Lauren’s a born and raised mid-western girl from the Suburbs of Chicago (Go Bears!) who loves Jesus and coffee. Of course, more Jesus than coffee but they’re very close in rank.

Lauren and her husband, who is a middle school teacher and sports coach, have been married 10 years after being friends in youth group since they were teenagers. They have 4 kiddos: two girls ages 7 and 5 and twin 2 year old boys. To say their house is a bit chaotic is an understatement! But they love the busyness of their little crew, reading bedtime stories, having dance parties in the living room and spending one-on-one time having donut dates!

Lauren’s Writing Journey

Lauren’s passion for writing began when she decided, in elementary school, that she wanted to write children’s books. She wrote several stories that she still hopes to publish one day (fingers crossed! Maybe they’ll make it on the shelf for the grandchildren?!) Her greatest writing claim-to-fame was winning a writing contest when she was 14 years old when she won her family a cruise to Alaska! (Although she originally wanted a Caribbean cruise and to bring her friends, her mom convinced her instead to bring her Dad and brother. Of course now she’s so glad she did! And she now HIGHLY recommends Alaska as a fantastic destination vacation!)

She pursued her writing at Trinity International University graduating with a BA in English and Communications in 2005, deciding she would become a travel writer after getting published in a travel magazine (who wouldn’t want to travel the world and get paid to write about your adventures??

But God had other plans. After college, Lauren and her future hubby reconnected and the rest was history! They tied the knot in 2008. Together they continued to work side by side in youth ministry (with Young Life high school ministry and their church youth group), where she developed a huge heart for encouraging and helping teens.

Lauren’s Passion for Motherhood

Once the beginning of their little crew started to make their appearance one by one (beginning in 2011-2016, whew!), she fulfilled one of her all time biggest dreams by becoming a SAHM (a dream inspired by her own SAHM when she was growing up). Her heart grew 3x it’s size, to accommodate her cute babies, but also for all other moms that came across her path!

Lauren discovered that being a mom is one of the hardest most fun jobs she’s ever had! It is exciting, exhausting, scary and amazing! She desires to serve and encourage moms through the highs and lows in their own motherhood. She knows just how serious the sleep deprivation is! She wants to be the cheer-leader they need to help them be super mom to their kids!

Her favorite part about motherhood is being apart of such a unique and fun tribe of women! And of course, she’s in the Motherhood-gig for the yoga pants and coffee because how else would she make it through the day??

More Fun Facts About Lauren:

  • She enjoys cooking, watching shows about cooking—even reading recipe books for fun! She and the hubs love scouting out new restaurants to try! (When they score a date night and enough babysitters!)
  • After the kids go to bed, she has a tough time deciding whether she should be the responsible adult and do chores or sit and watch Jimmy Fallon with her hubby while consuming sweet and delicious not-good-for-you treats (the latter always wins!)
  • At one point, she used to be a figure skater (for 10 years!) but decided not to pursue the Olympics even though she’s almost positive she would have won gold (almost..)
  • Her best mom advice: Car naps! Everyone gets a! She may or may not be known for putting sleepy toddlers in the car just so she can pickup a coffee and sit undisturbed in her driveway while they nap…
  • She can’t decide if her happy place is lounging at the beach or hiking the mountains, so she chooses both!
  • These days you’ll find Lauren chasing her rambunctious twin boys from one adventure to another and in the evenings spending time with her girls practicing reading and watching them put on princess plays. But her favorite part of the week are Saturday mornings when her hubby makes a mean egg skillet (yay adult food!) and her coffee is still hot.

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