Learn the nutritional benefits of each fruit and vegetable, and how they will help your baby's healthy growth and development!

Find out which fruits and vegetables are best bought organically, and which ones you can skip the extra expense. 

Favorite Baby Games

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a game for 9 month olds

a game for 4 month olds

a game for 2 month olds

a game for 7 month olds

Learn when certain fruits and veggies are in season, and how to prepare them for your baby at home for minimal cost.

Discover the proper ways to store them for maximum freshness, and how to freeze extra baby food batches for quicker meals later in the week. 

Tired of Playing Peek-a-Boo?

Build Stronger Bonds. 
Encourage Faster Brain Growth.

Let’s be honest for a second. 

Sometimes it’s challenging to feel like you’re really connecting with your baby. (Especially at the beginning.) Eventually the endless games of peek-a-boo and staring contests begin to feel a little stale. 

Its easy to feel a little lost when it comes to playing with your baby.  The problem is, though, you know that having a Play Plan is really good for both of you! 

Jump start your bonding with these 24 giggle-guaranteed new activities and games!

Playing with your baby at an early age helps with bonding, something thats critically important for healthy brain growth and development. 

Having a Play Plan will make you feel more confident in interacting with your baby. The more parent-esteem you have with little things (like how to play together), the less worry and stress youll have in other areas (like handling bedtime or overcoming colds). 

A solid Play Plan helps Dad get more involved in baby care. These activities will let him start making sweet memories from the very beginning. 

Specifically chosen activities will provide your baby with an opportunity to practice specific milestone tasks to speed up his developmental skills. 

24 Magical Games to Play with Your Baby is the easiest way to build memories and engage with your newest family member. Its guaranteed to get you the grins and giggles your heart is yearning for. It’s time to enjoy a stronger emotional bond with the newest member of your family!

Let the Play Begin!

Each month is divided into three sections to help you get the most out of the developmental task your baby is focusing currently focusing on. 

The Travel Destination section will highlight the specific skills youll want to be focus on for that month. 

Finally, every month will end with two award-winning toys that help your baby continue to work on that months milestone all by himself!

There are two Adventure Games for you to rotate throughout the month. Remember, repetition is your friend! The more often you do these games, the faster your child will make the neural connections required to master that months skill. 

24 Magical Baby Games to Play with Your Baby

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Why Didnt I Have This a Year Ago?

I LOVE (in flashing rainbow colors with fireworks coming out if it) this ebook!  The book is simply darling in its design and is so easy to use that now no one has an excuse not to keep a record of those memories. My only question is, why didn’t I have this a year ago?  I already started entering things from the 1-2 year milestones and plotted his last two height measurements on a growth chart.  Love, love, love.  Like Mary Poppins, its practically perfect in every way.  

- Sarah Conlin

This is not your typical read when were talking about informational children’s books and I like that a lot!

Not Your Typical Read...

- Lisa Kinney

My husband is (Im pleasantly shocked) insisting we do this together. I’m super thrilled to have him involved and willing! VERY IMPRESSED!! 

My Husband Insists We Do This Together

- Tracey Gauthier

I wish I would have had this 4 months ago! While I have a baby book, it is usually not within arms reach and this is always sitting on the coffee table!  

Keep It Within Arms Reach

- Miranda Warpenburg

Ive read through and studied your book in preparation for this little bundle of joy Im waiting on. Im thankful I came across you and your book, it has taught me that being a mother is more than taking care of needs...its capturing the little moments and making them matter!  Thank YOU!! 

Taught Me About Being a Mother

- Kristin Aldridge

Captain Qwirk of the Parenting Universe

Hey there!

Im the author of 24 Magical Games You Can Play with Your Baby. Im also the Chief Encouragement Officer over at MightyMoms.club. Since I started my first parenting website back in 2007, my main goal has always been to give virtual high-fives to parents all over the world.  (My virtual hand is throbbing. Its been a wild 11 years.) 

I hope this ebook can be huge confidence booster for you as you learn how to related to your unique child in a new way! One of the best secret weapons a parent can have is knowing that youve captured the heart of your children. 

A child that trusts you love and care for them will be willing to listen and follow your lead when Teenagehood finally arrives. (I know this, because Im thankfully currently reaping those teenage benefits!) 

Having fun with your children is the best way to tie those hearts to your apron-strings at an early age. Thats what this booklet is designed to do—provide you with lots of fun activities to experience together from the first day home from the hospital!

To your new adventure, 

The “Johnny Depp” of Child Development Books

Theres a reason no one (other than social work and elementary education majors) purchase child development books. They are booooorrrring. 

 Milestone Marker eBook series is designed to be something different. Its the “Johnny Depp” of growth trackers. You know its going to be interesting, entertaining, and (probably) a wee bit odd. 

Other milestone books are filled with sappy poems, pointless personal stories, and other filler junk to extend the page count.

The Milestone Marker eBook Series is froo-froo free. It's ALLLLLL meat, baby!  If its not helpful, its not in there.  

No poetry.  Not even a Roses are Red... No pointless personal stories from strangers about when “My little Todd Jr.” walked.  (Lets be honest. You dont have time to care about somebody else's baby milestones.) It is 100% about your baby.  Just print it off and start filling in the charts and worksheets. 

Use the Memory Tracker eBook to follow your babys milestones. Each age-group is organized for quick-flipping, with plenty of space to write in the memories that they prompt: “Daddy sneezed and you gave us your first laugh!  So now we are fake sneezing like crazy to get you on camera!” 

Use the Growth Tracker eBook now so youve got a strong sense of your babys physical history in the years to come: No wonder you're a professional football player now! You were always in the 99% percentile of height! Monster baby!” 

Get. More. Giggles.


If you had a particularly difficult birth experience,  playing games with your baby can help you emotionally heal and provide opportunity to connect with your child in a new trauma-free way. 

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Having a Play Plan is really helpful in learning how to interact with this tiny little person, get those extra giggles your heart learns for, and watch him master those developmental skills as early as possible. The problem is, you have to create a Play Plan. 

Unless of course...you borrow a Play Plan from someone else!

That’s exactly why I created 24 Magical Games to Play with Your Baby. It’s a monthly, developmentally accurate, guide of activities from day one until his first birthday. Its a Play Plan. All designed-up purty and ready to go. 

As Always...
Theres a Guarantee

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MightyMoms.club is run by a group of moms just like you. Your purchase goes towards keeping our little part-time jobs going. It is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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