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7 Awesome Reasons to Join the Mighty Moms Club!

Let me get straight to the point:  I think you should subscribe to the Mighty Moms weekly newsletter and I’ve got seven amazing reasons to do so.

Amazing Reason #1:
It’s Free.

How many clubs do you know of that don’t have any kind of membership fee?

Yep.  All you need to join this exclusive club is to be a parent.  (Honestly, even if you’re not a MOM, you’re still struggling through these first five years like the rest of us, right?)

Bottom line: if you have adopted, foster, or are caring for any sort of small human, you need to laugh once in a while, and I’d like to think we’re pretty good at laughs.

Amazing Reason #2:
Freebies. Lots of Freebies.

One of our goals to knock your socks off with helpfulness. We want our content to overdeliver.  One of the best ways to do that is to tack on some free printables and checklists to help make your life a little easier.  Here are just SOME of the free gifts we’d love to give you:

These are just a few of the freebies we’ve created for you (we’ve got lots of others for Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas…) I’m always on the prowl for new tools to help you out!

Amazing Reason #3:
Advance Copies & Free Samples

I’m almost always working a new eBook, or some kind of useful chart for readers. Once I’m close to hitting “publish” on the book, I like to give away several free copies for moms to read through it and give me additional suggestions, or catch little mistakes.

Where do I find those editors?  Yep. Subscribers.

Also, sometimes a company will ask me to try a review a product. Well, guess who doesn’t have babies at home anymore? Yep. This gal. BUT YOU DO! I always turn to my subscribers to first to find reviewers!

Amazing Reason #4:
We All Struggle

I’m just like you. I have good parenting days…and less-than-stellar parenting days. (Like this one.  Or this one. Or this one. Or perhaps one like this.)

The weekly Mighty Moms newsletter is a collection of the week’s posts, written by moms in a life season like yours. We are all winging it, friend. We are all just tossing stuff on the wall to see what sticks.  The newsletter is a summary of the things we’ve found that actually stick.

Amazing Reason #5:
Exclusive Coupons and Deals

Every now and then I hear through the Internet Grapevine about an amazing discount or coupon code.  If it’s good enough for my jaw to drop, it’s good enough to share with friends.

That said, you will never get more than 1 (two on rare occasions) emails from us a week. So if we do uncover a particularly awesome deal, you can be sure it will be in that week’s email.

Amazing Reason #6:
It’s Weekly

If your Inbox is like mine, it clutters up faster than your baby’s sock drawer. We don’t want Mighty Moms to be part of that clutter.  We want it to be set up on the shelf and gazed at when you need a little booster!

This is why we have a strict email schedule.  We send our newsletter out on the weekends, when you just might have an extra few minutes to browse through it. On very rare occasion we may have two emails in a week, but that is VERY rare, because I have three kids at home too. 🙂

Amazing Reason #7:
It’s Centered Around You (Not Stuff)

The Mighty Moms Newsletter is just enough of what you need, and nothing that you don’t.  We focus our articles on the answers you’re looking for, writing in humor to keep them interesting, and research to keep them reliable.

Remember our goal?  To become the parenting website you’ve always looked for. 

Joining the Mighty Moms Club gives us feedback on the types of articles we need to focus on.  Every email comes directly from MY email, which means that all 9,573 of you subscribers (as of today), can hit “reply” at any time and drop me a line.

Tell me what you’d like us to write about next.  Tell me how you’re doing on this whole “parenting thing”.  I’m actually on the other side of the screen, waiting to say hello. 🙂

Amazing Reason #8:
Subscribe and Get a Gift!

Okay, there’s actually an 8th amazing reason you should join the Mighty Moms Club. I didn’t count it on my list because it’s a “sometimes here, sometimes not” benefit.

Fortunately, for you, it is currently in the “here” mode.  (Otherwise, this post would have had a polite ending 4 lines ago.)

Every now and then I like to give away one of my ebooks for free.  It’s just my way of saying, “Thanks for taking a leap of faith and trusting us to send you amazing content every week.”

So head to this page and I’ll send over 101 Ways to Be An Awesome Mom.  It’s a short encouraging booklet that not only will give you inspiration on new things you can do with your kids, but reassure you that you really, truly, ARE an awesome Mom.  🙂

I know you’re going to love it!


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27 thoughts on “7 Awesome Reasons to Join the Mighty Moms Club!

  1. Melissa,

    You are doing such a great job! It’s such a big deal being responsible for a brand new human being, it can seem overwhelming! Take a look at this article but also know that you are already doing the most important things, feeding him (!) and helping him get some good sleep. The Rock N Play is, in my mind, one of the best inventions of the past few years! 🙂 It worked so well for our youngest. She wouldn’t sleep in her bassinet either but loved the Rock N Play. When the time came to transition (probably around 4 months is best or a little sooner if you have an active little one) she was just fine in her crib.
    Keep up the good work, mama! And Congratulations!!!

  2. Pedi says he’s perfect Also doctor said he’s eating quite well from the weight gain we notice. We are only breastfeeding at the moment. Not sure if you need to know this Info.
    Thank you
    1st time mommy

  3. I am a 1st time mommy and have a 2week old. I am so lost and could use any advise I can get. My baby just sleeps and eats and sleeps pretty good through out the night. Should I worry about putting him on a schedule so early or when should I start this schedule? He will only sleep in his rock n play does not like the flat bassinet will this be a problem later when we start using the crib? Sometimes at night like last night it took him about 4 hours 8pm-11pm of feeding n rocking in my arms for him to finally fall asleep is this normal or what can I do to lessen this time?

    Thank you
    1st time mommy

  4. Aryana, I’m so glad you are enjoying the website! And BIG TIME CONGRATS on your precious baby girl! The first step of overcoming anxiety is acknowledging the things you can do, and getting help for the things you can’t. As for screaming…all babies end screaming at some point. Eventually they just get tuckered out and fall asleep. The single best gift I can give you, friend, is to get some ear plugs. I cannot TELL YOU how they help a parent stay calm and give the tender love a baby needs, without feeling like your head is going to split.

    I love your idea about tips and tricks for running errands. I’m writing it down in my book for a future post. Thanks Aryana! I’m sure other mothers have similar worries and concerns.

  5. II Foud Your Page Through A Link ON Facebook, And I Fell In Love. I’m A First Time Mom Of 5 Week Old Baby Girl, Lola 🙂

    I Look Forward To Getting Deeper Into Your Site And Learning From You And All Of Your Subscribers!

    One Topic Id Love To Hear More About Is Venturing Out With My Newborn. I Have Major Anxiety About Leaving The House With Her By Myself Even Just To Run To The Store For Something Simple, Forget About Having Lunch With Friends! I’m Fine When My Husband Is With Us Of Course, But He’s In The Army And Will Be Leaving Us In January For A YeaR And I’m Afraid I’mGoing To Turn Into A Hermit While He’s Gone. I’m Not Afraid Of Germs, OR Crowds, I’mAfraid Of Being Able To Juggle Her And WhatIf She Starts Screaming And I Can’t Get Her To Stop? OR What If She ExplodesHerDiaper And The Changing Table Is Broken In The Public Bathroom? Basically, Id Love To Hear TIps & Tricks When Traveling/ Running Errands With Babies. 🙂

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