Welcome Freebie Queens! Here’s Your Super Secret Bonus Cleaning Page!

Welcome, friend, to your Super Secret Bonus Page! 

Thank you, firstly, for taking the plunge and signing up for your free checklist! 

Honestly, I’m relieved I’m not the only mom who finds getting organized and keeping a clean house a challenge.

I’m using these same checklists, friend. Let’s tackle this together every week! Here are my recommendations to get the most out of this checklist.

Step One: Print Baby, Print!

Obviously, the first thing you’ll need to do is get these checklists in a form you can mark up.

  1. You can save the download on your computer and print off multiple copies to use every week.
  2. OR, you can do my little trick: laminate it, stick it on a pretty clipboard, and use a dry erase marker.

Step Two: Choose Your Checklist

Which season of life are you in? That’s the checklist you’re going to focus on. (Don’t stress yourself out by peeking at the other ones!)

  • Sleeping Beauty—I’m so exhausted, I can only handle the bare bones. Just tell me what I have to do to keep everyone from getting sick.
  • Cinderella—I only have time to do cleaning on the weekends, so keep it fairly light, since I’d rather not be cleaning at 8pm on a Saturday.
  • Snow White—I want it ALL. I’ve got the time, energy, and motivation to get my house spotless!

These are fluid, remember, so if you feel particularly exhausted one week, just choose Sleeping Beauty. Having a huge party next weekend? Perhaps try to Snow-White-it this week!

I have one rule, though. 

There is no, I repeat,  NO *shouting* guilt-shaming yourself about whatever you choose. And, actually, the same rule applies if you chose Sleeping Beauty, and actually did LESS than what’s on the checklist.

Seriously. It’s okay. 

You’re a great mom, wife, woman, anyway. Life is a series of tries. Follow Taylor Swift’s advice and shake it off. There’s always next week!

Awesome Products That Will
Make Cleaning a Jillion Times Easier

As my sister Jenny and I worked on this project together, we kept realizing that several of the cleaning products we LOVE and use frequently (and give away to others) are not your standard “cleaning” materials.

Hence this section. Here are the cleaning tools we’d recommend in order to complete each queen’s tasks.

Cleaning & Organizing Products Every Queen Should Have

Friend, your time is VALUABLE. You don’t have time to mess around with crap-tastic tools that spread things around and take twice as long. Here are our favorites to keep your house stylishly cute and quickly cleaned. (Starting with the photos, then below that you’ll see my explanations!)

  1. Nothing is nastier than a yellowish-white toilet scrubber peeking behind the toilet. This stainless steel scrubber is stylish and useful. The liner and the brush comes off for disinfecting every few months.
  2. Call me paranoid, but I try to make sure all our disinfectant sprays are kid-friendly. Since there’s going to be slobber on everything, it makes me feel better. This spray fits the bill.
  3. Jenny and I are Norwex fans, so it’s no surprise we prefer their dusting mitt. My kids LOVE (yes, I use that word) dusting with this mitt. Afterwards they get to go outside and beat the #%@#! out of it against the porch railing before I toss it into the wash. Their excitement, “LOOK AT ALL THAT DUST!” does damper my spirits a bit, but ah well. We live on planet earth, right? 🙂
  4. Every Sunday afternoon the kids and I set out a week’s worth of outfits in this 5-shelf hanger. Not only does it erase a TON of weekday morning stress, when I was sick last year with the flu, this plan avoided a lot of “Dad’s Designer Outfits” embarrassment.
  5. You know the film on the inside of the tub is gross when your bathing kids scratch messages in it. Still, it’s hard to get the right angle to really scrub all that soap scum off. (I’ve tried the sprays…can’t handle the fumes!) This scrubber is my back’s best friend. 
  6. Having four females in the house does a real number on our shower drains. The Shroom is my husbands favorite product. Must easier than the “bent wire hanger” approach he used to use to keep the drains clear!
  7. Yes, it’s possible to wash all the downstairs windows/mirrors in less than 5 minutes…but unless you’re using this polishing cloth, they are going to be so full of streaks you’ll think it’s cloudy outside all the time.
  8. I’ll admit, I currently only clean the microwave because the Angry Mama tool is hilariously easy to use. Fill it up, add a little vinegar, and let watch her anger boil away the crusty bits. Wipe clean. Done.

Bonus Videos to Help
Your Castle Stay Clean

As we were researching for this series, I came across some pretty awesome videos. This is the perfect place to share them!

Top 10 Rules for a Cleaner Home

These are simple, but can make a huge difference. I especially loved the “Have a Donation Station” tip.

40 Clever Cleaning Tips

This is fast-paced visual guide with lots of cleaning hacks. I especially liked the idea of wrapping the glass in the refrigerator with Saran Wrap for a quick clean later. (I loathe the job of cleaning the fridge!)

Purple Mattress Cover

I’m including this because A) it’s hilarious and B) I could totally relate to what it’s selling. Wish I had discovered this when my girls were younger. Plastic sheets are helpful, but just make me cringe like nails on a chalkboard. Glad to know there’s alternative option.

I dare you to watch this video without laughing. Impossible.

Commence the Clean!


We can do this!

*looks bravely into the distance*

*eagle cries*

Try Our Monthly Cleaning Checklists

When’s the last time you…

  • Sorted your makeup bag?
  • Cleaned out the bathroom drain?
  • Rotated your mattress?
  • Changed your furnace filter?
  • Checked those fire alarms?

There are all kinds of small tasks we should do every few months, but forget to because life is busy.

I’ve taken the Queen concept (Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Snow White) and applied it to those monthly/yearly tasks that are so easily overlooked.

You can have all six months of cleaning checklists for a whopping $4. (And yes, it also comes with its own Bonus page of activities. You can see that page here, if you’re interested!)

Get your Spring Cleaning Checklists, months March-August, right here. Seeing this in July? No worries. Download and use them monthly anyway!

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