Sleeping Beauty’s Top 10 Best Books for Babies

If anyone knows which books are guaranteed to end in snoozes, it’s Sleeping Beauty.

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While exploring the best books for babies, I was inspired by one of the funniest fairytale books I’ve ever read to my kids.

It got me thinking about how the princesses would handle life in the real world. Take Sleeping Beauty for instance. If she was my royal neighbor here in Wisconsin, I’m pretty confident that…

  • She and Prince Philip would have at least a dozen kids.  Let’s be honest.  If you love being in bed so much…
  • She’d have her own personal barista to follow her around with endless cups of French Vanilla Lattes with double shots of espresso. Otherwise, how would she stay awake for Official Palace Business?
  • And finally, she’d have a HUGE library of bedtime books.  If your only claim-to-fame was SLEEPING, it makes sense that you’d try to justify that skill with mounds and mounds of niche-related books.

Several weeks ago I started polling our Facebook Fans to see what they thought Sleeping Beauty would recommend as the best books for babies right before bed. (Say that ten times fast!)

Today I’m sharing their responses in a collection of the top ten sleepiest bedtime books parents use to hush little ones into dreamland.  Every single one has been stamped with the official “Sleeping Beauty Seal of Approval”.

I’ve split them into two categories, depending on which “mood” you are in during the bedtime routine. Sweet? Or just plain Silly?

5 Sweet Bedtime Books for Babies

Are you in the mood for some cuddles? These are the best books for babies who love the snuggles.

#1) Les Petites Fairy Tales: Sleeping Beauty

Naturally, Sleeping Beauty’s top bedtime book is going to be her own. This sweet little board book tells her entire story in single words.  (Which HAS to be degrading.)

It has bright engaging pictures, letting you embellish the story if you wish for a longer reading session, or speed-through for a quicker put-to-bed.

#2)  If Animals Kissed Good Night

Can you even think of a more adorable title for a bedtime book? Yeah, me either.

In this precious rhyming story, Mom and Baby explore all the different ways baby animals are put to bed by their mothers. Don’t forget to have your baby “kiss” the animals good night on the last page!

#3) Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me

Eric Carle (of Hungry Little Caterpillar fame) has written a very fun and interactive bedtime book about a Dad who goes on a journey to get the moon for his little girl. Find it at Amazon.

#4) Counting Kisses

Any book that is subtitled “A Kiss and Read Book” requires a well-used spot on my shelf.

This interactive book counts down starting from ten kisses to one final kiss on the last page, as you kiss your baby from head to toe. It’s oversized, which makes it’s easy for baby to see all the pictures.

#5) On the Night You Were Born

This is such a sweet book, without getting overly sappy.  One of the most commonly listed reader favorite’s! It’s more than just a book, it’s poetry.


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5 Silly Bedtime Books for Babies

Sometimes, after a long day, you just need something to make you smile. These are the best books for babies when you want a guaranteed giggle-getter!

#1) Goodnight Gorilla

This beloved story was listed by numerous moms as a family favorite on our Facebook Page.

“My 6 month old loves Goodnight Gorilla. (He tries to eat the book most times, but he enjoys the story too).”

— Noami Collins

#2) Sleep Like a Tiger

Sleep Like a Tiger is one of the best books for babies of all time.  Great illustrations, steady soothing rhythm, interesting story. It’s a Caldecott award winner!  You will love this book (and so will baby)!

#3) Little Blue Truck

Little Blue Truck is a fun interactive story about a a little blue truck that meanders through the countryside saying hello to all his farm friends. (Cue animal sounds!)

When the dump truck (who ignored all the animals) gets stuck in the mud, Little Blue Truck encourages all the animals to pitch in to help him get free. A sweet story about helping others, even if they aren’t always nice to you.

#4) I Love You, Stinkyface

This is one of those “how much I love you,” kinds of books, but done in a humorous way. My kids requested this book almost every night. It is playful, sweet, and has a fantastic rhythm!

#5) The Sleep Book

Technically, this Dr. Seuss book can’t be one of my best books for babies, because it’s over 50 pages. Still, Facebook fan Megan Mueller has uncovered the secret to this timeless classic:  “I don’t know how it ends, though, because we never make it that far…she conks out!”  

Exactly, Megan.  Eeeeeex-actly.

Why You Need a Few of These Best Books for Babies on Your Shelf

It’s easy sometimes to want to skip this part of the bedtime routine. After all, she’s just so clueless.

Resist! There is a lot more going on here than you realize!

  • That physical touch, sitting on your lap, is extremely important in her emotional development.
  • Learning to turn the pages will let him practice his pincer grasp, an essential for learning to write someday!
  • Seeing you read from left to right across the page is also a pre-requisite for early reading.
  • The daily routine, especially before naps and bedtime, provides a trigger that will help your baby’s brain know when it’s time to make that sleepy wonder-hormone, melatonin.

Even if you only make it a few pages, it’s still worth it. These best books for babies (sweet or silly) will help make this little down-time your favorite cuddle time of the day.

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