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This Is What Makes an Awesome Teething Necklace

This post is sponsored.  This means we were asked to review or try something new, and then remunerated to share those thoughts.  Since you are reading this post, it ALSO means that we enjoyed the experience. Friends don't let friends make false recommendations! 

Picking out a teething necklace is kinda like going out on a first date. When browsing, you want…

  1. Something strong and able to handle pressure.
  2. Something attractive to look at.
  3. Something reassuring, so you know there’s no chance of being choked.

Today I thought it would be helpful to run through a “Wish List” of features you want to look for when it comes to starting a relationship with a good teething necklace (regular or amber). I’ll even make it easier for you and share the teething necklaces our Mighty Mom Testers chose as Mr. Wonderful. 

So set the 5-minute timer, it’s time to get to know some teethers.

Heather’s Five Rules for an
Awesome Teething Necklace

If we were “Speed Dating Shopping,” these are the five things I’d write down on a piece of paper in my purse as MUST-HAVE QUALITIES across the table.

Teething Necklace Rule #1: Always Supervise

This is obvious, but you never want your child to wear a teething necklace without proper supervision. It’s just common sense.

I know, I know…Why use a teething necklace at all? Ah, because there is something helpful about having a teething object right there, available at all times. Not dropped and picked up by the dog.  Not drooled over and then left under the couch to collect cat hair.

Besides, you can wear the necklace too! Save your nice jewelry for non-baby-carrying events. 🙂

Teething Necklace Rule #2: Have a Breakaway Clasp

This should be obvious. You are putting a necklace on your baby. This puppy better have a breakaway clasp, so if it gets tugged, it pops right off. This is a non-negotiable.

The ONE exception to this rule should be the amber teething necklace. Those are designed to lie against your child’s skin. Be extremely careful, when ordering an amber teething necklace, that you purchase the right size for your child’s neck. It should not be any wider than your child’s chin, so nothing can get caught inside it. It should also be worn under the clothes. Pay very close attention that you are ordering the right size!

Teething Necklace Rule #3: Easily Disinfected

I don’t want a teething necklace made out of some obscure tree-wood from Madagascar that can only be disinfected by mixing fairy tears with phoenix dung on the back of a hippo during a full moon.

I want a teething necklace I can toss into the dishwasher. Repeatedly.

Teething Necklace Rule #4: FDA Approved

This item is going to be going in your child’s mouth. Like food. So you want to make sure your teething necklace is FDA-Approved. This means it should be…

  • BPA Free
  • Lead Free
  • PVC Free
  • Phthalate Free

You want to see the phrase “100% food grade silicone” listed there somewhere as reassurance that this item is as safe for your child to chew on as carrot sticks. (Actually, it’s better because there’s no risk of choking bits breaking off!)

Teething Necklace Rule #5: Have an Emergency Stash

There are few things in life as frustrating as losing your child’s favorite teething necklace. Which is precisely why you should buy in bulk! This three-pack is the most cost effective way to stock up on your teething toys. One for the house, one for the diaper bag, and one as an emergency back up. All at a fraction of the cost of buying them individually.

What Mighty Moms Thought About
the Shark Tooth Teething Necklace

Sometimes the best way to figure out whether you’re really going to like someone is to ask a trusted friend. So we asked Mommy’s Touch if our awesome readers could have a blind date with a few of their best teething necklaces.

Here’s what they reported back:

  • Loved it! It has a nice feel to it, and it keeps my baby occupied!”
  • “My daughter really liked them and it seemed to ease her discomfort. So I’m happy!”
  • “Honestly, I wasn’t a fan of the design, but my babies just loved them. I have twins, and thank heavens there were three in that package because then each got one. They loved the ridges on the shark teeth, and how easy they were to pick up.”

The Best Thing About a
Teething Necklace Is…

It’s always there. 

  • When your baby needs to fidget in the high chair, waiting for you to hurry up with some peach oatmeal, there it is. 
  • When he keeps trying to eat the pages of the board book you’re reading him before bed, there it is.
  • When you’re trying to get her to hold still so you can change that epically massive poop before it smears all over the changing table, there it is. 

If you haven’t given a teething necklace a try, now would be an awesome time to start flirting with a good teether. Grab the three-pack and let your baby happily explore the ridges and chew on the break-away silk string.

My guess is that it will not only will this teething necklace make it past the first date, but it may just be the long-term teether relationship you’ve been looking for. 🙂

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This post was sponsored by Mommy’s Touch who gracious allowed over 100 Mighty Moms subscribers to try their teething products for free and tell me what they think! Besides the free product, Mommy’s Touch also compensated me to write the post (after the surveys were submitted with rave reviews) and pay for Christi and Lauren to create the gorgeous graphics. Thank you!

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