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10 S’mores Desserts that Will Win Over Your Friends Who Hate S’mores

Warning: Puns Approaching

There are three types of S’more people in this world:

  1. Those who love s’mores so much that they are constantly looking around and asking, “Will it S’more?” People like Rhett & Link.
  2. Individuals who have stronger opinions on the proper construction of the perfect s’more than they do any other topic. They could care less about your political thoughts, but MAN, if you burn that marshmallow…there will be words!
  3. Parents who have come to dread campfires so much, they have recurring dreams about being chased by sticky-fingered kids with pointy sticks demanding to ROAST ONE MORE!

Surely, we can find some middle ground here! A place where everyone can enjoy the delicious blend of marshmallow softness, creamy chocolate, and delicate graham cracker crunch!

Fortunately, the Internet is filled with brilliant ways to bring people together! I’ve scoured the internet to present an olive branch a roasting stick of peace. Tell the kids to put those pointy sticks away! (*You’ll poke your eye out!!*) You’ve got a safer, made-in-advance, more delicious s’more dessert to try!

Heather’s Disclaimer….

I did adjust the names of some of these recipes, because I was a little disappointed at all the punny opportunities that were allowed to languish. It’s a crime to let chances like this go by, so I renamed a few of them. It’s gold, Jerry! GOLD!

Delicious S’more Desserts for the Summer

1. S’mores on a Stick (30 min.)| 2. Popcorn for S’more Friends (10 min.)
3. S’more Rice Krispie Treats (30 min.) | 4. Gooey S’more Cookies (20 min.)
5. No-Bake S’more Cheesecake Bars (20 min.)

Mouth-Watering S’more Desserts for the Summer

6. S’more Reese’s Skillet Dip (15 min.) | 7. S’more Cake, Anyone? (3.25 hr.)
8. Gimmie S’more Bars (1 hr.)| 9. Fudge for S’more (2.25 hr.)
10. Itzza Italian S’more! (30 min.)

Be An Equal Opportunity Dessertist

It really isn’t fair for Patriotic Jello Molds and Strawberry Shortcakes to get all the sweet summer glory. The old-fashioned s’more dessert wants s’more attention! *groan*

This traditional summer treat just needs a little facelift. It’s true, you may be removing a little of the burn-hazard and eye-poking-hazard thrill of the summer, but I’m sure they’ll get plenty of that at Grandma’s house anyway.

When you’re done, don’t forget to tag me (@mightymomsclub) on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook so I can see how it turned out!

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