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Play the Mystery Mom Giveaway Contest!

We are all about fun and games around here at MightyMoms.club, so instead of just doing a NORMAL giveaway, we’ve decided to spruce things up a bit and create a little game.

It’s easy.

Every two days, I trot out another clue and photo of our “Mystery Mom”. The earlier you guess right, the more entries you receive towards winning one of our three $150 prize packages, sponsored by Kabrita Goat Milk Formula.

Unfortunately, our last Mystery Mom (Audrey Hepburn) is finished and our three winners have been selected.

Don’t worry, though, Mystery Mom will return! Just make sure you’ve subscribed to our newsletter, follow us on Facebook, and hang out with us on Instagram to find out when a new mystery begins!

(BTW, all the details, including rules and other boring stuff, can be found at the bottom of the page.)

Good luck!

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