Learn to Quickly Calm Your Fussy Baby in This Online Class

Learn how to quickly calm your fussy baby with these ninja soothing secrets! | MightyMoms.club

I am going to let you in on a little secret: Some babies are easy to soothe, and some babies just…aren’t. Your ability (or inability) to quiet you fussy baby doesn’t determine your worth as a parent.

There are LOTS of reasons babies cry. Acid reflux, colic, sitting in poo for more than 5 seconds…you could be the Baby Whisperer herself and that baby would still scream.

It really isn’t you. It really is them.

That said, I have learned some pretty awesome soothing secrets over the years that I’d love to show you in my online class called The Secret Art of Soothing. Think of it as a ninja prep course where I train you to be a silent warrior in the craft of quieting.

All for less than a dinner date with your hubby!

Useful Convenience:
Watch Now or Watch Later

The best part about the Secret Art of Soothing online class is that you can watch whenever is most convenient to you. You can watch it right after your purchase, or you can choose to wait until later that evening or on the weekend.

Since it’s recorded, you could also split the sixty minutes in half, watching a little tonight and the rest tomorrow.

Fussy Baby?
These are Not Your Mom’s Soothing Tips

No slam on your mom, of course, but there is a LOT of new information out there today that can help your fussy baby. In our sixty minutes together, I’ll walk you through…

  • How to determine whether there may be a medical issue at play and some suggestions on what your doctor may do to fix it.
  • The steps to discover which soothing techniques will be a good match for your baby’s unique temperament.
  • Listen to me explain the #1 cause to a fussy baby, and how to get it fixed within the next 48 hours.
  • My personal favorite soothing method (because it gives me the quickest results).
  • A few fussy baby products that have had fantastic results, based on parental reviews.

I go through a LOT of information in sixty minutes, my friend. So much, in fact, that I’ll give you a workbook and set of cheat sheets from my slides so you can reference what you learn later on.

Along with a variety of other fussy baby techniques I’m so confident you’ll learn several new fussy baby calming techniques, that I’ll give you a full refund if you don’t agree.

Stop Feeling So Helpless

You can do this, friend. You can provide your fussy baby with the support and physical touch he needs. You just need a few fresh pointers.

Watch This Video

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Since We’re Talking…How are Naps Going?

Those darn baby naps. They are driving you crazy. One day he’s a champ, then the next he hardly sleeps a wink. What in the what is going on here? While it’s true that some moms feel so insecure and scared that we commit to walk them through every step. That may not be you.

You may just need a few rough pointers. Perhaps you feel so close that if you just had a few more tools, you could lick these wonky naps for good!

Well, how about that! I have some more tools for you! 🙂

Add the Napping Know-How Online Class at 50% Off

If you’ve already decided to sign up for the Secret Art of Soothing online class, why not bundle my second online class, Napping Know-How, and save 50%?

Just like Secret Art of Soothing, you can watch this one whenever it’s most convenient for you. It also comes with a workbook and cheat sheets full of information you can reference later on.

I guarantee you will learn nap coaching methods you’ve never heard of before. In fact, if you aren’t blown away and excited to try the tips I’m sharing, just email me back (you’ll get a confirmation email after registering) and I’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

Nap Coaching is for Babies Over 22 Weeks Old

I don’t recommend using the skills I teach in the Napping Know-How online class until after your baby is past his 4-month growth spurt.

How do you tell if your child is past that stage and ready for nap coaching? Is your baby a lot more alert during the day? Is he clearly a playful baby, and not a snoozing newborn? If the answer is “baby all the way,” he’s ready. 🙂

That said, if you know you are going to do nap coaching eventually anyway, I would go ahead and purchase the bundled set anyway. I don’t offer this Buy-One-Get-One-Half-Off deal anywhere else, so now is the time to get them both.

Besides, you can watch them whenever you want, remember? So buy them both now, and then wait until your baby is old enough for nap coaching to watch the second video.

Who doesn’t love saving 50% on useful information?

Learn how to effectively soothe your unique baby while also teaching him the napping skills he needs to be well-rested and happy during the day.

Bundle These Videos to Save

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“This information really gives me confidence in my parenting choices and skills.”

Lindsay Parker

Let a Professional Teach You New Soothing Tricks for Your Fussy Baby

Okay, so who are we, anyway? Just two moms who have a couple of kids who somehow slept through the night eventually? What makes our knowledge any different than the advice you get from your Mom’s Group?

A certificate, lots of experience, and a tushload of invested money. This is our profession, not a side hobby. Here’s what makes our sleep training so different from than the other (non-certified, non-gentle) sleep coaches you find online.

We have studied directly under The Sleep Lady herself, Kim West, and have learned to spot possible medical issues, as well as gentle weaning techniques for every fussy baby issue under the sun moon.

Amy and I had to pass a written exam and complete multiple pro bono supervised case studies to show a strong grasp of the concepts. We also have to pay a yearly re-certification fee and take continuing education classes to confirm that we are up on the latest sleep research for children!

As Certified Gentle Sleep Coaches, we have had to complete over 80 hours of coursework under medical doctors, a psychologist, attorney, lactation consultant, doula, and a family therapist. Together, we have over six years of GSC experience and have helped hundreds of happily sleeping families.

Amy Estell
Certified Gentle Sleep Coach
Heather Taylor
Certified Gentle Sleep Coach Supervisor

Fill Your Parenting Toolbox with Some New Skills

Nap coaching and soothing go together like Puffs and the bottom of you diaper bag. Honestly, can you really have one without the other?

Buy Both and Get the Napping Class Half-Off

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