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This is How to Build a Money-Making Online Business With Kids at Home

I get it. You need to make extra money but also want to be with your kids.

Let me tell you, the only way to “have it all” is to build an online business while your kids are napping, or on the weekends when you’ve got help at home.

Truth is, you don’t need another hobby.

Your life is FULL. You need a job that will provide you with some money, and not just provide donations to your local Daycare Service.

That’s why I started looking at building an online business, and where MightyMoms.club was born, waaaaaay back in 2007.

Listen sister, if this zero-tech-experience Mama can build a successful online business with three kids at home (and homeschooling, for a portion of that time), so can you.

Here’s how to make it work. 

6 Reasons Why You Should
Build an Online Business

I’ll be honest. Building an online business is a FREAKING TON of work.

If anyone tries to tell you that you can make “Fast cash” filling out surveys or completing tasks…toss your coffee in their face and run away as fast you can. They’re selling poisonous expectations. There are going to be times when you wonder why you’re working so hard starting a business in the first place.

That’s why I’m going to take a second to remind you why building your own online business so stupid awesome. Refer back to this list. Frequently.

  1. Constant Year-Round Earnings—Your online business is always open, 24/7/365. While you’re on vacation. When the kids are vomiting everywhere. When you are vomiting everywhere. It never quits, even when you do.
  2. Competition Schmopetition—The world is your oyster, friend. With trillions of people available to consume your product and read your content, competition doesn’t really matter. There is a LOT of pie for everyone.
  3. The Snowball Effect—Your hard work continues to pay off. Every seed you plant NOW through your hard work, will reap wonderful buckets of fruit in the years to come. NOTHING is wasted!
  4. The Flexibility—Work during naptime, or at Starbucks on Saturday morning. Heck, I even work in the car sometimes on long road trips.
  5. Ditching Daycare—Keep what you earn. Say goodbye to daycare donations.
  6. The Memories—No more guilt trips or missed milestones. When something happens, you can see it, not just hear about it later.

Now that I’ve reminded you why starting a business is such a great and amazing thing for your family (I admit, I’m biased), let’s get down to the nuts and bolts.

Choosing a Profitable
Online Business Concept

This is where 98% of all people starting a business go wrong, which is sad because it’s the very first thing you do when starting an online business.

Get this wrong, and you’ll never make a cent. (No pressure.)

I call it The Profitable Passion Test and you MUST pass or you can forget passing Go and collecting your $100. You’ll be stalled out on Mediterranean Avenue.

The Profitable Passion Test

It is absolutely VITAL that you discover two things:

  1. What are the things that are profitable, but don’t really interest you?
  2. What are the things you are passionate about, but aren’t really profitable?

Your goal is to find the online business model that lands you right in the middle, in what I call the “Sweet Spot of Success”.

You could try to wing it and figure this out for yourself, or you can do what I did and cheat.

Skip Ahead of All the Other Start-Up Schmucks

It’s a well-known fact that a large number of online businesses fail because the owner takes too long to get set up and running at a profit. Months and months of hard work with little reward will drain your desire to actually make this business happen.

The single best way to hurry up the cash is to ride on the tailcoats of someone who’s already been successful.

Way back in 2012, I hired Alli Worthington to be my Business Mentor. I was tired of just crossing my fingers and hoping my business would grow. I wanted someone to come along side and actually show how it was done.

I actually still meet with Alli every month, that’ s how much I value her expertise. My business simply would not be where it is without her!

For the first time ever, Alli has opened her little black book and is offering what she taught me (for a lot of money) available to YOU. Her online course is called Gainful Growth, and in it, she will help you answer the question, “What would I enjoy doing that will actually make me money?”

Using her very practical tutorials and useful workbooks, you can narrow down those passions of yours and cherry-pick the ones that are going to make you the most money. And don’t think you have to guess about that, either. Alli shows you how to remove the guesswork and KNOW with confidence you’ve got a $$$-winner. She teaches you the right questions to ask to uncover the most profitable online business model for unique little ‘ole you. 

Save yourself hours and hours of experimentation and jump straight to the techniques that successful entrepreneurs know actually work. 

A Profitable Online Business
Starts with a Plan

Philosophy isn’t worth crap when it comes to starting a business. You don’t need flowery words and quotes on the wall.

You need an action plan. The kind that says, “First do this. Then do that, and when you’re finished with that, do this.” That’s where Gainful Growth really explodes. Check out these topics:

  • Understanding the 3 Pillars of a Profitable Business
  • Overcoming the “Imposter Syndrome” and Selecting Your Skills
  • Fixing People’s Problems with Your Passion
  • How to Know if an Idea is Profitable
  • Picking the Perfect Name for Your Business
  • The Tricks to Pricing Your Products/Services

All of the Gainful Growth class topics are designed around a single thought: Be Practical. Alli knows that learning how to apply the knowledge she gives is just as important as the knowledge she’s giving, so every lesson includes a workbook for you to fill out with your online business idea in mind.

Tackling the “Kids at Home”
Portion of Running an Online Business

So far I’ve taught you how to get started on building an online business that will actually make you money.  But what about the second promise in the article title? The one that says, “With Kids at Home?”

Easy. Make a plan. 

Don’t try to wing it.

Set yourself hours to work on starting your business. Sit down with your spouse and create a work plan for you to start watching Alli’s videos and filling out your business workbooks.

Take the time, right now, to work through your online business concept and make sure it will be as profitable as you hope it will be.

After all, it would really suck if you spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on an idea that turns out to be nothing more than trying to sell freezers to Eskimos.

Do your due diligence, let Alli confirm that you’ve truly found the “Sweet Spot of Success.” Then you can start building your online business with the complete confidence that there really is going to be a pot of gold at the end of your working rainbow.

That’s what I did and if this tech-imbecile can manage to run a successful online business, so can you.

No more excuses.

Today’s the day to start.

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