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10 Toddler Recipes Guaranteed to Delight Your Tiny Critic

You can keep your Cinderellas, Cars, and Toy Stories. My favorite animated Disney movie is actually Ratatouille.

I think it’s because when that movie came out, I was dealing with two of the pickiest food critics in the history of Paid Complainers: toddlers.


The idea that you could feed someone a dish with eggplant, zucchini, and red bell peppers and they would be reminded of how much they love their mother… that’s true power.  I mean, I would expect that kind of feeling with mac & cheese or pizza…but a vegetable medley?

Could that be possible? To have my kids associate my love for them with something HEALTHY?

Dare we dream?

Yes. And here are 10 recipes I’m pretty sure even your grumpiest of food critics won’t refuse.

5 Sweet Toddler Recipes
Remy Would Recommend

1. Frozen Yogurt Bark | 2. Banana Sushi
3. Watermelon Pizza | 4. Pumpkin Muffins
5. Coconut Blueberry Jigglers

5 Savory Toddler Recipes
Gusteau Thinks are Great

1. Fiesta Bowl | 2. Mini Chicken Pot Pies
3. Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese | 4. Oven Baked Fish Fingers
5. Sticky Chicken Drumsticks

Your Toddler’s Signature Dish

You know one of the best feelings in the world? When you pick a healthy toddler recipe and your child actually responds like this:


I’m pretty sure your toddler would love any of the recipes above, but if you’re really wanting to roll the dice, why not let him help you make ratatouille itself? Perhaps after family movie night, when you’ve already established that a vegetable medley can be AMAZING.

Then, fast-forward 20 years, your child will take a bite of a warm pumpkin muffin…and instantly remember that special breakfast you used to make on Saturday mornings.  Or the Watermelon Pizzas she would help you prepare on Sunday BBQs in the backyard.

Those are some sweet memories worth a few toddler recipe experiments!

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