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Should You Discover the Sex of Your Baby?

From the moment you first find yourself thinking, “Hmm. It might be nice to have a baby,” you suddenly have a zillion decisions to wade through.

Choosing the baby’s name, doctor, and even the best brand of prenatal vitamins can quickly make you obsessed with finding the “right” choice for everything!

But here’s some good news: There’s one decision you get to make that has NO WRONG ANSWER!

Instead, it’s just sheer fun!

Do you want to find out your baby’s gender before or after delivery?

There is no wrong answer here because there are no negative long-term effects from either option!

Your child will never be saying to his future therapist, “My life is all screwed up, and it first began when my parents waited an extra 20 weeks to find out my gender.”

This is a choice you get to make that’s ALL about you. And, as someone who has experienced both sides of this decision, let me just say, it’s fun either way!

I’ve given you 6 fun perks to finding out your baby’s gender and 6 delightful bonuses of not finding out. After reading, you’ll get to decide which of these exciting factors is most appealing to you!

6 Reasons to Find Out
the Sex of Your Baby

Reason #1: Picking Out the Clothes

Shopping for baby clothes is SO MUCH FUN! Plus, all of your family members will really get into it, too!

Can you imagine opening gifts at your baby shower and finding tiny, seersucker bow ties, adorable tuxedo bibs, and the sweetest baby loafers you ever did see?

Or, instead, maybe it’s bags filled with golden tutus, ruffled trench coats, and polka-dotted rompers.

Either way, you will love imagining what your new baby will look like in all the sweet outfits, pajamas, and booties your friends and family will pick out for your upcoming arrival!

Obviously, you’ll get to do these things no matter when you learn the gender, but the sooner you find out, the sooner the clothing fun begins!

Reason #2: Deciding on Your Nursery Decor

Have you ever yearned for a girly haven that just overflowed with blush pink ruffles and shimmering golden hearts? Or a bold, blue nursery featuring everyone’s favorite mouse?

Learning the gender ahead of time gives you the opportunity to have the nursery exactly how masculine or feminine you want it before baby arrives.

Now, I’m not creative enough to come up with my own nursery theme, so I just browsed online until I found something I liked and registered on Amazon for everything in that set.

But for those of you who are more than capable of coming up with individual pieces to put together in one integrated theme, here are some unique ideas to get you started.

Oh, and by the way, getting the nursery ready for your baby doesn’t mean you have to break out the paint! Use these creative tips to create a beautiful baby room without lifting a paintbrush!

Reason #3: Having a Gender Reveal Party

Who doesn’t love having another reason to celebrate?!

If you like getting family and friends together as much as I do (hospitality is one of my spiritual gifts), then what a great excuse to party it up!

There are so many great ways to reveal your baby’s gender these days. In fact, if you haven’t seen it yet, this article demonstrates a ton of great gender-reveal ideas. Ideas like…

However you decide to do it, you’ll have a great time sharing your excitement and joyous news with the people you love most!

Reason #4: Checking Off One More Milestone

There are so many big milestones days to enjoy, treasure, and look back on in future years. Things like…

  • The first positive pregnancy test
  • The first time you hear the heartbeat
  • The first ultrasound
  • The start of a new trimester
  • The day you hear that first cry

The day you learn the gender can be yet another special day, another memory.

Whether you do a big gender reveal or not, just learning whether you’re preparing for a prince or a princess can be a beautiful, life-affirming experience!

Reason #5: Simplify the Name Choice

Choosing a baby’s name can just about make or break your marriage.


It’s amazing what a big deal it can feel like at the time!

But just think about how much stress you will cut out if you only have to pick ONE name instead of two! (Good luck to all you future twin and triplet mamas!)

Some couples find it easy to come up with a girl’s name they can agree on but C-A-N-N-O-T land on a boy’s name to save their lives (or vice versa).

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you suddenly knew that it didn’t matter which grandfather’s middle name you use, because, after all, you’re having a girl? And, lucky for you, both grandmas share a middle name! (Dodged a bullet there, didn’t you?)

Reason #6: Connecting With Baby

I’ve heard many moms say they’ve have had an easier time bonding with their baby once they knew the gender.

It makes sense.

You can call your baby by name!

You can talk to “Sweet Oliver” and start visualizing what he will look like. You can sing to “Little Lydia” while your husband feels her kick against his hand.

There’s a lot of power in a name.

