These 30 Best Toys for Kids Will Definitely Surprise You

There are no Hatchimals or LOL Dolls on this list. (I refuse.)

30 Best Toys for Kids -

I think there’s a popular misconception out there when it comes to the best toys for kids. There’s this idea that a truly “best” toy will have so many buttons, levers, and noises that  you’re a little unsure on whether you just bought a toy or a mislabeled Lunar Rover. 

I certainly don’t mind a few whizbangs and dings, but with some toys it’s obvious within the first ten minutes that you really just purchased a future headache.

You have enough “things” (i.e. offspring) shouting at you all day, so I thought it might be helpful if I suggested a few anti-headache toy ideas. And by saying “a few” I mean thirty. Thirty surprisingly refreshing toys for kids.

What makes them surprisingly refreshing? I thought you’d never ask! (Honestly, I was going to tell you anyway. I can’t help it.)

Reason #1: There are no surprises after the wrapping gets ripped off. (Hatchimals, I’m looking at you. Nothing is worse than ponying up $50 for a “mystery gift,” only to watch your kid’s face fall when they open the exact same Hatchimal they got last year.)

Reason #2: These toys for kids are more than just a pretty face. Each one has to do something interesting and teach some skill in a sneaky way. (Because sneaky learning is my favorite.)

Reason #3: Any bleeps and blurps have to have a purpose. None of these toys subscribe to the “steal attention with eye-watering strobe lights and loud screeching sounds”. Their creativity and innovation can stand proudly by itself.

 I’ll promise you this: you give your child one of these toys and he’s guaranteed to leave the box in the trash. Nothing stings the wallet quite like watching your child have more fun with the packaging than with the actual toy.

With these toys? Not an issue.

10 Best Toys for Kids
Under 1 Year

When you’re looking for the best toys for kids under one, you want to focus a lot on the big three developmental skills your child will be mastering in these brief months:

  1. Fine Motor Skills—learning how to use his fingers to do small tasks.
  2. Gross Motor Skills—learning how to balance his body and move around the room confidently.
  3. Cause and Effect—understanding that when he does X, Y happens.

Everything that will happen in your child’s growing body in the next year is going to stem from his mastering those three important milestones. So why not pick out toys that will help him practice more often? Best Toys for Kids Under 1 Year -

Brain-Friendly and Award Winning
Toys For Kids Under 1

1. pipSquiz Loops | 2. Alilo Bunny | 3. Dimpl
4. Lovevery Play Gym | 5. Musical Chicken
6. Plui Rain Cloud Tub Toy | 7. Farm Animals
8. Share & Care Safari | 9. Rollobie
10. Smart Learning Home

10 Best Toys for Kids
Under 3 Years

The toddler years are almost completely centered around this phrase: “I do it myself!”  This parenting stage is fraught with frustration as you try to find that fine line between independence and absolute insanity. 

The best toys for kids at this age are going to encourage that independence in a gentle way that won’t lead to frustration and (God forbid) epic meltdowns.

Best Toys for Kids Under 3 Years -

Brain-Friendly and Award Winning
Toys For Kids Under 3

1. Espresso Kitchen | 2. Chugga Choo | 3. Doodle Lights
4. Mushroom Garden | 5. Bilibo | 6. Spike the Hedgehog
7. Buckle Boy | 8. Alphabet Puzzle | 9. Ride On Ramp
10. Wild Wigglin’

10 Best Toys for Kids
Over 4 Years

Preschoolers are all about exploration and imagination. This is the age where pretend play blooms into the full flower of childhood and the idea of cooperative play starts being an option.

The best toys for kids four years and up will be the ones that entice your child’s brain to explore the world around him, whether that’s the fantasy world in his mind or the physical world in his basement.

Toys for kids in the preschool age will also be less egocentric than for younger children. He is ready to start actually playing with the kids around him! (Even if he’s not quite ready to share…)

Best Toys for Kids Over 4 Years -

Brain-Friendly and Award Winning
Toys For Kids Over 4

1. Pomsie | 2. Fairy Garden Set | 3. Door Pong
4. Brain Blox | 5. Robot Racers | 6. Dollhouse
7. Fingerlings (T-Rex, Monkey, Unicorn, Sloth)
8. Hover Soccer | 9. Train Table
10. Castle Marble Run

Smarter Toys for Kids = Smarter Kids

It’s pretty darn impressive how smart toys for kids have gotten over the years. Remember when the most exciting thing under the Christmas tree was a Lite Brite? (Btw, that’s called retro now…)

Now I don’t mean to put my generation down or anything, but I can’t help but wonder if we would have hit the technology age a little earlier if we had been getting fun coding games for Christmas instead of the Magic 8 Ball.

*shaking the ball vigorously*

“Will I be given 3M to develop the newest Apple product?”


Woo hoo! All those Lite Brite lessons are finally paying off!

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30 Best Toys for Kids -

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