Learn the nutritional benefits of each fruit and vegetable, and how they will help your baby's healthy growth and development!

Find out which fruits and vegetables are best bought organically, and which ones you can skip the extra expense. 

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Learn when certain fruits and veggies are in season, and how to prepare them for your baby at home for minimal cost.

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Discover the proper ways to store them for maximum freshness, and how to freeze extra baby food batches for quicker meals later in the week. 

Certain Foods Can Upset Your Babys Tummy

The What to Feed Your Baby Booklet is truly a one-stop reference for new and veteran moms alike. So glad Ive got it in my arsenal! 

~ Holly Vanderheyden



What to Feed Your Baby does an amazing job distilling a ton of information into easily digestible (ha!) snippets. It also suggests foods I would not have intuitively fed my little one: who knew she’d love asparagus or papaya? Definitely a tool every mama should have in the kitchen!” 

~ Viki Hanson-Landis



Introduce Healthy Foods the Healthy Way

Introducing your baby to solid foods is an exciting milestones. Its exciting to discover how much she loves pears, or how much he HATES avocado. The healthiest eating habits start at an early age and this eBook is guaranteed to help your babys tummy fall in love with the healthiest food nature has to offer!

What to Feed Your Baby: When to Introduce Healthy Foods is a beautifully designed resource guide for parents of babies ages 4 to 18 months. Here are some of the things it will teach you!

Learn which healthy fruits and vegetables are best introduced at which age. Certain foods can give your baby a tummy-ache if introduced too early!

Discover which fruits and vegetables have high levels of chemicals and should be purchased organic, and which ones are frankly not worth the extra cost. 

Use my special seasonal chart to find out when your favorite fruits and veggies are in season, and therefore cheapest to buy. 

Learn the very simple skill of making homemade healthy baby food on the stove in just a few minutes, and how to freeze them for best use later on. 

The best way to make sure something happens is to create a plan to get there. No one drifts into healthy eating! 

Youve got to have a clear plan on what foods you are introducing and when. What to Feed Your Baby provides exactly that. It’s your plan on when and how to introduce your babys taste buds to these new, exciting, and healthy foods!

A Health Plan for Your Baby

Follow our suggestions on how to prepare each food at every stage for safe consumption!

Learn the nutritional content of each healthy fruit and veggie, and the wonderful brain-benefits each one is giving your baby!

What to Feed Your Baby

When & How to Introduce Healthy Foods to Your Babys Diet

Learn when its safe to introduce asparagus, mangos, tomatoes (and tomato sauces), and other super-foods to your babys diet to minimize gassiness and allergies.

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What to Feed Your Baby is insanely simple to use. Just look up the fruit or vegetable you want to introduce (or am planning on feeding the rest of the family at dinner) and follow the instructions on when that food is best prepared and at what minimum age your baby can safely enjoy it. Done!

Captain Qwirk of the Parenting Universe

Hey there!

Im the author of the What to Feed Your Baby Booklet. Im also the Chief Encouragement Officer over at MightyMoms.club. Since I started my first parenting website back in 2007, my main goal has always been to give virtual high-fives to parents all over the world.  (My virtual hand is throbbing. Its been a wild 11 years.) 

I hope this ebook can be huge confidence booster as you explore feeding your baby healthy fruits and vegetables! It was created when I was looking for this same information, years (and years) ago. I had friends see the chart on my fridge and ask for copies for their fridges...until eventually I thought it might be helpful if I paid my friend Lauren to make it purty and share it with the world. 

Fast-forward a decade and here we are! The same solidly researched information (plus a few newer fruits and vegetables) all packaged together is something so stylish you can put it on the counter as a work of art!  :-) 

To your new feeding adventure! 

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Discover which foods are best introduced when!

Help Him Fall in Love With Healthy Foods.

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