The Ultimate Mustache Bash for Your Little Man’s Birthday

Ron Burgundy, Tom Selleck, Hulk Hogan and Yosemite Sam all approve of this birthday theme.

Ultimate Mustache Bash Birthday Party -

Your tiny guy has spent 12 months working hard to impress you.

  • He’s crawled where no baby has crawled before. (Under the laundry room sink. Why???)
  • He’s paid the price for exploration with numerous oochies and boo-boos.
  • He has grunted at the dinner table, passed gas on the changing table, and slobbered over the remote.

He is not a baby anymore, baby!


So it makes sense that we should celebrate this growth with a mustache bash that Ron Burgandy, Charlie Chaplin, Hulk Hogan, Lionel Ritchie, and (my personal favorite) Yosemite Sam would all be proud of.

Awesome Invitations to Kick Off Your Mustache Bash

The best way to build buzz over the upcoming celebration is to send out clever little invitations hinting at all the excitement and fun to come.  Here are some adorable options to get the party engine revving!

8 Mustache Bash Invites -

8 Mustache Bash Invitations

1. Neck Tie Invitation | 2. Red & Blue Invite
3. Bowler Invitation | 4. Candy Stripe Invitation
5. Bow Tie Invite | 6. Photo Invitation
7. Mustache Bash Invite | 8. Little Man Invite

Of course, if you want to make things even easier on yourself, send out your Mustache Bash invitations via email. Your guests can RSVP within just a few clicks, and it only takes a few minutes to check “send the invitations” off your list.

Decoration Ideas for a Tiny Tom Selleck Mustache Bash

Now that the invites are on their way, it’s time to turn your attention to your decor. Start twirling your ‘stache, I’ve got some pretty creative ideas for you to think through!

16 Mustache Bash Decor Ideas -

15 Mustache Bash Decoration Ideas

  1. A handsome manly garland to dangle above the gift table.
  2. Tasteful silverware holders made from mason jars and ‘stache stickers, to display wooden utensils. Idea here.
  3. A collection, or two, of festive balloons. (Stop by the dollar store to fill them up cheaply, and they will last the rest of the week!)
  4. Wrap a large painting with wrapping paper and add a pinwheel in the corner to create this clever buffet table backdrop.
  5. Sometime the smallest touches can make a celebration feel even more special…just like these themed paper straws.
  6. If it’s your Little Man’s first birthday, mark the occasion with a high-chair banner like this one. 
  7. Spruce up the ceiling with a few scattered dangling swirls.
  8. Head to Ikea for a few of these cheap 99¢ frames, and create a sweet sign like this one on (A free online graphic design tool.)
  9. Sprinkle the tables with adorable tiny mustache confetti!
  10. You know what goes great with hipster mustaches? Hipster napkin bow ties! Here’s how to fold them.
  11. Save yourself an hour of dishes with themed paper goods.
  12. Round balloons are fine…but a giant MUSTACHE BALLOON.  That’s beyond epic. (Just in case someone at the park wasn’t aware of your theme…)
  13. Etsy seller Sparkling Confetti will make you a custom Little Man banner.
  14. I thought this tutorial to make a paper backdrop was creative. All you need is colored paper, scissors, and access to a sewing machine.
  15. Finally, if you decide not to choose the paper straws, just pick up some regular white flexible straws and slip these photo-props on for sipping.

Mustache Bash Ideas for Grumbly Tummies

Invitations are out. Decorations are purchased. Next on the list? FOOD. What are you going to feed your guests? Here are ten savory snacks that keep your theme alive.

10 Mustache Bash Savory Snacks -

9 Mustache Bash Savory Snacks

  1. Who doesn’t love PB&J sandwiches? Zoom Theory came up with this “crumb catching” idea by making regular sandwiches and then cutting out mustaches with this crust cutter.
  2. Create color on the table with a rainbow fruit tray.
  3. I love that these exist. These mustache munchies are gluten-free and vegan.
  4. Of course you’re going to need to have a bow tie pasta salad!
  5. Trick young party-goers into consuming watermelon by cutting them out with various mustache shapes and sticking them on stiff lollipop sticks!
  6. What’s more manly than pretzel dogs? (Well, mini-manly, anyway…)
  7. Add a little more flair by instantly printing these bottle labels and fixing them to plastic water bottles or classic milk jars.
  8. This trail mix requires a bit more work, but the results are sweet enough to share. (Either at the table, or placed inside small ziploc bags as a take-home gift!) You’ll need parchment paper, colored candy melts, and a cheap piping bag.
  9. The day before, put these Ham and Cheese Sliders together, bake right before the party begins.

