The Most Adorable Infant Swimsuits You’ll See This Year

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The most adorable (and affordable) infant swimsuits this year -

The sun is shining and your baby is just itching to eat some sand.

Sure, you could let him run around in a diaper and really good sunscreen, but why would you? Especially when you can cover that tiny tushie with one of these adorable infant swimsuits!

Here are this season’s most adorable, most precious, most darling infant swimsuits. Now, I may have gotten a little “cute-happy” here…after all there are sixteen baby swimsuit collections shown below…but you’ll see why in a minute. It was impossible to leave some of these off.

If you don’t have a daughter, and would prefer a short cut straight to the dapper swim trunks and board shorts, click here to skip to the boy’s section.

Adorable Infant Swimsuits for Girls

Brace yourself.

These baby swimsuits for girls are so stylishly precious, you’re going to wish they came in adult sizes. 🙂

Infant Swimsuits: Polka Dot Princess Collection -

Infant Swimsuits for Girls #1:
Polka Dot Princess

1. Navy Sunhat | 2. Bowknot Sandals
3. Two Piece Swimsuit | 4. Rufflebutt Swimsuit
5. Vintage Halter Bow Suit

Infant Swimsuits: Dancing Flamingos Collection -

Infant Swimsuits for Girls #2:
Dancing Flamingos

1. Tassel Swimsuit | 2. Flamingo Pool Toy
3. Flocks of Flamingos | 4. Kissing Birds
5. Scalloped Sandals | 6. Terry Cloth Coverup

Infant Swimsuits: Unicorn Magic Collection -

Infant Swimsuits for Girls #3:
Unicorn Magic

1. Unicorn Tutu Two-Piece | 2. Swim Diaper & Hat
3. Unicorn Blanket | 4. Unicorn One-Piece Baby Swimsuit
5. Unicorn Pool Floatie

Infant Swimsuits: Mermaid Lagoon Collection -

Infant Swimsuits for Girls #4:
Mermaid Lagoon

1. Mermaid Two-Piece | 2. Pink One-Piece
3. Hooded Towel | 4. Golden Sandals
5. Blue One-Piece Baby Swimsuit

Infant Swimsuits: Pockets of Posies Collection -

Infant Swimsuit for Girls #5:
Pockets of Posies

1. Daisy Headband | 2. Daisy Sunhat
3. One-Piece Swimsuit | 4. Ruffled Swimsuit
5. Crochet Sandals

Infant Swimsuits: Set Sail Collection -

Infant Swimsuits for Girls #6:
Set Sail!

1. Sailor Baby Swimsuit | 2. Striped Swimshorts
3. Black and White Swimsuit | 4. Anchor Sunhat
5. White Terry Romper | 6. Sailboat Ruffles
7. Sailor Bodysuit

Infant Swimsuits: Beautiful Blooms Collection -

Infant Swimsuits for Girls #7:
Beautiful Blooms

1. Dainty Daisies | 2. Rose Sandals | 3. Floral Towel
4. Garden Tutu | 5. Polka-Dot Tutu

Infant Swimsuits: Under the Sea Collection -

Infant Swimsuits for Girls #8:
Under the Sea

1. Fish School Rashguard | 2. Scales Rashguard
3. Kissing Fish Two-Piece | 4. Hooded Cover-Up
5. Pool Floatie with Canopy

Adorable Infant Swimsuits for Boys

I can see, in my mind’s eye, your little man digging away at that hole, “working” with Daddy to build a sandcastle. And in my vision, he’s wearing one of these adorable baby swimsuits for boys.

Infant Swimsuits: Cap'n Cutie Collection -

Infant Swimsuits for Boys #1:
Cap’n Cutie

1. Nautical Rash Guard | 2. Baby Swim Trunks
3. Navy Sunhat | 4. Nautical Gift Set with Tote
5. Cap’n Swim Set

Infant Swimsuits: Shark Bait Collection -

Infant Swimsuits for Boys #2:
Shark Bait

1. Two Piece Rash Guard | 2. Swim Jumpsuit
3. Striped Rash Guard | 4. Shark Terry Robe
5. Shark Bucket Hat | 6. Shark Inflatable

Infant Swimsuits: Sweet Snorkels Collection -

Infant Swimsuits for Boys #3:
Sweet Snorkels

1. Baby Sunglasses | 2. Crab Snorkels | 3. Green Sunhat
4. Rashguard Set | 5. Brown Sandals
6. Schooled Swimmer Rash Guard

Infant Swimsuits: Whales of Laughter Collection -

Infant Swimsuits for Boys #4:
Whales of Laughter

1. Orange Rash Guard | 2. Yellow Swim Short
3. Yellow and Blue Rash Guard | 4. Red & Blue Bodysuit
5. Whale Inflatable | 6. Whale Baseball Cap

Infant Swimsuits: Gone Fishin' Collection -

Infant Swimsuits for Boys #5:
Gone Fishin’

1. Baby Sunsuit & Hat | 2. Orange Sunhat
3. Orange Sunsuit | 4. Green Glasses

Infant Swimsuits: Gator Grins Collection -

Infant Swimsuits for Boys #6:
Gator Grins

1. Rash Guard | 2. Pocket Trunks
3. Sunhat | 4. One-Piece Swimsuit
5. Gator Swim Set

Infant Swimsuits: A Bit Crabby Collection -

Infant Swimsuits for Boys #7:
A Bit Crabby

1. Blue Striped Rash Guard | 2. Surfing Crab Swimshirt
3. Baby Swim Trunks | 4. Crab Sun Hat
5. Leather Sandals

Infant Swimsuits: Dunkin' Dino Collection -

Infant Swimsuits for Boys #8:
Dunkin’ Dino

1. Infant Sunglasses | 2. Dino Baby Trunks
3. Blue Rash Guard | 4. Navy Rash Guard
5. Dino Sun Hat

Ready for Some Fun in the Sun?

I know, I’ve made it hard on you. It’s a large pile of cuteness, and somehow you’ve got to dig through and choose a winner. I know, it’s just not possible. We’ll have to randomize it.

Close your eyes, do a wild scroll up on your phone, and jab your finger on the screen. There’s your winner!

Okay, so now we’ve got your baby’s tiny tush covered, it’s time to think about his sensitive skin as well. Do you have a baby-safe sunscreen on hand?

I know it can be overwhelming, trying to identify the ingredients that are safe for your precious child’s largest organ, so I’ve created a free sunscreen printable right here ready to help you out. It lists what you want to see on that ingredient list, and what you don’t.

You’re welcome. *wink*

The most adorable (and affordable) infant swimsuits this year -

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