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23 Jaw-Dropping Nursery Themes You’ll Want to Peek At


Pop your popcorn!  Grab your fuzzy socks!  It’s time for the Netflix version of Mighty Moms! All year, the other ladies and I work really hard to deliver thoughtful, well-researched posts to help tired mamas and papas savor (and survive) the baby-stage.

This post, though.  This is complete fluff.  There’s nothing deeply moving here. (Unless your hormones are in full swing.)

This isn’t a post to encourage you to keep pressing on.  It’s just mind-candy. A brain-drain.  Escape.  Thirty-seconds of “Wow, that’s cool,” you can share with your friends on Facebook.  (*wink, wink, nudge, nudge*) 

#1.  The Royal Nursery

via Beautiful Interiors & 18th Century Style

Yes, this is actually the Downton Abbey Royal Nursery for Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge.  As if we needed further evidence of Kate’s amazing sense of style.  A perfect combination of tradition and modern!  (If you break out your magnifying glass, you can see their engagement photo on the piano.)

#2.  The Star Wars Nursery

via Apartment Therapy

It was hard to pick a favorite picture in this Star Wars nursery theme.  That rug, though, I just couldn’t get over it.  So perfect!

BTW, if you want that rug in your own Star Wars nursery, you can find it here. (Welcome.)

#3. The Castle Nursery

via Baby Center

I call dibs on that tower for Hide and Seek.  I just need some hair to climb…

#4. The Mario Cart Nursery

via Huffington Post

I have no idea how they made that super cool Mario, hanging from the ceiling, but it looks amazing.  Must have been a Power-Up.

#5. The Freaky-Deaky Moon-Man Nursery

via Redesign Decor

This nursery made my jaw drop…just for all the wrong reasons.

  • That crib is a deathtrap.  Baby could easily get something accidentally hooked on the star or moon when he’s older.  A strangulation hazard for sure.  *shiver*
  • What child wants to wake up to THAT FREAKY DEAKY FACE in the middle of the night?  You don’t need to be certified in sleep coaching to know Mr. Moon is a nightmare waiting to happen.  That thing would keep ME awake at night, and I’m a 37-year-old 28-year-old mature adult woman!

#6. The Fairy Nursery

via Polyvore

I love this nursery!  Mostly because I think it would rock to have the Keebler Elves living in your bedroom.

“Another chocolate chip cookie, Your Worshipfulness?”

“Don’t mind if I do.”

#7.  The Striped Nursery

via Simplified Bee

Fans of The Bachelorette will be happy to know that this gorgeous nursery belongs to Krista and Ryan Sutter.  🙂

#8. The Merry-Go-Round Nursery

via Cool Kids Rooms

This nursery was jaw-dropping, but mostly because it’s just so bizarre.  It has a merry-go-round inside.  A nursery.  A merry-go-rounursery.

What’s this?  Your 18-month-old twins won’t stay in the crib and nap?  Well, it CAN’T be that merry-go-round…it’s got a “Keep Away” chain around it…

#9. The Carriage Nursery

via Tumbler

This is a true baby carriage.  Hope your nursery floor is level…

#10. The Roadster Nursery

via Design Dazzle

Those are real vintage toy cars hanging on the wall.  (Hopefully very securely…)

#11.  The Traveler’s Nursery

via The Handmade Home

I love the plane and the clouds floating above the crib.

#12. The Country Nursery

via View Along the Way

I’m pretty sure this is the coziest nursery I’ve ever seen.  I wonder if I could fit in that crib…

#13. The Poppy Nursery

via The Glitter Guide

These poppies will put any baby to sleep!

#14.  The Sleepy Nursery

via Metroparisian Blog

I have absolutely nothing to say about this nursery.  I like it, I don’t like it, I just don’t know. Still, it’s so unique I had to include it. What do you think?

#15.  The Rotunda Nursery

via Jack & Jill Interiors

A great idea to transform that extra rotunda room you don’t know what to do with.

#16. The Hey Diddle Diddle Nursery

via C Stone Pub

Honestly, I can’t make fun of this one.  Wisconsinites, like myself, face severe retribution for any unlicensed bovine mockery.

It’s cute, and actually something that a normal non-celebrity/royalty/oil tycoon family could recreate.

#17. The Cozy Nursery

via C Stone Pub

I love the colors in this nursery.  If you’re looking for those pom-poms above the window (a great way to add texture and color, btw), look no further.

#18. The Minimalist Nursery

via Project Nursery

Yes.  That’s a clear crib.  I thought it looked pretty cool…until I remembered that babies are 99% liquid.  Snot.  Drool.  …other brownish liquids.

My guess is it will hit the recycling bin waaaay before baby #2 comes around.

#19. The Twins Nursery

via Project Nursery

What amazes me most about this nursery is how perfectly they managed to mesh male and female in this twins nursery.  It’s almost enough to make me wish I had twins.  Almost.

#20. The Lullaby Nursery

via Southern Hospitality

Doesn’t this scream, “Nashville Nursery”?  (Because it is a Nashville nursery…)

#21.  The Pink Safari Nursery

via Daily Mail

I firmly believe you can judge the hoity-toity-ness of a nursery based on the size of the stuffed giraffe decorating the corner. (Giant stuffed giraffes seem to be a nursery requirement, at least in the movies.) My guess is that they’re also using dollar bills in that fireplace. *wink*

#22. The London Nursery

via Daily Mail

That is a chair made out of stuffed starfish.  Do you think they have that at IKEA? If so, would I have to stuff my own starfish?

#23.  The Peter Cottontail Nursery

via Daily Mail

Two words.  Gingham.  Ruffles.

Keep This Mental Netflix Thing Going…

Whaddya think?  Did you enjoy your little mental vacation?  Sure, you could move away now and start working through that to-do-list.


You could keep this good thing going and tell me in the comments which were your favorites!  I’ll get you started.  Here are mine:  #1 (Royal), #19 (Twins), and #12 (Country).

Which ones do you love the most?  (I swear, if you say #5, we’re going to have to sit down and have a long. hard. talk.)  Share your favs in the comments!

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8 thoughts on “23 Jaw-Dropping Nursery Themes You’ll Want to Peek At

  1. #17!!  it’s just perfect.  i agree that some are way over the top and not realistic for true life (not a photo shoot).  i do get frustrated that most nurseries in photo shoots like restoration hardware, potterybarn, etc show so many things i wouldn’t do like put things above changing table that can be pulled/kicked down or cribs/changing tables in front of windows.  what are these people thinking?!  anyway – thanks for the post.  i love it!

    1. Glad you found it fun, Debra! And, yes, I’m with you! No heavy, life threatening objects hanging over the changing table or crib please!

  2. My favoritrs are 3, 6, 16, 17 & 19. They’re all very adorable but some are still a little over the top for real life. Even if I had an endless supply of cash, using it to go to the extreme like they did above is absolutely wasteful. I mean not only are half of these rooms not safe for mobile babies, I find it hard to believe that any baby can get their nap on without wearing blinders or even a mask! There are a few exceptions to that but the majority are ridiculous.

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