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A Simple Ninja Hack to Overcome Your Toddler’s Fever

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You, my friend, are a Ninja Mom.

Doubt me? Let’s go through all the things you’ve done this week:

  • Convince your toddler that folding towels is fun. Ninja Mom!
  • Slid carrots into his mac and cheese and spinach in his browniesNinja Mom!
  • Slipped out the door after the babysitter arrived without him noticing: Ninja Mom!
  • Checked his toddler fever without even having to wake him up: *cricket* *cricket*

What’s that?

You always have to wake your toddler to check his fever?

Well that has just got to STOP. I mean, you worked so hard to help get him sleeping, why would you want to ruin all that hard work just because you’re worried his little toddler fever is spiking?

Tie that receiving blanket around your head, wrap that robe up tight, and slip on those slippers. It’s time to enter my Learning Dojo. I had to travel a treacherous road into the far misty mountains of China, crossing numerous rope bridges to learn these secrets. So listen closely.

Let me stroke my false Fu Manchu mustache and regale you with the tale of my enlightenment…

Ninja Moms Stay Calm:
Treating a Toddler Fever at Home

When I first become a mom (my ninja skills were still untested), I remember being completely panicked at the idea of handling a sick child.

After all, up until this point, my mom was the person who knew how to do all that. Sure, she’s just a phone call and 13 hours away…but she’s wasn’t physically there to do all that Mom stuff.

I was on my own. Can you relate?

We’ve all had to start somewhere, with our baby’s first cold or toddler’s first fever. But I think it’s nice to skip ahead and start a little closer to the finish line, you know? Who wants to run through the swamp when there’s a bus waiting? This article is your bus. Welcome aboard.

If you need help with a baby’s fever, I talk about that in How to Decipher the Baby Cough Code: Easy Clues to Follow. It also has a free printable for your fridge!

What Defines a Toddler Fever?

The technical definition of a fever is anything 100.4° F (38° C) and above. Oh, and that’s rectal temperature. I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that even though you’ve got some pretty impressive ninja skills, getting your toddler to sit still while you insert something up his…well…

It’s not going to happen.

Since that’s, frankly, a MMA match you’re never going to win, Dr. Bhargava suggests adding a degree onto that number to compensate for the fact you’re getting the fever through the skin, rather than…other places.

Fevers: Misunderstood Victims? Or Evil Foes?

Actually…it’s both. A toddler fever isn’t always a bad thing.  You see, fevers are the body’s way of alerting the calvary that there’s a problem somewhere and White Knight Blood Cells need to head down there STAT and check it out.

If you offer medication too early, you can actually mask those messages, and prolong your child’s sickness.

On the other hand, a fever that’s running too high (over that 100.4° mark) isn’t the friendly SOS it normally is. There’s a happy Goldilocks medium that we, as Ninja Moms, want to help our children attain when they’re sick.

How to Treat a Toddler Fever at Home

  1. Stay home and clear your schedule. Your toddler needs rest.
  2. Give your toddler a very special “sick water” that only HE can use. This sippy cup has little trucks race around every time he takes a sip. Talk about motivation to drink! (See their other designs here.)
  3. Call the doctor. He/she is going to want to know that you’re monitoring a toddler fever at home.
  4. You can offer children’s acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Motrin), but realize that this isn’t actually treating the fever. It’s just managing the symptoms. It’s like putting a towel over the dirty dishes in the sink and calling it a day.
  5. Put a damp cloth on your child’s forehead or give them a lukewarm bath. The evaporating water will help to bring his body temperature down. (Make sure it’s lukewarm, a cold bath will cause him to shiver, actually raising the fever!)
  6. Offer him chilled foods like yogurt, fruit popsicles, cottage cheese, and other cold foods to help lower the fever from the inside out.

Ninja Moms Know
When to Head to the Doctor

You know how they always say Location, Location Location when talking about real-estate? Well, when it comes to toddler fevers you should be thinking Behavior, Behavior, Behavior. 

Yes, there’s a temperature number you’re watching, but that shouldn’t be the only thing you’re observing. 

Here’s the Big Picture items that should send you to the Walk-in or ER:

  • Does your child seem listless and unusually weak?
  • Is he refusing to eat or drink anything?
  • Is he having febrile seizures? (They don’t cause any damage, but they sure look scary!)
  • Has the fever crested 103° F (39.4° C)?
  • Has the fever lasted longer than 24 hours?
  • Does your child have a rash or splotchy large purple blotches on his skin?
  • Is your child having trouble breathing? (This is an automatic 911 call.)

Remember, fevers are symptoms of something else. Even though 90% of all fevers are related to a viral infection (which means antibiotics won’t help), your doctor is still going to want to do a thorough examination to discover the cause!

Ninja Moms Can Monitor a
Toddler Fever Without Waking!

All of this leads us to the obvious problem: How do you monitor your toddler’s fever without disturbing him from the essential sleepy rest his body so desperately needs to heal?

Use your Ninja Mom powers to monitor his fever without having to touch him. 

No, not through meditation. 

Through this.

A really really REALLY cool sticker.

The Mom Ninja Hack We’ve All Been Waiting For

This isn’t any ordinary “sticker”. It’s not even scratch and sniff.

It’s a sticker that should be in the next Star Wars movie, but really is sitting on shelf at Amazon, waiting for you.

  1. You place the thin patch on your child (usually under the arm).
  2. Download the TempTraq App on your phone.
  3. Set your notification temperature alert level.
  4. Get instant temperature readings for up to 24 hours.

Even better, it will send an alert to your phone if your toddler’s fever goes above a certain level you choose.

This is HUGE! My “fever panic” is always at night. I will get up numerous times at night, just to try to sneak in a forehead feel because I’m worried the fever will climb and I won’t realize it.

The TempTraq Patch takes that worry and tosses it out the window. I can rest all night knowing that if she needs me, I’ll get a wakeup alert.

Don’t Wait Until Your Toddler Gets a Fever

The time to get the TempTraq Patch is not when your toddler gets a fever. The time to buy one is now, when he’s healthy and feeling good enough to terrorize the cats.

So click here to invest in some piece of mind.

This way, when it’s 11:30 at night and you realize that your Little Man seems unusually hot, you don’t have to use your “ninja skills” to check without waking him. (Good luck with that.)

Instead, you just have to raise up his pajama shirt, gently slide the TempTraq Patch under his armpit, and bring out your phone. Ninja Mom!

Then, of course, comes your greatest challenge: getting back to the hall without treading on Legos, slipping on trucks, or stepping on squeaky stuffed animals.

Have you tried the TempTraq before?What do you think of this new technology? (I’m pretty excited about it!) 

Have You Read These Yet?

I was given a TempTraq patch to use on my kids, and after I realized how ahh-mazing it was, I agreed to write this post in return for compensation. (Yes, it happened in that order.) Friends don’t let friends make fake endorsements and you, my friend, are a friend. (Savvy?)



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