This is the Perfect Final Touch to Your May Day Baskets

The further north you are, the more meaningful spring becomes. We’ve been shut in our homes for months, wishing for a bit of the sun’s warmth and the color green again.

Finally, the sun is sticking around a little bit longer and there are sprouts of fresh new plants breaking through the cold ground.

Celebrating the Return of Spring

How is that warming up not worth celebrating! Creating May Day Baskets isn’t just a fun way to spend the afternoon with your kids.

It’s a sneaky little parenting moment that teaches thoughtfulness as you take those baskets around the neighborhood or to elderly family members for a smile.

Right before you head out, though, may I suggest printing out this little poem and sliding it inside with your children’s signatures on on the back?

April showers bring May flowers 
And what do these May flowers bring?  
Happy thoughts and sunshine smiles 
And wishes for a wonderful spring!

It’s the perfect final touch to a kind basket of goodies! Just fill out the form below and I’ll email it right over!

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