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How to Make Getting Pregnant as Easy as Possible

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Newsflash: There are many things in this world that should be easy, but are really annoyingly complicated. 

For example:

  • Did you know the basic equation 1+1=2 actually took 372 pages of complex math to prove? (Stephen Fry explains it in this hilarious clip.)
  • Try explaining the definition of word “the” to a non-native English speaker. It’s a nightmare. (Why do we say “I have the flu,” but not “I have the headache”?)
  • How would you describe your right hand from your left without actually using the word “right”? (Answer: you buy this $300 book.)

You know what else can get feel ridiculously complicated? 

Getting pregnant. 

On paper, it should be stupidly simple, but like the examples above, appearances can be deceiving. All it takes is a few months of negative testing for your gut to start twisting in worry.

What if your due date ends up being the week of your non-refundable vacation you planned two years ago? Or when your husband is out on deployment? Or (your gut twists again) what if you never get pregnant?


That’s a lot of pressure, friend. A LOT.

The best way to avoid sliding over to the corner and curling into the fetal position in fear is to keep moving forward. Trust me, the longer you sit still with your fingers crossed, the bigger that gut-twist is gonna get.

So let’s get you moving with an action plan. It’s time to make getting pregnant as easy as it should be. 

Starting with your MIND.

Mentally Prepare Yourself
for Getting Pregnant

This is no froo-froo philosophical nonsense I’m spouting. Studies show that your stress-level can affect your fertility, and stress always begins with your thoughts and feelings (aka your mind). So, in an attempt to get ahead of a breakdown, start thinking through your stress triggers:

  • What is stressing you out the most right now?
  • What can you do NOW (before getting pregnant) to help solve those things?
  • If you can’t think anything, who is someone who can help you think through possible solutions?

Now, write that stuff down. Get it out of your head, and onto paper. That’s your mental map forward. It will probably take some time to completely alleviate these stresses, but you can at least bathe your mind in the soothing hope that you’ve got a clear path out of the Anxiety Forest.

The sooner you can lower your heart rate and decrease your stress levels, the higher your conception chances.

Physically Prepare Yourself
for Getting Pregnant

You’re feeling pretty Zen now, so it’s time to start preparing your body for getting pregnant as quickly as possible. Check these puppies off:

  1. Stop taking your birth control. (HA! But yet, I had to say it.)
  2. Consume half your daily calories at breakfast. (No joke. Check out this study.)
  3. Follow this advice and avoid reading on your phone or tablet at night.
  4. Check your cholesterol levels (and your spouses). If either are high, that can slow conception so cut back on the high-fat foods for a while.
  5. Stop smoking. (Tobacco changes your cervical mucus and makes it harder for the sperm to find the prize.)
  6. For overweight women, losing 5-10% of your current body weight can really speed things up.
  7. If you exercise, be sure you don’t overdo it! This study shows that too much exercise hurts your fertility.
  8. Talk to your doctor if you’re on certain medication (particularly antidepressants). They can also lower your fertility.
  9. Start taking a prenatal vitamin right away. Increasing your folic acid intake has been shown to help conception. (Spinach, sunflower seeds, eggs, etc.)

So let’s recap where we are on this journey towards a baby bump. 

  1. We’ve lowered our stress rate and feel like hugging everyone (even that grumpy Starbucks barista).
  2. We’ve made physical adjustments to transform this body into a baby making machine.

What’s next?

The fun part!

Finding the Perfect Sexy Time

You can just have sex as frequently as your husband wants and then hope that eventually a bull’s eye happens, but that could take a while. (Yes, he would be happy…but you may want to get out bed occasionally.) This means that you should strategize your Sexy Time for maximum efficiency.

After all, there’s only a small window of time each month where you can actually get pregnant. Fortunately for you, there’s an entire industry out there to help you find it. From “lick a stick” prototypes (where you are looking for salt crystals in your spit – fun!), to personal ultrasound machines (if you have an extra $2-5K lying around) there are lot of options to choose from.

