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This is How to Bring More Enchantment into Your Daughter’s Playtime

Think back, for a moment, about a memory you have when you were a little girl.

You were playing with something (a doll, a kitchen set, even a toy car) and for several minutes you completely forgot that the real world even existed.  

You were swept away by your own imagination and it made you happy.


It made you blissfully happy.

As a parent, those moments when I can hear my girls in the other room with their sweet falsetto voices and occasional excited, “Let’s pretend that…” just fill my heart to the brim.

What if, though, we could allow those imaginations to expand into other activities? What if this imaginary world could move beyond the bedroom floor?

It’s an intriguing question. Is it possible to make the magic of pretend play even more enchanting? 

Yep. Let me wave my wizard’s wand and show you…

The New-Fangled Way to Play

Old fashioned way to play was to dump your toys on the floor, pick out the doll that seemed the least mangled (and was at least partially dressed) and then make up some kind of adventure (or romance, depending on your tween hormones).

Not bad.

But things have changed a bit since we were little.

We have so many more opportunities to sprinkle in some learning and speckle your child’s memories with meaning. Not only can our kids play with the toys at home, they can watch videos of their favorite dolls on the way to Grandma’s and even participate in this world of make-believe with a few clever crafts!

The Enchantimal

Dolls are perfect for this type of sneaking multi-layer playing. Every doll is designed to fit with a favorite pet animal.

Did you catch that last sentence? Let me slow it down a hair so you don’t miss it’s significance.

Your little girl + cute baby animal + doll with combable hair = Best. Gift. Ever.

My Bella picked Bree Bunny and had so much fun making her adorb headband that she begged me to let her wear it to school the next day. (Of course I said yes, because ADORBS.)

Meet Bree Bunny

Bree Bunny and her special animal, Twist, are the perfect friend for the little girl who cannot sit still. With matching whiskers, a carrot-print skirt and feet wrapped in rabbits, everything about these two says bounce.

Meet Felicity Fox

Felicity Fox and her animal twin Flick, are the idea doll for the daughter who likes to sneak snacks to the dogs under the table. Both the doll and the pet feature silky hair and brown furry tails. With matching furry tails and silky brown hair,

Meet Karina Koala

Karina Koala and her pet Dab are content to just sit back and smell (or in Dab’s case, eat) the eucalyptus. Does that sound like a little girl in your family? Who perhaps sits back and prefers to watch all the action, instead of being in the center of it?

Meet Patter Peacock

Patter Peacock and her bestie Flap are dressed to impress. Crown, feathers, a fuzzy vest…they are the ideal inspiration doll for the fashionista in your family. 

Meet Lorna Lamb

Lorna Lamb is a one-of-a kind, that’s for sure. She and her animal friend, Flag, like to keep busy with all kinds of sheep sporting events. (Ever see Babe?) Her fluffy hair has made her my Elena’s absolute favorite Enchantimal


Meet Sage Skunk

If I had had the opportunity to play with Enchantimals

dolls when I was little, Sage Skunk would have been my favorite. She’s spunky. Do you have a little stinker in your home? If so, she will love Sage and her pet Caper!

Crafting Up a Few Memories

The problem with new things is that they only stay “new” for so long. Then they end up stuffed at the bottom of a drawer, naked. (At least, all of our dolls end up naked…)

That’s when the craft comes in. Doing a related craft will draw your child deeper into the “world” she is creating in her mind. Even better, it is also a brilliant way to make an “old” toy feel new again.

My friend Jen found these precious headbands that matched the Enchantimals

dolls our girls picked perfectly. 


Keeping a Good Thing Going

So we’ve seen the magic happen on the floor of the living room, as they dive into their own private make believe world. We’ve seen the magic happen at the kitchen table, with felt a glue gun and flowers.

Why not keep a good thing going on the way to Grandma’s house? Enchantimals

has it’s own Youtube channel!

Let your child watch a few episodes and plant the seed for a few new pretend-play adventures to recreate on the bedroom floor tomorrow.

My younger girls LOVE these new dolls, it’s kinda their new thing. I love that it is helping them exercise their imaginations at a price that is pretty easy to afford. ($8! That’s shocking to me, really.)

I know, now that we’ve made headbands and watched a few episodes, this is a “toy stage” that’s going to stick around a while. I have a lot of Barbies that will hit the donate pile in the next few years, but these little Enchantimals

…they’ve got memories attached to them.  Into the “grandkids” box they go!

Now is the perfect time to start your own enchanting collection. Which one will you start with first?

I would  like to give a special shout-out to my good friend Jen Boucher who, having pity on my tragic history with crafts, volunteered to help me find a craft that would inspire the girls to new heights of imagination. Thank you, Jen!

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