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HelloFresh: The Best Thing to Happen to Your Kitchen Since Refrigeration

This post is sponsored.  This means we were asked to review or try something new, and then remunerated to share those thoughts.  Since you are reading this post, it ALSO means that we enjoyed the experience. Friends don't let friends make false recommendations! 

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been a little disappointed with kitchen evolution in the 21st century so far.

I mean, where are the robot cooks the Jetsons promised us? And why do I not have this baby on my kitchen counter?


I’m telling ya, it’s a travesty.

Sure, we have the microwave and the toaster to feel proud about, but the last thing that really revolutionized the kitchen was the refrigerator in 1913. That’s more than a hundred years with nothing but some brown crispy bread to crow over. 

It’s HIGH TIME we had something new. Innovative. Something that actually changes the way we think about feeding our family.

Right now every mom has three goals when it comes to cooking:

  1. Create delicious meals that will (hopefully) instill healthy life-long habits.
  2. Make these meals in as little time as possible, because science shows the house minions will destroy or wound one object/person for every 30-seconds Mom’s attention is diverted to the stove.
  3. Do whatever it takes to avoid bringing the kids to the grocery store. (I see you, fellow 8pm grocery shopper!)

Since the Jetsons is “not real,” and Black & Decker is too busy designing another cordless screwdriver, us mothers have been forced to feast in a wasteland of kitchen innovation. (Well, perhaps not a complete wasteland…we did get the Roll ‘n Pour, after all…)

Until now.

*wink*  (You knew I was going to say that, didn’t you?!)

HelloFresh Saves the Day

HelloFresh takes all three of those cooking goals and combines them into a weekly healthy food delivery service.

  1. Choose from a variety of recipes that correspond with your food preferences. Choose recipes from their Classic Meal Plan, the Veggie Meal Plan, or the Family Meal Plan (perfect for tiny eaters not big on food experimentation!).
  2. The recipes come as large cards, with clear instructions and photos, so when you get pulled away from the kitchen to get that Lego out of Bobby’s nose, you’ll easily remember where you left off.
  3. All the ingredients you need for the recipes you’ve chosen come straight to your doorstep. All you have to do is put them away!

I wanted to learn how this whole “Fresh Food to You” concept worked, so HelloFresh kindly agreed to send me a sample kit to review a few of their recipes.

When the HelloFresh delivery box arrived, I was super happy to see that everything was packed inside a thermal covering and buried in ice box to keep the summer heat from wilting all my fresh ingredients! (Apron not included in subscriptions.)

HelloFresh in Real Life:
Cooking Up Some Freaky-Delicious Burgers

I’m sorry, but if I can’t see a beautiful picture of the thing I’m supposed to make, I feel like I’m flying blind. It totally stresses me out.

I need photos. They are my culinary arts equivalent of “paint by numbers.” They let me know that I’m headed in the right direction.

Fortunately, HelloFresh sent me beautiful recipe cards that included easy instructions and PHOTOS for three of their top-requested meals:

  1. Juicy Lucy Burger with Tomato Onion Jam and Arugula Salad
  2. Zesty Crusted Catfish over Cilantro Jasmine Rice and Roasted Broccoli
  3. Chicken Parm Salad with Baby Spinach and a Creamy Lemon Dressing

I chose the burger recipe to make for the Hubster and Co. because BURGER.

Check out how easy these HelloFresh recipe cards are. Anyone can follow these instructions. Even a brain-dead zombie-tired Mama like you! 🙂

When they say “all the ingredients are included” they mean it. Yes, those are adorable little containers of ketchup, mayo, and balsamic vinegar.

Lauren helps me prep the red onion for the Onion Jam part of the recipe.

We add a hint of sugar to balance out the acidity of the onions and tomatoes.

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t 100% sure how an “onion jam” was going to taste…but MY GOODNESS it was delicious. Definitely crave-worthy.

My plate, before we dove in to dinner! The fresh arugula added a really nice peppery bite to the sweet onion jam.

Would HelloFresh Be a Good Option for You?

I really loved the experience of cooking these recipes and getting the box (like I was a celebrity or something) and not having to stress out about dinner. (Meal Planning and I have a funky relationship, as long-time readers will recall!)

That said, HelloFresh isn’t for everyone. Let’s see if it’s for you. 

You Will LOVE HelloFresh if…

  • You are cooking for fewer than 4 people.
  • You don’t plan on cooking more than 5 nights a week. (Cereal Sundays, people. #lifesaver)
  • You don’t have severe dietary restrictions (like need to be gluten-free).
  • You are recovering from childbirth and need to be a hermit for a while.
  • You are a working mother, who would prefer to spend as much time with your baby in the evening (and not grocery shopping, or following time-consuming recipes).
  • You are trying to control your portions.
  • You are counting calories. (Each recipe card includes a nutritional breakdown.)
  • You are trying to make healthier food choices. (Fewer grocery trips…fewer chances to pick up a bag of Doritos…)

A Special Discount for Special Friends

If you’ve identified with any of those benefits listed above, I’ve got one last Ace up my chef’s hat. 🙂

A coupon code!

Just type in the code MIGHTYMOMS30 to save $30 off your first delivery box and try HelloFresh for yourself. Or, if you’d rather not type that out with your thumbs, click here to experience stress-free meal-prep.

This is the perfect time to try something new, friend!

Click here to start picking out next week’s recipes!  (I’m drooling over the Honey Sesame Chicken Tenders with Broccoli over Jasmine Rice…)

The Future is Now!
(‘Bout Time.)

It’s a brave new world, friends!

We finally live in a world where we can click our fingers a few times and get the week’s recipes and groceries delivered straight to our front door.


The only way HelloFresh could get any cooler is if they ditched the UPS man and had drone delivery.  (Work on that, HelloFresh business people. Please?)

What do you think of this brave new idea? Will you give it a try? 

Have You Read These Yet?

HelloFresh supplied me with several recipes to choose from and compensating me for the time I’ve taken to plan, write and photograph this post. That said, all my opinions stated here are my own. I’m stubborn like that.  

I would like to give a special shout-out THANK YOU to Shepherd’s College in Union Grove, WI for allowing me to use their kitchen for this delicious project. I’d also like to give a virtual high-five to John A. for taking these amazing pictures! (As readers may remember from my bio…I’m the worst photographer on the planet.)

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