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Cherish Your Babys Milestones, Create a Priceless Family Heirloom

The Easiest Way to Capture Those Little Moments in BIG Ways.

Yesterday I saw a so-called “inspirational” pin on Pinterest that made me want to violently rip out my Internet and start a commune. Want to know what it said? 

Brace yourself. Here goes: There are 940 Saturdays between your child’s birth and high school graduation.

WAAAHHH??? How can that be? Surely theres a lot more than that! 

Nope. Thats actually accurate. It stings, right? 

You know what would sting even worse, though? 

Realizing 150 Saturdays in, that you never finished your babys memory book. That somehow you forgot what caused your baby to laugh for the first time. Or how you got those first steps to happen. That all those little memory milestone moments were just...gone.  

The Milestone Marker eBook series not only allows you to track your babys healthy milestones and growth charts, it provides prompts and activities to record the precious memories that go with them! 

I know, I know. You think youll remember all these little milestones and memories... but  truthfully you wont.

Theres too much stuff crammed into your exhausted brain. Some things have to be forgotten to make room for new memories and milestones (like potty training). 

You need a system to snag those precious baby memories before they flutter out of your brain like a drunk butterfly. 

You also need to know if the milestone youre celebrating actually is a good thing at the right time. I mean, what if youre all excited he started rolling over, but dont realize he should have been rolling over 2 months ago?

Thats precisely why I created the Milestone Marker eBook series. We all need a little help sometimes. Especially when it means remembering things.  Especially when it comes to your babys health.

You May THINK Youll Remember... 
But (Truthfully) You Wont.

Get friendly reassurance that your baby really is growing at a healthy rate and celebrating with party hats is not over the top.  (We do have to talk about the fireworks, though...)

Discover the little tricks and secrets to bring out (and show off) your babys budding personality in each stage of development.

Use it as a fun way for Dad to be more involved in newborn life.  Its like fantasy football, only with milestones... and no bye-week... and no co-workers mercilessly teasing you...

It shares rarely-mentioned milestones only found inside thick medical manuals and ignored on the standard “top ten milestone” lists.  (Do you know when your baby starts blowing spit bubbles?)

It will teach you how to play The Gender Gamesand explain how the odds of certain milestones are always in one sexs favor.  Boys and girls will zoom ahead on certain milestones.  Do you know what they are?

The Milestone Marker walks you through the direct no-holds-barred way to test your baby for signs of autism.  (The earlier caught, the less life-impacting the results!)  No scare-tatics, just what to watch for. 

Learn the lesson we can all learn about baby growth...taught by Stewie Griffin.  

Of course, The Milestone Marker  also comes with a ton of other tidbits Im not listing here because Im mean everyone loves a good mystery, right? 

In the 7-months it took me to complete The Milestone Marker eBook Series,  I read every boring child development book on the planet. (Let me offer up a big-fat YOUR WELCOME to the Universe.) I divided ALL that dusty information into two primary categories: Milestone Memories and Physical Growth.  

Go Beyond Those Boring  Milestone Checklists... 

These Two eBooks Cover Everything

The Memory Tracker

A must-read-and-sign document that will save your sanity.  (And possibly your marriage...)

Over 125 of the challenges your baby is going to conquer this year. Starting with the obvious ones (walking) and including awesome photo ops like “starts own stock-pot band in the kitchen.

Age-appropriate activity ideas and extra space to write down the memories that go with each milestone.

A special worksheet designed to help the parents of preemies discover their babys true age (and avoid a Xanax prescription).

The Tired Mama’s Guide to Measuring Growth worksheet will detail the world's fastest way to make sure your baby is meeting the doctor's expectations.

Several nitty-gritty growth charts, so you can walk into those Well-Child visits at the doctor's office with confidence.

Also includes four other growth-related printables, worksheets, and how-tos designed to put your mind at ease! 

Special worksheets to help you catch the signs of a possible autistic developmental delay, and how to calmly discuss your fears with the doctor.

The Growth Tracker

Why Didnt I Have This a Year Ago?

I LOVE (in flashing rainbow colors with fireworks coming out if it) this ebook!  The book is simply darling in its design and is so easy to use that now no one has an excuse not to keep a record of those memories. My only question is, why didn’t I have this a year ago?  I already started entering things from the 1-2 year milestones and plotted his last two height measurements on a growth chart.  Love, love, love.  Like Mary Poppins, its practically perfect in every way.  

- Sarah Conlin

This is not your typical read when were talking about informational children’s books and I like that a lot!

Not Your Typical Read...