Mustache Bash Ideas for Your Little Man’s Sweet Tooth

Sure, snacks and sandwiches are nice, but this is a birthday party. These kids are expecting SWEETS! We can’t let them down…

13 Mustache Bash Sweet Solutions -

13 Sweets for Your Mustache Bash

  1. I just love this idea for a Milk Mustache Bar! You’ll need three capped carafes, your ‘stache stickers (so many uses!) and milk glasses.
  2. Chocolate parfaits look so pretty. Especially when they are in plastic cups with your useful ‘stache stickers.
  3. Cut out mustache rice krispie treats with various cookie cutters, then slather them with chocolate like this. Yum…
  4. Don’t have the energy for from-scratch baking? Pick up your favorite box mix and a container of frosting, then slap on premade icing mustaches. Done. 
  5. Cookies are standard fare at birthday parties, but this recipe has oatmeal. So it’s healthy, right?
  6. Going back to those box-mix cupcakes you made in #4 with the icing mustaches…why not slip them into cupcake holders? That will make them look waaaay more polished, for the same amount of effort. Win-win.
  7. Since you’ve already picked up those candy melts and piping bag for the trail mix, why not create clever cupcake toppers? Here’s an easy tutorial to follow.
  8. Technically, these are for Father’s Day, but no one will know. Make sure you’ve got a silicone cake pop pan, it makes a HUGE difference. Then you’ll need lollipop sticks, candy melts, and either piped mustaches or this easy cheat.
  9. S’mores Muddy Buddies make a great palm-snack or a simple thank-you favor at the end of the night. Recipe here.
  10. Test your baking skills with these gorgeous sugar cookies.
  11. Can you bake brownies? Then you can make these. Another clever use of your mustache cookie cutters!
  12. What about the CAKE? Yes, you can definitely make the standard cake and toss on a few icing ‘stachesor follow this easy tutorial you could and make something completely unique!
  13. Giving up on the piped mustaches I mentioned in #7? No problem. These are just as fun and require a fraction of the effort.

Kicking Up the Fun with Games & Favors

You are going to have a LOT of little children running around. I hope you have experience herding cats, because that’s what the next two hours are going to feel like…unless you’ve got a plan.  Here are six ideas to keep them occupied and send them home happy.

6 Mustache Bash Games & Favors -

6 Games and Favors for a Mustache Bash

  1. Set up a photo both and let the kids (and adults) take turns posing for hilarious pictures using fun props like these.
  2. Send them home with Salvador Dali Ducks!
  3. Always good to get out any birthday aggression by beating up a themed piñata.
  4. These simple gift bags can be filled with an assortment of sweet surprises, from lollipops to whistles.
  5. Why not play Pin the ‘Stache on the Hipster? Trust me. Your party needs this.
  6. This mustache party sent guests home with mason jars filled with fruity candy popcorn.
  7. Since you’ve already used them zillions of places…why not send home your extra ‘stache stickers as a gift?

One last suggestion…if you’re going to have a bunch of adults hanging around, why not let them also join in the fun with a special game?

Put this quiz on the big screen, make them write down their answers, and find out who knows their celebrity mustaches!  Winner gets a special prize!

I Mustache You a Question…

How are you feeling about this Mustache Bash of the Century? 

Excited? Overwhelmed?

Hopefully more the first than the latter! Just do the first thing (invitations) and then use this article as your checklist for everything else. You’ve totally got this!

When you’re finished, we’d love to see your photos on social media! Just tag us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram with @mightymomsclub! Can’t wait to see all your hard work!

No one is going to forget this party, friend. They will be talking about this for years.  (Bonus tip: Keep your notes and things for the next kid’s 5th birthday party… No reason you can’t recycle themes!)

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Ultimate Mustache Bash Birthday Party -

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