41 Ways to Throw the Best Bicycle Birthday Party

Start your own Tour de FUN! *groan*

41 Ideas for the Best Bicycle Birthday Party - MightyMoms.club

Do you remember the days when you’d hop on your bike and pedal away all your cares?

With two wheels between you and the road, adventure was everywhere. You had no destination in mind, no deadlines, and no worries. It was just you, your bike, and the wind on your face as you raced toward your imaginary finish line.

Learning to ride a bike is a rite of passage. And now, it’s a milestone you get to share with your own kids.

Whether it’s a two wheeler, a Red Flyer Tricycle, or a nifty balance bike, kids of all ages can find a bike they love while discovering the adventure of every ride.

So, why not take something so universally linked to childhood and use it for the perfect birthday party theme?

Well, hold onto your handlebars because I have 41 ways you can make your bicycle birthday party the best on the block (if not the entire city)!

Bicycle Birthday Idea #1:
Get Guests Excited with Invitations

First things first, you’ll need to let your guests know they’re invited to pedal their way to your party. Nothing gets your little one’s guests excited by getting something JUST FOR THEM! Here are some great options to choose from.

Bicycle Birthday Party Invitation Ideas - MightyMoms.club

5 Bicycle Birthday Party Invitations

1. Wheels & Pedals | 2. Fixin’ for a Party eVite
3. Bicycle Basket | 4. Biking Bear
5. Take a Ride eVite

Bicycle Birthday Idea #2:
Create “WHEELIE” Tasty Snacks

Biking is hard work! Your little cyclists will need a fuel station chock-full of sweets, treats, and other eats to keep their energy up while celebrating. There’s something for everyone with these options!

Bicycle Birthday Party Sweet Treat Ideas - MightyMoms.club

9 Tasty Bicycle Birthday Party Snack Ideas

  1. If you’re feeling ambitious, follow this lead and make chocolate gears as cupcake toppers.
  2. Increase the bling and glitz things up with this gold cake topper.
  3. Why not ditch the classic birthday cake for more portable cupcakes with a bicycle topper? If those are a bit over budget, here’s another adorable option.
  4. This bicycle fruit tray is both healthy and a work of art.
  5. Race your way to a piece of this delicious bundt cake complete with bike lanes and cake toppers.
  6. These super-simple rainbow pinwheels will have all your riders refueling with glee.
  7. Aren’t these chocolate and sprinkle covered pretzels adorable? Put them on display as “kickstands!”
  8. The rules of the road apply to cyclists, too. Lighten up your table with these fruity traffic light skewers.
  9. It’s always a bonus when there’s more than sugar, sugar, and more sugar at a birthday party. This wheels-and-cheese recipe is sure to please everyone especially when you serve it on these trendy plates.

Bicycle Birthday Idea #3:
Rally Your Riders with Cool Decorations

Every party is more festive when you’ve decked it out to the nines, and a bicycle birthday is no different. Try some of these cycle-themed decorations to add all the (bicycle) bells and whistles!

Bicycle Birthday Party Decor Ideas - MightyMoms.club

9 Adorable Bicycle Birthday Decoration Ideas

  1. This beautiful tablescape would make for a great gift or snack table. Grab some serving trays and bicycle decor to finish it off.
  2. Add a boost of color and excitement with these paper wheels. They will remind your guests of wheels and spokes!
  3. Add a bike parking sign to show your little cyclists (or tricyclists) where to park their rides.
  4. Add some colorful “Tour de France” bunting to mark off bike lanes.
  5. Greet your guests with this racetrack party path!
  6. Set up a welcome bike with balloons and this cool sign.
  7. Gear everyone up for a big bike race with checkered cups, plates, and napkins.
  8. A bike crossing sign is a must-have for sure.
  9. This precious little bike garland can be customized to match your party colors, or your child’s bike!

Bicycle Birthday Idea #4:
Try Some Pedal-Powered Activities

After loading everyone up with sugar, your little cyclists are going to be ready to go for a ride. Try these activities to burn off some energy while incorporating your guests’ biking skills!

Bicycle Birthday Party Activities - MightyMoms.club

5 Awesome Bicycle Birthday Party Activities

  1. Hold a bike decorating contest. Line up everyone’s bikes, trikes, and balance bikes for and go crazy using streamers, ribbons, and even some playing cards for wheel spokes! You can find some other ideas for decorating spokes here.
  2. Let’s not leave out our other two-wheelers! Your guests will love making scooters out of cookies and frosting.
  3. Use these colorful cones and sidewalk chalk to set up a bike obstacle course. Not only is it fun to watch everyone race against each other, but it will also give kids good practice in technical maneuvers on their bikes.
  4. For the final lap, set up a bike wash station where everyone can bike through the water and get soaked! You’ll need some PVC pipe, pool noodles, and colorful sponges.
  5. Have a license plate station, where kids can decorate a license plate for their bike.

Bicycle Birthday Idea #5:
6 Party Favors in the Perfect Gear

Don’t let the celebration end just because the party is over! Send your guests home in the right gear with these bicycle-themed party favors.

Bicycle Birthday Party Favor Ideas - MightyMoms.club

6 Bicycle Birthday Party Favor Ideas

  1. Handlebar streamers are a fantastic addition to any bike, especially when you fly down hill with the wind blowing them every which way!
  2. A sticker book full of bike stickers makes for a great addition to any party favor pack.
  3. These unique bracelets look like bike chains, so little cyclists can sport their love for bikes even when they aren’t riding.
  4. Spoke beads will let your little riders decorate their bike in a non-permanent way, and they make a fun sound as they slide up and down the spokes.
  5. Keep everyone hydrated with these water bottles, which should fit just about any water bottle cage.
  6. Throw in a spoke light. They help visibility and safety, but also look totally awesome when those wheels get spinning.

Bicycle Birthday Idea #6:
Gifts for Your Cyclist in Training

Birthdays are a great time to trick out a ride with all sorts of things your cyclist didn’t know he needed. With these gift ideas, he’ll be biking in style.

Bicycle Birthday Party Gift Ideas - MightyMoms.club

7 Exciting Bicycle Birthday Party Gift Ideas

  1. When biking places like a park or the library (our favorite!), you don’t want your bike to have the opportunity to roll away (with or without someone’s help). This bike lock should do the trick. A key works better than combination locks for kids who haven’t mastered numbers yet, and the biscuit key here is extra clever.
  2. Help your child be seen while cycling with these awesome galaxy reflective stickers.
  3. Once you’ve settled on the perfect bike-themed gift, wrap it up with this colorful “I like to bike” gift wrap.
  4. Safety first! This shark helmet or this polka-dot option will keep little noggins safe on the road. Bonus: They’re both crazy-cute.
  5. This bike basket will hold snacks, water, or a stow-away stuffed animal for when your rider hits the road.
  6. Do you know who else loves riding a bike? Curious George. Curious George Rides a Bike makes a great gift for bicycle enthusiasts and little readers.
  7. These bike bells have a classic look, but come in a variety of colors. What better way to alert someone you’re passing them than with a sweet little ring?

Planning Your Bicycle Birthday
Party is as Easy as Riding a Bike!

With these party ideas, you’re sure to host a birthday party that will get those wheels turning and build enthusiasm for a healthy and exciting hobby.

It’s time to dust off the ten speed or even the fixie that’s been sitting in the garage and take it for a spin!

Relive that childhood glory. Feel that wind on your face as you celebrate your tike’s birthday, and pedal towards your next biking adventure together!

41 Ideas for the Best Bicycle Birthday Party - MightyMoms.club

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