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3 Things Your Teething Baby Wishes You Knew

Teething is one of the first hurdles of parenting you’ll have to hop over.

And, just so you know, your teething baby would rather you didn’t run the race like a twit.  He’s hoping that you can help him conquer this milestone with as little pain and discomfort as possible.

So, can you?

*deep breath*


Okay, let’s start going through the three things your teething baby desperately wants you to understand about the painful nubs in his mouth. 

 Teething Baby #1:
I Wish You Knew When
I Need Those Extra Cuddles

One of the hallmarks of a teething baby is the appearance of King Crankypants.  Actually, according to this boardbook, all Oscar the Grouch needs is a few hugs. So take a deep breath, grab some corded ear plugs to take the edge off, (regular ear plugs are choking hazards) and let those dishes sit.

It’s time to rock and cuddle. 

So let’s start with the first step in dealing with a teething baby: figuring out if you actually have a teething baby. 

Beware the Lurking Monster: 9 Signs of Teething to Watch For

Some babies are champion teethers. You don’t even realize they are teething until *POP* there’s a tooth!

Other babies…you knew they were teething a week ago. Use this article to walk through the usual signs of teething to spot!

6 Weird Teething Symptoms You Should Know About

If the previous article shows you the typical signs to watch for, this article on weird teething symptoms is going to introduce you to those freaky cousins that hang around sometimes, but everyone tries to ignore.

Rainbows Help Everything: A Color-Coded Teething Chart

What if you’re a visual learner? What if you just want to look at a chart and know where to start finger-prodding?

This article is your answer. A gorgeous (can a row of teeth be gorgeous? hmmmm) visual graphic to help you know what teeth to spot when.

Teething Baby #2:
I Wish You Knew How
to Make Me Feel Better

Obviously, once you’ve figured out that he is, in fact, teething, the next thing he would LOVE for you to do is fix it right away. Remember, from his perspective, these painful gums are a new thing!

He’s not really sure WHY he doesn’t feel good, but he’s going to make sure everyone in the house knows it. (Especially at night, when there are fewer things to distract him!) Here are a few articles to help you get him (and yourself) some teething relief.

57 Teething Strategies to Defeat Teething Pain and Get More Sleep

This article covers ever-eee-thing. From homemade remedies, to teethers, to OTC medications, I have compiled a list of as many solutions as I could uncover.

With this many options, something has to work, right?


So Long Sophie: 8 New Baby Teethers That Will Make You Drool

I understand why so many parents love the Sophie Giraffe. I struggled to overcome the “dog chew toy” similarities, but if it worked, hey, I’ll take it. Then I saw this story about mold…and it was over. I just can’t do it.

This is a good thing, though, because it forced me to open my eyes to a lot of the other really amazing (mold-free) teether options out there. Wow, teethers have come a long way!

Remember, chewing is a great pain reliever for your baby. Since the nubs are pushing up, it feels really soothing to push down on the gums, and cancel the two out!


Teething Baby #3:
I Wish You Knew
It’s Not You, It’s Me

The most important thing your teething baby wants you to know is this:

It’s not you. It’s me.

He isn’t rejecting you, when he screams in your ear.

When you pick him up, and he wants down, he’s not deliberately trying to be a brat.

Or when you hand him a bottle and he angrily throws it on the ground, spilling milk all over the carpet, he’s not just being a jerk.

He is just confused and doesn’t realize why his mouth aches.

To be concise, he just doesn’t feel well. Just as you wouldn’t kick your dog after surgery, give yourself extra containers of grace, love and patience to rain down on him during this time.

Let those little white nubs from the netherland time to sprout. Once they poke through, he’ll feel sooo much better.

You just have to keep calm and cuddle on, my friend.

How did you get through your teething baby’s last round? Any tips to offer other parents?  

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8 thoughts on “3 Things Your Teething Baby Wishes You Knew

  1. I am a little nervous about teething babies. My sister’s baby is currently teething, and my poor niece is miserable. I am pregnant and due next month, and am scared to have an early teether. I guess I am more scared of not being able to sooth them.

    1. Kate,

      Oh, don’t take that on now! 🙂 You have plenty of other things to think about. There’s no way to know how your little one will react to teething. My first born was so easy, I never even knew he was teething until those little teeth appeared. Here’s hoping your first will be the same.
      However, if you need it, here’s a very helpful article with lots of ideas of how to soothe a teething baby. You could pass it on to your sister too!

    Loved this read!  A company named Sleeping Baby has these cool new necklaces called Trendy Teethers for the teething process! My little girl LOVES hers and I can wear one on a day out with my girl and she can still stay chewing! Love it! They’re amazing! Mommas can wear them out and look adorable while their LO chews away! Super safe and fun!

    1. Thanks for sharing, Trish! I’ve seen these and they look really cute. Good to know they work well too.

  3. I bought this for my 4 month old son when he started teething. He had been very fussy and was drooling through at least 5 bibs a day. I can’t be totally sure that it isn’t a coincidence but he is not nearly as fussy and his drooling has reduced dramatically. I would buy it again. You’ll see that a lot of the negative reviews stated that they couldn’t fit the necklace over their baby’s head. There is a (pretty obvious) bead that is different from the others that easily twists apart so you can put it on. The necklace is lightweight but constructed well so I feel safe with him wearing it. Mycutiepie | Website | Facebook

    1. Olivia,

      We like our teething necklace too! Heather has a post about teething necklaces coming up soon. If you subscribe to our site then it will come right to your e-mail. It might be interesting for you to hear what other mothers are saying about these necklaces.

  4. It was certainly a hard thing the first time around as a new mum. All I wanted to do (besides sleep) was to take the pain and discomfort away as soon as possible. Hang in there and invest in a great set of teething joys

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