A Free “Preparing for Baby Checklist” for Excited Mamas-to-Be

Personally, I always felt like the last trimester was the worst part of being pregnant. I had the dexterity of a whale in heels, and all my meals tasted like acid reflux.

The worst part, though, was that I could not wait to meet the little person jumping on my bladder. This is the anticipation that prompted me to create this free Preparing for Baby Checklist.

Time to Get Organized

This two-page Preparing for Baby Checklist helps you get everything lined up before the big b-day arrives by organizing your tasks into segments. Tasks like…

  • Are you going to use a regular hospital doctor? a midwife? or a doula at home?
  • Have you picked up a good moisturizer for your belly? It can help prevent stretch marks!
  • Make sure you pick up your postpartum care kit (with a list of what should be in your postpartum care kit!)
  • Are you planning on going back to work? Discuss maternity leave with your employer.
  • Start thinking about the perfect baby name.

Get Your Free “Preparing for Baby” Checklist

This two-page printable breaks down all those tasks into smaller bite-sized pieces you can get wrapped up early. This way when you reach the home stretch, you won’t be worried about anything but the Finish Line.

Don’t forget to read through It’s Time to Kick the Anxiety Out of Preparing for a Baby, which prompted this free printable in the first place!

Just fill out the form below and I’ll email this Preparing for Baby Checklist straight over.

Still Want More?

If you’ve done all the things on the list and you have a few more weeks to go, I have a few more helpful preparing for baby suggestions for you!

This is one of the most exciting periods of your life, my friend. It’s like standing on the edge of a mountain, watching the beautiful sun rise and knowing that things are going to change forever.

This whole “preparing for baby” thing is a little nerve-wracking, I know, but that’s just because life is going to look so different from what it looks like now.

It will be better!