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Toolkit for Moms on the Edge: 12 Homeopathic Remedies to Boost Your Mood

This post is sponsored.  This means we were asked to review or try something new, and then remunerated to share those thoughts.  Since you are reading this post, it ALSO means that we enjoyed the experience. Friends don't let friends make false recommendations! 

On a scale from 1 to *throwing laptop* how “on the edge” do you feel this week? 


*looking at the sparking screen on the floor*

I think I understand. You’ve got a LOT of pressure sitting on your shoulders, don’t you?

  • The toddler will NOT be potty trained. 
  • Your baby will NOT sleep.
  • The house looks like all the closets vomited at the same time.
  • There’s a hole somewhere in your bank account, and you’ve got to figure out how to plug it.
  • Your kitchen sink…wait…where is the kitchen sink? Under last night’s dinner or this morning’s breakfast?

One of our missions here at MightyMoms.club is to be a beacon of light in the dark seas of life. Sure, I can do that through a few well-placed jokes and “been there too” emotional posts, but sometimes I think we need more than just a shoulder to cry on.

Sometimes our bodies need something. They need us to make different choices, or invite in new friends, or even supplement our diets with better nutrition. All these things can work together to help you back away from that sharp cliff’s edge.

That’s what today’s post is. It’s a “giving” post. A “doing” post designed to turn your emotional Titanic around.

Find Your Natural Stress Relievers

The simplest way to improve your outlook and make a change is to start with the basics. What mood-boosting clues can you get from the way your personality is designed? (If you’re not sure what your “personality” is, this can help!)

  • Are you an introvert like me? Do you just need a bit more quiet time to yourself during the week?
  • Or perhaps you are an extrovert, and need to make more mom friends?
  • Do you know your mothering strengths? Use them!
  • Is your body needing to move? Grab that stroller and head outside to clear your head. (It’s amazing what natural sunlight can do to lift the clouds in your mind!)

These are the external things you can do to help reset your stressed-out self, and get your Feeler back on the right track. They are helpful things…but sometimes externals just aren’t enough.

Sometimes you have to start from the inside and work out.

Handling Stress with Homeopathic Remedies

You can’t get more “inside” than considering your body’s natural nutritional balance. Are you getting all the nutrients you need to function? Or are you missing a few? (or a hundred?)

Besides healthy eating, another way you can help alleviate the anxieties of life from the inside are with homeopathic remedies. No, get that bubbling cauldron out of your mind. This isn’t Snape’s potion-making class. *drats*

“Homeopathy” is based on something called the “Law of Similars principle developed by German doctor and scientist Samuel Hahnemann in the late 18th century. This principle basically came from this brainstorm:

“Hey Fritz! You know how large doses of (substance) really keeps a healthy person’s (system area) stay in great shape? Well, I think that if we used regular SMALLER doses of (that substance) in a person who isn’t healthy in that area, it could really be helpful in curing their (issue the healthy person doesn’t struggle with). 

So basically, they mix up a bunch of natural substances like minerals, herbs, or other organic materials, crush and dissolve them in a liquid (called making a tincture) and then dilute that substance just the right amount. These homeopathic remedies are then used to provide short-term relief of temporary symptoms with no risk of side-effects.

Can nursing mothers use these remedies?

Yes, technically, but I would double check with your doctor first to make sure. Don’t forget the Mighty Moms’ mantra: When in doubt, give Doc a shout!

Since homeopathic remedies are not clinically tested, how do we know they actually work?

The Native Remedies experts have to clearly state and prove that each ingredient used in a specific product has been proven to help with a very specific symptom. This way, when they tell you that something helps with the adrenal glands to give you more energy (i.e. Fatigue Fighter), it’s because they can prove that the ingredients inside have been shown individually to help that part of your body that can give you more energy.

For example, if you look at Fatigue Fighter here and click on the “Ingredients” tab, you’ll see not only each item formulated inside, but also the scientific study that demonstrates the proven claim they are making. I love that! It’s citations on steriods.

What specific homeopathic remedies will be able to help me with my current stress level?

I thought you’d never ask! Let me show you some great options…

What’s Stressing You Out?
My Constant Exhaustion!

As a mother, I feel like exhaustion is often my “shadow”. Sometimes I can see it as plain as day, following me around like a stalker. Other days it can fade…but I know it’s likely to catch up with me later in the week.

If you feel you’re constantly running from a state of exhaustion, here are four Native Remedies solutions that can really help.

Exhaustion Remedy #1: Fatigue Fighter

The main ingredient in Fatigue Fighter is Certified Organic Eleuthero. This special herb is highly respected as helping support energy, circulation, and vitality by supporting the adrenal hormones (you know, the ones that make adrenaline). It has also been used in studies as a possible remedy for chronic fatigue.

Exhaustion Remedy #2: WakeUp!

Besides having the Eleuthero herb mentioned in Fatigue Fighter, WakeUp! includes an amalgamation of roots, including the Red Chinese Ginseng Root. This special ingredient has been shown to increase energy by supporting the cardiovascular system and helping with hormonal balance.

Exhaustion Remedy #3: SlumberPax

One of the chief ingredients in SlumberPax is coffea, and that’s not a typo. 🙂 Yes, this comes from coffee beans, but following the Law of Similars, they have found (like in this study or this one) that when highly diluted and used homeopathically, instead of winding UP the mind, it can slow it down.

Exhaustion Remedy #4: Triple Complex Brain Tonic

The Triple Complex Brain Tonic uses something called “tissue salts” to provide nutrition to your brain in the cellular level. These tissue salts are combination of specially prepared minerals that manage to send certain specific amounts of mineral salts to specific tissues. (In this case, they are focused on sending specific mineral salts to the nervous system. How cool is that?)

