You’ve Never Played These Road Trip Games Before (Guaranteed)

The usual road trip games last about 5 minutes before everyone gets bored. “Who can find the letter, A?” “I found a Michigan license plate!” But what if your kids can’t read yet! You need road trip games that everyone can play, even the youngest toddler.

Well, I can guarantee you have NEVER heard of these two road trip games because my family completely made them up. *highfive Uncle Lowell!*

You’ve Never Played These Unique Road Trip Games Before. I Promise.

These unique road trip games are guaranteed to keep the kids quietly (and feverishly) looking out the window to score points to beat Dad (because somehow that’s always the goal). 

Whether you’re going to be traveling in an urban environment or a rural one, both versions will spur on a lot of laughter and fun.

Just fill out the form below so I know where to email the rules and scorecard. Then print it off and slide it into the glove compartment for the next time someone dares to say… “Are we there yet?” *shudder*

Don’t forget to read through the original article here for other original road trip game ideas! (Seriously, you’ve got a 5-hour drive ahead of you, you can’t have too many car game ideas!)

I’m excited to share our family’s traveling tradition with you!

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