- Lisa Kinney

My husband is (Im pleasantly shocked) insisting we do this together. I’m super thrilled to have him involved and willing! VERY IMPRESSED!! 

My Husband Insists We Do This Together

- Tracey Gauthier

I wish I would have had this 4 months ago! While I have a baby book, it is usually not within arms reach and this is always sitting on the coffee table!  

Keep It Within Arms Reach

- Miranda Warpenburg

Ive read through and studied your book in preparation for this little bundle of joy Im waiting on. Im thankful I came across you and your book, it has taught me that being a mother is more than taking care of needs...its capturing the little moments and making them matter!  Thank YOU!! 

Taught Me About Being a Mother

- Kristin Aldridge

Captain Qwirk of the Baby Universe

So this is awkward. This is the part where Im supposed to tell you all this cool stuff about myself so you can feel more confident about purchasing this thing Ive spent YEARS working on. 

Lets be honest, though, its just kinda weird. How do you know that what Im telling you is true? I mean, its not as if you have a drone following me around or something. Right? *nervous laughter*

Let me provide 2.5 points that demonstrate that I do, in fact, know what Im talking about in the Milestone Marker eBook Series.

I graduated from Taylor University with a BA in Social Work, which required me to spend a LOT of time studying child development and psychology.

In 2014, I received my certification in Gentle Sleep Coaching from Kim Wests prestigious (and expensive) GSC program. This requires additional study every year in the realm of child development.

Im a veteran mama with three (growing way to fast) children. Why is this only worth a half a point? My kids are my kids, not yours. Yes, I know more about “general mothering” than a first-time mama, but I will know ZIP about your unique child. Youre the true expert in that area!

The “Johnny Depp” of Child Development Books

Theres a reason no one (other than social work and elementary education majors) purchase child development books. They are booooorrrring. 

 Milestone Marker eBook series is designed to be something different. Its the “Johnny Depp” of growth trackers. You know its going to be interesting, entertaining, and (probably) a wee bit odd. 

Other milestone books are filled with sappy poems, pointless personal stories, and other filler junk to extend the page count.

The Milestone Marker eBook Series is froo-froo free. It's ALLLLLL meat, baby!  If its not helpful, its not in there.  

No poetry.  Not even a Roses are Red... No pointless personal stories from strangers about when “My little Todd Jr.” walked.  (Lets be honest. You dont have time to care about somebody else's baby milestones.) It is 100% about your baby.  Just print it off and start filling in the charts and worksheets. 

Use the Memory Tracker eBook to follow your babys milestones. Each age-group is organized for quick-flipping, with plenty of space to write in the memories that they prompt: “Daddy sneezed and you gave us your first laugh!  So now we are fake sneezing like crazy to get you on camera!” 

Use the Growth Tracker eBook now so youve got a strong sense of your babys physical history in the years to come: No wonder you're a professional football player now! You were always in the 99% percentile of height! Monster baby!” 

The Milestone Marker eBook Series provides peace of mind about your babys healthy growth.

If you dont agree, I will happily 
refund ALL of your money.

I love this!  It is exactly what a tired, busy, mushy-brained new mom like me needs.  I love that the milestones are listed out because it gives me behaviors to watch for and encourage that I might not have thought about on my own.  I also love that I can check off what my baby accomplishes or write more detailed notes about how he reached that milestone. My son is 6 months and I still use it.  I like it much better than the traditional baby book I had when my daughter was born. Definitely recommend!

Exactly What a Tired, Mushy-Brained New Mom Needs

- Heidi Bauza

Two Big Books. 

One Low Price.

Infinite Memories.

Im offering BOTH the Growth Tracker and the Memory Tracker as a bundled purchased for only $19.99 So for the price of a single (very boring) child development tome at your local bookstore, you can have TWO developmental, entertaining, scrapbook-cheating eBooks instead.  

With my 100% Happiness Guarantee, youve got nothing to lose.  (Except, I suppose, all those baby memories...)



I like the Milestone Marker eBook Series  because it gives a place for everything I try to store in my head when my kids are babies. It is less stressful than trying make a baby book as you go (like anyone has time for that), but I like how it’s set up with the intent of being easily transferred into a baby book (that you might get to when your kids are teenagers). I also appreciate that it recognizes that not all babies are the same. It doesnt feel like a one-size fits all approach but rather an option for keeping track of information that could work for anyone.

Doesn’t Feel Like a One-Size Fits All Approach

- Molly Flinkman 

The Milestone Marker for GirlsThe Milestone Marker for BoysThe Milestone Marker for GirlsThe Milestone Marker for Boys