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Top 3 Chewable Vitamins to Keep Kids Healthy During the School Year

This post was sponsored by iHerb who provided me with free chewable vitamins for my kids to try and paid for my time to write this article. My kids actually LOVED the vitamins, which was a relief because that meant I didn’t have to write an awkward email. I’m confident your kids will too.

By far the most important thing, when it comes to chewable vitamins, is taste. After all, it doesn’t matter if they are the healthiest vitamins in the world, if our kids flat-out refuse to take them.

I found myself, though, on the other end of the struggle last week. My kids were reminding me that they needed their vitamins.

I guess a vitamin that tastes like dessert really ups the motivation to remember. To my kids, I’m “accidentally” giving them something that tastes like they are having dessert with breakfast.

We can just conveniently forget to tell them that these vitamins are actually really good for them and there’s ZERO sugar packed inside. (Don’t you just love outsmarting your kids? #parentingperks)

Now that school is in full swing, it’s time to revamp our offensive strategy to keep them in school and avoid bringing home bacteria parties that jump from family member to family member.

Anti-Bacteria Battle Plans: Two Approaches

Ninja-Focus Vitamins — Perfect for moms who just want to focus on the three anti-cold immunity powerhouse vitamins. It’s like a sneak attack on unsuspecting bacteria.

Bigger-Is-Better Vitamins — Designed to cover all the bases. Perfect for moms who want to cast a wider vitamin net to snag those unwanted cold germs.

The Top 3 Ninja-Focus Vitamins to Kick Bacteria Booty

Our first battle plan is to really focus on the top three bacteria booty-kickers: Vitamin C, Zinc, and Magnesium.

These delicious chewable vitamins break all the rules. They don’t taste at all like chalk. I have to consistently reinforce to my children they can ONLY have two. 🙂

Magnesium: Energizing the Immune System

Magnesium is the new “celebrity” vitamin these days, as more and more doctors are discovering how useful this mineral can be to the human body.

  • It energizes the immune system, helping them move faster to areas of possible infection.
  • It can help with digestion. Magnesium Citrate is an excellent way to treat constipation. When nothing is exiting the body, it’s easier for bacteria parties to settle in.

Vitables Chewable Magnesium are sugar-free, gluten-free, vegan-friendly, with no artificial colors or preservative. Their cherry flavor is perfectly balanced between sweet and tart.

My kids love these. They taste exactly like a Smarty, only without any sugar and lots of nutritional goodness.

Confession #1: I did pop a few of these. Then I had to take them upstairs, to avoid overdosing on Magnesium.

Vitamin C: Reduce the Severity

Even though taking Vitamin C no longer prevents colds, there have been some studies that demonstrate that Vitamin C can help reduce the severity of a cold.

Consider this: when do your children start complaining of a cold? Is it when the cold is just settling, most vulnerable, in their little systems while they run, play, laugh and distract themselves silly?

Or is it when they wake up one morning with a snot mustache and a cough that threatens to raise all the dead hamsters buried in the backyard? Yep. I thought so. The best time to “reduce the severity” is NOW.

A steady supply of orange-flavored Vitables Chewable Vitamin C will catch that cold the moment it starts.

Zinc Lozenges: Keeping Kids in Class

It’s going to happen at some point. Your kid is going to complain about a sore throat.

You’ll give them a hug, empathize, and then put them on the school bus like any other morning because you can’t miss school with nothing more than a sore throat.

That’s where Vitables Zinc Lozenges can help. They are made with echinacea, olive leaf, slippery elm, and ginger; the perfect soothing combination for a raw throat.

Now you can slip a few lozenges into their pocket and send them on their way, knowing that they have something that can help.

Confession #2: I am currently sucking on one of these, as I’m typing this. My throat feels fine. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with me. I’m just enjoying the tangerine flavor for “research”. Are we sure these are just for kids?

Bigger is Better:
Smart Buy Vitamin Blends

But what if you don’t want to take the one-vitamin-at-a-time approach with your children’s vitamins?

Vitables has a pretty strong menu of combination chewable vitamins.

  • Calcium + Magnesium—Blends the benefits of magnesium with calcium, which our kids needs for strong bones. This birthday-cake flavor (sugar-free, of course!) is my children’s favorite, of all the Vitables I have them take.
  • Multivitamins + Probiotics & Enzymes—An organic whole food blend of fruits and veggie nutrients (kale! brussel sprouts! and all the other foods your kids won’t eat) along with the probiotics their tummies are begging for.
  • Immune Blend—A delicious berry flavor that sneakily covers up a cocktail of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Zinc, and probiotics to motivate the immune system to fight! fight! fight!

Nutritionally Dense, Sugar-Free Vitables Only at iHerb

There is only one place in the world (real or virtual) you can go for chewable vitamins so delicious you won’t have to descend into WWIII in order to get your kids to eat them.

That place is here at iHerb. Here are a few reasons I have an account there (and think you should too):

  • They have over 30,000 natural products and ship to over 150 countries worldwide.
  • Those products are all shipped from climate-controlled distribution centers, to make sure the quality of these vitamins don’t deteriorate by the time you get them.
  • They have 24/7 customer service in 10 different languages, so if there’s something bizzarro about your order, you have someone you can chat to about it.

Right now, if you’re new to iHerb, you can get 10% off your first order, with no minimum purchase. So browse through the Vitable collection of chewable and gummy vitamins, pick out the ones you want to start with, and save 10% on that order simply because you’re awesome enough to give them a try. It’s a good deal.

Please Mom,
May I Have Some More?

I’m not a morning person, friend.

The LAST thing I want to deal with, while sipping my first cuppa of the day, is whining and fussing about taking vitamins.

It feels me with a weird sense of joy to set the vitamins out and know they will be the first thing my kids eat.

That plate of eggs or bowl of oatmeal though…those are probably going to still sit there, cold and barely touched.

And actually, I may be okay with that, especially since I know that something nutritious made it inside that tummy before they walked into that Bacteria Castle known as school.

These vitamins are a helpful buffer between our kid’s picky eating and the Bacteria Banquet that arrives every autumn. Time to stock up!

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