Okay, I’ll admit it. I just want to be able to interrupt someone and say, “Excuse me, I need to take my brain tonic” and then kick it back like a shooter. #KeepinItClassy

What’s Stressing You Out?
My Crazy Hormones!

Or perhaps it’s not exhaustion that’s causing you to grind your teeth and “count to ten” every few minutes. Perhaps it has to do with something else. Something that you and I can talk about, because we’re both females.

Hint: If you’re a male and reading this, consider “accidentally” leaving this article open on your wife’s computer. Do NOT say the “H” word, though, because, trust me, that conversation won’t end well for you. (That said, if you keep quietly reading, the Thanda Passion Booster  actually COULD end up really well for you…)

Here are several homeopathic remedies other women have found effective in balancing the Great Hormone Rodeo.

Hormonal Remedy #1: PureCalm

Two of the main ingredients in PureCalm is lemon balm and organic lavender flower. (At least you know it smells nice!) Both these ingredients have been shown to have a calming affect on the nervous system. Over 30 customers have given PureCalm 5-stars for a reason!

Hormonal Remedy #2: Dong Quai

This herbal formula is (surprise, suprise) made up of the root of the Dong Quai plant in China, which has been shown to balance the female hormone system and regulate the menstrual cycle. All 24 reviewers have raved about how helpful Dong Quai is, giving it an average 4.9 rating.

Hormonal Remedy #3: Thanda Passion Booster

The Thanda Passion Booster is pretty self explanatory…it’s there to push your “happy hormones” in the right direction. Muira Puama Root inside that has been shown to stir up female sexual desire. (And you thought you were done having kids! HA!)

Hormonal Remedy #4: MoodCalm

If you feel frustrated lately by your sudden emotional peaks and valleys, you may want to peek at MoodCalm. It’s designed to pull from specific ingredients that can help prevent impulsivity and erratic behavior. (Also can be used with kids!) Another beloved favorite at Native Remedies!

What’s Stressing You Out?
My Postpartum Body!

Besides the postpartum hormonal fluctuations that can wreak havoc, your physical body (obviously) has some serious recovering to do! Here are four homeopathic remedies that will keep your body as healthy as possible while you heal up.

Postpartum Remedy #1: ReGrow Plus

One of the strangest side effects I experienced postpartum was how much my hair changed. Seriously, it totally changed color – from a dark blonde to a VERY dark brown. I also noticed that the thick luscious hair I had growing up was starting to thin.  (Not enough to notice, but enough for me to panic…)

ReGrow Plus uses herbs like Gingko Leaf, Rosemary, Horsetail Herb, Yarrow, and others to promote better circulation to hair follicles and roots, leading to healthier hair.

Postpartum Remedy #2: Vagi-Clear

I bet you can guess what part of the body Vagi-Clear is designed for! (Hint: It’s not your ears.) This special homeopathic remedy is created to relive vaginal itching, burning and discharge.

Postpartum Remedy #3: UTI-Clear

It’s not uncommon to get a urinary tract infection after childbirth. Lots of stuff was happening down there! UTI’s are on my top 5 list of “Most Awful Afflictions” because nothing’s worse than having to urinate while being stabbed by a hundred swords. UTI-Clear uses several herbs friendly to the urinary-tract (like Buchu Herb, Lemon Balm, and Yarrow) to keep your nether-regions infection-free.

Postpartum Remedy #4: Cycle Calm

Cycle Calm helps to regulate your menstrual cycle by keeping the yin and yang of your hormones (estrogen and progesterone) balanced and playing together nicely. It also contains Chaste Tree Berry (love that name), which has been used since the time of the Greeks to reduce breast tenderness, headaches, bloating, and fatigue…all things that can make a bad menstrual cycle worse.

Hug it Out: Homeopathic Remedies
and Science Can Be Friends

One of the reasons I really like Native Remedies, is that they give you a TON of information about their products and ingredients.

None of this “Just trust us and take this pill.” Every product page describing how it’s going to help, and then sharing not only the ingredients inside, but the various scientific studies that demonstrate what those ingredients do. 

You don’t have to just take their word for it, when they tell you that ginseng has been shown to help the heart. You can see, right there, the name of the study that proved it. So when you’re ready for your “light medical science research reading” that evening, you know right where to start.It’s Time to Help Yourself.
It’s Time to Build Your Toolkit.

Take a minute to think through all the things that have placed you here, on the edge. 

  1. Are you trying to control something that cannot be controlled? Let it go.
  2. Are you trying to control someone who cannot be controlled? Let it go. 
  3. Are you trying to avoid a task that has to be completed? Bravely move forward and face it head-on.

But what if your stress isn’t any of these? What if your stress is caused because life is stressful? 



Sometimes we need more than just a friendly hug or a long nap. If you find yourself more and more “on the edge” with your spouse, your kids, or even yourself, if might be time for a little anatomical nudge.

Talk with your doctor and then consider using one of these homeopathic remedies as a first step. It beats spending $200 a month on a Xanax prescription! 

We all need boosters from time to time. (Yes, even moms with websites.) Whether that’s a cup of coffee to wake up or a little dose of coffea to fall asleep.

Have you ever used homeopathic remedies before? I’d love to hear about your experiences!

This post was sponsored by the homeopathic giant, Native Remedies. Having known about this company for years and years (and having several products in my cabinet upstairs), I was more than happy to oblige! Click here to read my full disclosure page. (Warning: It’s boring.) 

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