51 Unicorn Baby Shower Ideas That Will Enchant You

Unicorn baby showers are the new black.

51 Unicorn Baby Shower Ideas That will Enchant You! - MightyMoms.club

Last week I saw a cute pregnant woman wearing a We’re Hoping It’s a Unicorn t-shirt.

That, my friends, is brilliant. What is more magical than feeling that little one squirming, poking, hiccuping, and being all adorable? Which, of course, made me realize that perhaps the most appropriate theme for a glowing new mom-to-be is a unicorn baby shower.

It’s whimsical. It’s memorable. It’s just plain fun.

Throwing the Ultimate Unicorn Baby Shower

Here’s what you need to pull your unforgettable unicorn baby shower together. (Examples below!)

  1. A fantastic invitation, to get people pumped to show up. (And bring a sweet gift!)
  2. Delicious food that’s easy to make, but still impressive enough to inspire Wow!s.
  3. A gorgeous cake (or cupcakes) you can make yourself (if you want to).
  4. A decorated room that transports guests into a fairyland of fun.
  5. Party games that people actually enjoy playing!
  6. Thank-you favors for those that come, so they can leave just as happy as when they came.

Now. Ready for examples?

Magical Baby Shower Invitations
to Get People Excited to Come

Don’t underestimate the power of a nice invitation. Yes, you could email something nice, but chances are they are going to forget all about it after 30-seconds.

Why not give your guests a hint that this baby shower is going to be one they talk about for years to come? Send them a small taste of the wonder they’ll experience when they arrive at your unicorn baby shower, starting with a gorgeous invitation they can hang on the fridge.

Unicorn baby shower invitation ideas - MightyMoms.club

10 Dazzling Invitations

1. Watercolor Sparkles Invite | 2. Baby Blinged Invitation
3. Rose Striped Invitation | 4. Gold Polka Dots Invite
5. Violet Unicorn Invitation | 6. Magical Unicorn Baby Shower Invite
7. Garden Glitter Invite | 8. Whimsical Shower Invitation
9. Rainbow Dandelion Invite | 10. Blue Floral Unicorn Invite

Unicorn Baby Shower Decor Ideas
That Will Entrance Them

You’ve got them all excited with your invitation, now it’s time to WOW them from the moment they open the door. Transform your living room, or church basement, or community hall, into something fantastic. 

They thought they were just coming to another baby shower, but really they have arrived at something much bigger: an experience of something so different it will stick in their minds forever.

11 Fantastical Unicorn Baby Shower Decor Ideas - MightyMoms.club

11 Awe-Inspiring Decor Ideas

1. Vintage Tablescape with gold bunting
2. Headbandor this sash set for the special Mama-to-Be
3. Festive Paper Goodsor ones that match your invites
4. Rainbow Backdropthese make awesome clouds
5. The Deluxe Decor Pack | 6. Baby Shoes for the Gift Table
7. Fingerprint Guest Book | 8. Roses for guests with name tags
9. Stunning Backdropmade from braiding strips of tablecloth
10. Hanging Centerpiecedrape streamers from a large wreath
11. Gold Confetti Balloons

Unicorn Baby Shower Dishes

I’m assuming, perhaps incorrectly, that you’re not going to have your unicorn baby shower catered. (If you are, why are you here? My guess is you probably already have a party planner!)

This means you’ll be making a lot of the food yourself, so here are some clever food ideas for your inspiration; from lip-smacking drinks to bite-size finger foods, they should be colorful, healthy, and (if possible) pointy!

8 Delicious Unicorn Baby Shower Dishes - MightyMoms.club

8 Entrancing Entrées

1. Champagne & Cotton Candy (or Sparkling Cider)
2. Watermelon Flavored Water—with gorgeous dispenser
3. Rainbow Jello—just need a good bundt pan
4. BLT Bites—with wooden cocktail forks
5. Antipasto Kabobs | 6. Grilled Cheese Dippers
7. Street UniCORN (get it!?) | 8. Hawaiian Chicken Kabobs

Unicorn Baby Shower Treats
for Your Sweet Tooth

You’ve been healthy. Now it’s time to…not be healthy. After all, it’s not a party without something sweet! Yes, you could hire a local bakery to make the cake, but with cake toppers like this one, why not save your money for decorations instead?

All these sweet treats are easy to make, but will look stunning spread out on your tablescape, taunting your guests as they wait for dessert!

10 Bewitching Unicorn Baby Shower Bakes - MightyMoms.club

11 Bewitching Bakes to Tempt Your Guests

1. Dipped Strawberries | 2. Unicorn Sugar Cookies
3. Sparkly Rice Treats | 4. PB & Chocolate Horn Cookies
5. Unicorn Cake Topper | 6. Unicorn Cake Pops
7. Unicorn Mini Cheesecakes | 8. Cookie Cake Topper
9. Cupcake Unicorn Toppers | 10. Rainbow Layer Cake
11. Deluxe Unicorn Cake Topper with Eyelashes

Unicorn Baby Shower Games
They’ll Never Forget

I always used to cringe when it was “baby shower game” time. It was usually a recipe for awkwardness. No more! Today they have professionally designed games that get all the giggles but none of the grimaces. (Okay the Bump or Beer Belly could be pushing it…)

Here are a few of my favorites.

Unique Unicorn Baby Shower Games to Play - MightyMoms.club

5 Unique Unicorn Baby Shower Games

1. Emoji Nursery Rhyme Pictionary
2. Baby Bump? or Beer Belly? | 3. Baby Item Price is Right
4. Predictions & Advice | 5. What’s in Your Purse?

Unicorn Baby Shower Favors to
Send Them Home Smiling

Laughs have been had. Selfies have been taken. Food has been eaten and gifts unwrapped. It’s time to send everyone home smiling. It’s time to bring out the unicorn baby shower favors.

Those final little touches that will remind them of the fun you’ve had, six months later when they pull out some lip balm or polish their nails for a night on the town.

They are a final thank you for coming that makes them look forward to the next party. A first birthday party, perhaps?

Fabulous Unicorn Baby Shower Favors - MightyMoms.club

6 Fantastic Favors

1. Unicorn Plushies—These are inexpensive
2. Chocolate Dipped Wafer Cookies—to enjoy on the way home
3. Unicorn Gift Bags | 4. Manicure Gift Set
5. Lip Balm | 6. Sparkle Nail Polish with customized gift tags

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51 Unicorn Baby Shower Ideas That will Enchant You! - MightyMoms.club

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