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33 Spectacular Toddler Swimsuits Sure to Make a Splash

Summer is quickly approaching, and we all know what that means… you need to start searching for toddler swimsuits!

While shopping for your swimsuit may not be high on your “Favorite Activities” list, shopping for a toddler swimsuit is definitely going to be a highlight of summer preparations.

The toddler swimwear options we’ve compiled below are jam-packed full of bright colors, fun patterns, and adorable characters. You’re sure to find something spectacular for your toddler to wear while enjoying all the water fun summer has to offer!

Toddler Swimsuits For
Your Bitty Beach Babe

These sweet and girly toddler swimsuits are perfect for bitty beach babes. No matter if your miniature shadow is rough-or-tumble, or a sweet little princess, these options will thrill you. (Warning: sweet sighs ahead!)

Toddler Swimsuits for Girls:
Flamingo Fun

1. Mint Flamingo Rash Guard Set | 2. Headband
3. Striped Rash Guard Set | 4. Bow Sandals
5. Striped Cover Up

Toddler Girl Swimsuits:
Fabulous in Florals

1. Hawaiian Hibiscus | 2. Tie-Shoulder One Piece
3. Yellow Watercolor Flowers | 4. Golden Sandals
5. Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Toddler Swimsuits for Girls:
Tutti Frutti

1. Fruit Print Swimsuit | 2. Green & Stripe Rash Guard Set 
3. Purple One Piece | 4. Fruity Floral Flip Flops
5. Striped Straw Hat | 6. Gold Sunglasses

Toddler Girl Swimsuits:
Sassy Stripes

1. Striped Bloom Swimsuit | 2. Purple Stripes
3. Heart Sunglasses | 4. Mary Jane Flats
5. Mint Striped One Piece Swimsuit

Toddler Swimsuits for Girls:
Scream for Ice Cream

1. Ice Cream & Ruffles | 2. Patriotic Flavor
3. Purple Cones | 4. Pink Sunhat
5. Polka Dot Sunglasses

Toddler Girl Swimsuits:
Radiant Ruffles

1. Coral Fern Swimsuit | 2. Pink Rash Guard Set
3. Lilac Ruffles | 4. Coral Fern Slip Ons
5. White Sunglasses

Toddler Swimsuits
for Your Beach Boy

These adorable toddler boy swimsuits are giving us some major Beach Boys vibes. Even if your little man hasn’t yet learned to surf, these charming trunks will make him look the part.

Toddler Boy Swimsuits:
Summer Bites

1. Navy & White Rash Guard | 2. Shark Shorts
3. Shark Flip Flops | 4. Navy Sunglasses
5. Shark Rash Guard Set

Toddler Swimsuits for Boys:
Under the Sea

1. Submarine Rash Guard Set | 2. Octopus Board Shorts
3. Aqua Shoes | 4. Neon Fishing Swim Set

Toddler Boy Swimsuits:
Whale It’s Been Fun!

1. Whale Sunsuit | 2. Happy Whale Swim Set
3. Aqua Swim Shorts | 4. Navy Sandals
5. Whale Bucket Hat

Toddler Boy Swimsuits:
Seaside Sailing

1. First Mate Sunsuit | 2. Captain Rash Guard
3. Sailing Board Shorts | 4. Anchors Cap
5. Navy Sunglasses | 6. Watercolor Lighthouses
7. Straw Boater Hat

Toddler Swimsuits for Boys:
Surf ‘n Swim

1. Dino Surfer Swim Set | 2. VW Rash Guard Set
3. Surf’s Up Cap | 4. Ombre Sandal
5. Tropical Surf Rash Guard Set

Now the Tough Part…
Picking Just One Toddler Swimsuit!

See? Wasn’t that so much fun?

Your toddler is sure to make a splash this summer with one of these spectacular swimsuits!

With so many adorable options, your only problem is going to be narrowing it down to just one. Okay, maybe two. You know what? Just get three…in case you fall behind on laundry. 

You can never have enough toddler swimsuits, right? One for your house…an extra to sit in the car for impromptu water parties…one for Grandma’s house…one for Auntie Jenny’s house…

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