the Prime perks free for 30 days with no commitments.

  1. Amazon Fire tablet for kids
  2. Headphones with a headphone splitter for siblings
  3. Markers and paper travel set
  4. Magnetic travel tangram set
  5. My Little Pony sweatshirt
  6. Her own suitcase

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas!

It’s no secret that traveling around the holidays can be stressful. (Understatement of the year.)

But, especially once you have children, it’s definitely worthwhile to make the trip and spend special time with family.

Making sure your preschooler’s wishlist is full of travel-friendly Christmas gifts means you can make Christmas morning memories without the looming fear of packing for the trip home.

So go ahead, throw in that extra cardigan. You’ve got room!

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