Healthy Babies are Happy Babies

Learn the nutritional benefits of each fruit and vegetable, and how they will help your baby's healthy growth and development!

Find out which fruits and vegetables are best bought organically, and which ones you can skip the extra expense. 


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Why Moms Love This Book


What's Inside?

Learn when certain fruits and veggies are in season, and how to prepare them for your baby at home for minimal cost.

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Discover the proper ways to store them for maximum freshness, and how to freeze extra baby food batches for quicker meals later in the week. 



Did you know certain fruits and veggies can harm your baby if introduced too early?

The world of solid foods can be so intimidating for a first-time mom.  At a glance I can see if a fruit or veggie is age-appropriate, seasonal, needs to be organic, then how to choose, prep, and store it. That saves me a good half-hour of googling per food! This is truly a one-stop reference for new and veteran moms alike. So glad I've got it in my arsenal!” 

~ Holly Vanderheyden



This booklet does an amazing job distilling a ton of information into easily digestible (ha!) snippets. Each charmingly-illustrated pages walks you through the ins and outs of the featured fruit or veggie.  It also suggests stuff I would not have intuitively fed my little one: who knew she'd love asparagus or papaya?  Hanging this on my fridge feels like I'm actually making my kitchen more trendy, which is a nice change of pace!” 



~ Viki Hanson-Landis



Learn when it's safe to introduce asparagus, mangos, tomatoes (and tomato sauces), and other super-foods to your baby's diet to minimize gassiness and allergies.

Use the charts inside to discover when each fruit and veggie is in season, for cheaper shopping and tastier eating!

Follow our suggestions on how to prepare each food at every stage for safe consumption!

Use our tips to safely store and freeze prepared healthy baby foods to use throughout the week with no cooking time. 

Learn the nutritional content of each healthy fruit and veggie, and the wonderful brain-benefits each one is giving your baby!

Discover which foods are best bought organically...and which aren't worth the extra expense!

And many other helpful baby food hints...

You need a reliable resource. 

Something just 
a hand-grab away.

What to Feed Your Baby: When to Introduce Healthy Foods is a 32-page beautifully designed resource guide for parents of babies ages 4 months to 1 year.