Obviously, there’s no guarantee that knowing the gender will create a better bonding experience, but I’ve talked to enough moms to know that for some, just knowing any little details they could glean about their unborn child made all the difference in the world.

If you’re worried about bonding (or perhaps sibling bonding), learning the gender and picking a name is a good way to start forging a deeper connection with your child.

6 Reasons NOT to Find Out
the Sex of Your Baby

Reason #1: Being Able to Reuse Everything

When we were expecting our first child, we chose not to find out the gender, and we LOVED it!

But we loved it even more when we were pregnant with our second child and realized that whether we had a boy or girl, we were already set on all the basics! Since we didn’t find out the gender the first time around, all our crib bedding, furniture, travel gear, and most other baby supplies were all gender neutral.

We didn’t really need new stuff!

That can be a major help since not all moms have baby showers for second or third (or eighth) babies. Having all your staples ready for any future kiddos – whatever their gender – can save you a bundle later!

Reason #2: Getting Practical Gifts

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: EVERYONE loves buying baby clothes!

But here’s the thing: You also really need a lot of other things. You know, like diapers, baby monitors, and swings. Those types of things.

When you stump your friends and family members by not giving them a gender to shop for, well, people tend to “play it safe” and buy the practical stuff you need on your registry.

Your diaper pail doesn’t need to be pink or blue. Your anti-colic, shatterproof glass baby bottles don’t need to be gender-specific.

Not providing a gender increases your chances of getting all your practical-baby-needs met as early as possible.

Reason #3: Creating a One-and-Done Nursery Design

There are SO MANY great options for gender-neutral nursery decor! We here at Mighty Moms have already given you a great idea for a dreamy, celestial nursery, perfect for a boy or girl, but that’s only one design option.

For those who choose to save the gender surprise for baby’s arrival, some great news is that grey nurseries have been in vogue for several years now and are showing no signs of falling from favor.

There are no shortage of options in adorable gender-neutral design options. Check these out:

But what if Earl Grey isn’t your cup of tea? Go bold with bright colors!

Reason #4: Keeping Your Name Options Secret

If you want to keep your baby’s name from getting out, not finding out the gender is a great way to keep your name options top-secret.

When we were expecting our first, conversations about my pregnancy usually began with, “What are you having?”

My snarky response was usually, “Hopefully a baby.” (I’m just charming like that.)

And then we’d go into a discussion about how my husband and I made the decision not to learn our baby’s gender.

From there, very rarely would anyone ask about our name selections which made the secret that much easier to keep!

Reason #5: Increasing the Anticipation of Arrival

This is so obvious, it’s almost a no-brainer.

The closer you get to meeting your baby, the higher the anticipation builds.

The excitement of a baby coming is pretty intense already, but after trying it both ways, I can tell you I definitely felt more of a thrill when I didn’t know the gender! I loved drawing out the anticipation!

And it wasn’t just for me!

Maybe I have a mean streak, but I enjoyed making all my family members wait anxiously also!

[insert evil laugh]

Reason #6: A More Motivated Labor & Delivery

Almost every mom I’ve spoken with has agreed – the anticipation of not knowing the gender has made for an increased drive when it comes to labor and delivery!

I definitely tried all kinds of tricks to move my labor along because I couldn’t wait to find out this long-awaited secret! This may be why my first labor was actually about five hours shorter than my second. Everyone always says that labor goes faster with each following baby, but I experienced the opposite.

And I wonder if it’s because the second time around, I already knew my baby’s gender!

Granted, I’ve never known a mom who wanted to drag out her labor. The act in and of itself is pretty darn motivating.

Still, moms everywhere have reported that they felt not knowing the gender made their labor more thrilling and efficient!

The Ultimate Win-Win Situation

In the grand scheme of things, whether you choose to learn your baby’s gender or not is a pretty trivial decision with no wrong answer.

Either way you go, bringing a new baby into your life and your home is going to be an absolute blast! (Once you’ve recovered from the extraction of said baby from your body, that is.)

If you choose to find out the gender, you’re going to have so much fun picking out clothes, imagining what she will look like, and telling friends and family one-by-one (or at one big bash)!

If you choose to wait to find out the gender, you’ll love the heightened anticipation, the thrill of keeping secrets, and the sheer practicality of gender-neutral baby supplies!

Just thinking about all this fun you’re going to have almost makes me want another right now.

(Don’t worry, hubby. I said “almost.”)

So which option did you (or ARE YOU) choosing? Why did you end up with that decision? Share your thoughts in the comments and help other parents trying to decide!

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