In my mind, though, the best fertility monitor will be EASY.  I mean, set-and-forget-it kind of easy. No more having to remember to write in the day of your last period. (Wednesday? or was it Thursday?) No more slobbering over a stick and then analyzing them under a microscope like a Mad Scientist.

It’s this Don’t Make Me Do Anything approach that makes the Percept Fertility Monitor so unique.

Brace yourself for some pretty amazing Jetson technology:

  • You slide Percept under your mattress.
  • While you sleep, it monitors all your vital signs and sends the details to an app on your phone.
  • Over time, it uses a fancy-pants algorithm to learn about your specific body and provide more accurate predictions on Gold-Star sex days.

Percept for a Test Drive

When I was first introduced to the Percept Fertility Monitor, I’ll admit…I was a little skeptical. Not to show all my cards, but I’m a tad on the “mature” side of things. My first email account was in college, and my first video game was the Atari. The very idea that I could slide something under my mattress and it could intimately know my body’s rhythms was a hard pill to swallow.

Since my baby train retired last year for good, I needed a younger test subject. A close friend of mine enthusiastically volunteered. (Her husband was even MORE enthusiastic, for some reason.) After she’d used it for a few weeks, I asked for her feedback.

What Were Your Initial Thoughts About Percept?

It was packaged beautifully! The box even came with fun, gold strips of paper confetti. The monitor itself is very simple and sleek in shape and design. The tracking app is also just gorgeous!

How Easy Was it to Start Using?

The monitor came with very simple illustrated instructions. It was very quick and easy to install. I just plugged it in near my bed and placed the device monitor under the mattress on my side of the bed. I had to download the tracking app to my phone, enter some basic information (name, email, first day of my last period, etc.), and made sure the monitor and my phone were synced. A blue light turned on to confirm that they were “talking.” Simple.

How Much Effort Does it Take to Use Every Day?

It has mostly been “set it and forget it.” The only thing I have to make sure is that my phone is fully charged (or plugged in) and near my bed on the nightstand. If your phone dies in the middle of the night, the device will not record the information. Also, if I want to record a full night, I can’t fall asleep on the couch for a few hours! It makes me *want* to go to bed on time to take full advantage of the data recording.

The app automatically turns on when my phone is in range of the device. So, that is helpful! I don’t need to remember to open the app all by myself. It will open without me thinking about it. I just need to make sure my phone is charged (or plugged in) and near by the device.

What Do You Like Most About Percept?

The fact that it records my vitals (avg. heart rate and breathing rate during the night) is very interesting and helps confirms spikes and changes in my body. I also like how the app clearly tells me when my fertile window start day is, what days have peak chances of getting pregnant, and my predicted ovulation.

It also lets me know how long I actually slept during the night and gives me a reading on my sleep quality and relaxation level. There is also a “Tip of the day” section with a link to a full online article if I want to learn more.

Update: She’s Pregnant!

My good friend and I had dinner last week and she had a happy little announcement! They are pregnant again! She’s 14 weeks, and, after doing the math, we realized the conception date was right in the middle of her testing, which is super exciting.

She is happily crediting the Percept Fertility Monitor for timing events for this happy condition. 🙂

A Little Cheating Is Okay
(Especially When It Comes to Getting Pregnant)

Whether this is your first or your fifth, when it comes to getting pregnant, the less things you have to do, the better. You’ve got a LIFE going on! The last think you need is another task on your list.

Let the Percept Fertility Monitor do all that for you. No more pencil tracking, licking, or traveling to Paris to stroke the bronze netheregions of a dead journalist.

Just you. Snoozing. (Or not quite snoozing…)

The sooner you let the Percept Fertility Monitor start tracking your vitals, the more accurate its fertility predictions so click here to get yours delivered before the weekend.

In this rare case, cheaters have been clinically-proven to win.

It’s time to make getting pregnant, simple again.

Have You Read These Yet?

This article was sponsored by the EarlySense Percept Fertility Monitor who also provided one of their monitors to my friend as a tester. She really liked how easy it was and is happily going to keep using it for future children. (That says a lot about her experience!)


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