Chelsea Stanley is our Queen of Copy, lending her creative skills to Mighty Moms as both a writer and editor. She has been part of the team since the “Incredible Infant days” and is looking forward to watching Mighty Moms grow!

Queen of Her Castle

Chelsea is also the queen of her own castle and stays at home with her three little boy musketeers and their sidekick pup, Sir Duke. Her days are filled with sword fights, robots, dinosaurs and lots and lots of messes, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. Her mommy mantra is “Hands full, hearts full.”

She married Dan, her very own Prince Charming, in 2009. They started dating when they played opposite each other in their high school’s production of “Zombie Prom.” He was the zombie, she was his girlfriend, and they’ve been duet partners ever since!

Daughter of the King

In a season of endless poopy diapers, dirty dishes, and loads of laundry, Chelsea is ever-so-thankful that her identity isn’t rooted in her homemaking, parenting, or pinteresting skills. While she may sometimes feel like no more than a maid, she knows that she is actually a Daughter of the King and that her identity is fully rooted in Jesus Christ and his saving work on the cross!

Slaying the Dragons

Motherhood is challenging, and every mama has dragons to slay. Chelsea has battled milk allergies, miscarriage, and postpartum depression, among other dragons. She’s a little bruised from the fight, but she has also learned how to advocate for her boys and find grace for herself along the way. She’s all about #keepinitreal and hopes her own story will encourage other moms in the trenches.

When the Crown Comes Off…

When she’s not busy being the Queen, Chelsea loves snuggling with her boys and spending time with her four beautiful sisters. She also enjoys singing with her hubby, volunteering for Care Net Family Resource Center, and sipping on Diet Coke, a magical elixir from underneath the Golden Arches.

She has a real heart for women’s ministry and uses her God-given talent to write for women’s events at her church and for her own blog, Daughter Redeemed.

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