This Toddler Chore Chart Tells You What You Need to Know

I am a huge proponent of getting a toddler chore chart started as early as possible. Why? Because it starts planting some important seeds, mainly that you are not the cleaning lady!

Everyone has to pitch in to keep the house clean and organized. You can’t do it all by yourself.

Helpful Teenagers Start as Helpful Toddlers

If your kids are used to making their beds and helping clean up after meals when they are young, they will naturally continue to do those things when they are older.

So how do you get them involved when they are, say, only two years old? You start with very simple tasks. Things like folding wash cloths, picking up the toys when she’s finished, and several other things listed in my free toddler chore chart.

3 Benefits to Posting a Toddler Chore Chart on the Fridge

Let me give you three reasons why you should request your toddler chore chart printable below.

  • You’ve got enough on your plate right now, to try to remember, off the cuff, what chores your children should be doing.
  • It’s an easy way to make sure that your chore expectations are reasonable for the developmental stage your child is currently in.
  • You can use it for children up to six years old! Print it once, stick it on the fridge, and refer to it for the next four years!

This is the easiest way to get the chore machine rolling, my friend. Fill out the form below and I’ll email this toddler chore chart over to you right away.

May Toddler Chore Chart Secret:
Consistency. Not Perfection.

As you’re training your kids to be helpful family members, remember to keep your expectations low. These toddler chore chart jobs are not going to be well done.

At these tiny ages, your goal isn’t that they do a great job, it’s that they just do the job. There will be plenty of time to address the quality of their work later, when they are older. Right now, your goal is to make “helping out” something that is so natural, they hardly realize they’re doing it!

This printable came out of an article on called 6 Surprising Ways Toddlers Can Make Your House Cleaner. If you haven’t read that yet, pop over and give it a scan through!

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