50 Stunning Circus Birthday Ideas That will Take Your Breath Away

It’s the Big Top in a perfect little package your child will never forget!

50 Stunning Circus Birthday Ideas That will Take Your Breath Away - MightyMoms.club

Let me give you two reasons why you should seriously consider a circus theme for your child’s next birthday:

  1. Cirque du Soleil
  2. The Greatest Showman

These two productions have re-invented something that (just being honest) Stephen King ruined for my entire childhood. 

Come one! Come all! Come celebrate a birthday!

It has a nice ring to it, don’t you think? What a simple way to bring back some of the whimsy and fun of carnival games and food-on-a-stick in your own back yard.

When I first started researching this article, I had about 32 really good ideas I was excited to share. But then they just kept coming!  Honestly, the only reason there is only 50 circus birthday ideas here is because I turned off my computer. 

In the exhausting world of motherhood, the easiest way to get something done is to ask someone else to do it. 🙂  I am very pleased to do all that research for you. (Such sacrifice!)

Ladies and Gentlemen! May I present…the Greatest Circus Birthday Post on Earth!

Circus Birthday Ideas:
8 Invitations to Spin Some Excitement

I forget sometimes, as an adult, just how exciting it is to get something in the mail. Especially when that’s a birthday party invitation.

My girls will hang their invitations on the fridge, looking at it every day, getting more and more excited about the fun that’s just around the corner.  Here are eight invitations that celebrate the carnival in slightly different ways. Several even have tear-off tickets to hand in! How fun is that!

50 Stunning Circus Birthday Ideas That will Take Your Breath Away - MightyMoms.club

1. Step Right Up | 2. Stripes (in many colors) | 3. VIP Ticket
4. Ticket Stubs | 5. Simple & Clean | 6. Photo Circus Invite
7. Big Tent Invite | 8. Admit One

Circus Birthday Ideas:
8 Savory Snacks to Fill Up On

One of the gifts I like to give the parents at birthday parties is providing lunch. It’s a good feeling to know that you’re “off lunch duty” for that day. Here are eight circus birthday ideas for simple recipes that fit the theme perfectly.

50 Stunning Circus Birthday Ideas That will Take Your Breath Away - MightyMoms.club

  1. What fits more with the circus than pretzels! Life Made Simple shows you how to make these two different delicious ways. Of course, if you’d rather head to the sewers with Pennywise the Clown than bake one more thing, J & J has got you covered.
  2. I’ve completely fallen in love with this alternative version of nachos. You can even fool your conscious into thinking it’s healthy because you’re using apple slices instead of chips! (Debbie Downer: It’s not healthy.)
  3. The more foods we can stick on a stick, the faster your party clean-up will be. Check out this recipe for 15-minute corn on a cob stick.
  4. Try your hand at homemade corn dogs, or cheat with these…no one will ever know!
  5. Pizzazzerie had this great idea to slip some personalized party flags into your child’s favorite Izzy Drinks.
  6. Veteran parents know that one of the best way to get your child to eat vegetables is to present them in a fun way. This carrot-shaped pizza is perfect!
  7. I thought this idea from Everyday Annie was insanely clever: poke holes in a gift box and all the fruit-kabobs stand up nice and purty.
  8. The Organic Kitchen recommends baking your favorite Mac & Cheese recipe in a cupcake pan using personalized circus wrappers.

Circus Birthday Ideas:
11 Delicious Mouth-Watering Desserts

What kind of a birthday party would it be without sweets?!

*sad clown face*

Exactly! The only reason those kids have suffered through the health(ier) options on the table is because they know that the GOOD STUFF can only come after that course is finished. We shouldn’t let them down…here are 11 birthday circus ideas for mouth-watering desserts.

50 Stunning Circus Birthday Ideas That will Take Your Breath Away - MightyMoms.club

  1. Aren’t these cotton candy cupcakes adorable? Top it off with lollipop sticks and a tuft of Amish Farm’s cotton candy.
  2. Make Life Lovely shows how insanely easy it is to make all natural snow-cone syrup. They look beautiful inside striped paper bowls.
  3. Give these Animal Cookie Cupcakes a try! Bake right inside personalized or plain striped liners and display them in an eye-catching Ferris Wheel cupcake holder.
  4. I love this idea to put circus peanuts inside striped popcorn boxes. (This would also make a clever take-home gift.)
  5. Why not serve this bright celebration popcorn in a striped or spotted circus bowl?
  6. Can you believe these are cupcakes and not popcorn bowls? Learn the clever steps to trick guests here.
  7.  This Marshmallow Dumbbell circus birthday idea is brilliant. You just need giant marshmallows, striped straws, and melting chocolate. Done!
  8. These Oreo Pops are yet another clever option for non-bakers who want an impressive table spread.
  9. For the adults attending, why not make these easy Circus Animal Cookie Truffles? Sophisticated enough for adulthood, whimsical enough for childhood.
  10. The pièce de résistance! I think this Sprinkle Cake recipe is the bomb. Don’t forget the candle sparklers!
  11. Okay…so I know I said no clowns…but these cupcakes are so creative I had to share it. Pick up some Trix, gummy worms, black gel, and M&Ms and you can recreate these in a flash.

Circus Birthday Ideas:
11 Tent-Worthy Decorating Touches

You can send out festive invitations and make tasty food, but unless you’ve got the right decorations, your party is going to be less than sensational. You need POP! You need PIZZAZZ! Let your guests feel like they’re stepping into the Big Top with a few clever table touches.

Here are eleven circus birthday decorating ideas to thrill your audience from the moment they step inside.

50 Stunning Circus Birthday Ideas That will Take Your Breath Away - MightyMoms.club

  1. Personalize the standard boring water bottle with circus labels.
  2. Showcase your hard work with an inexpensive cupcake Big Top Display.
  3. Or…if you’re wanting a more subtle display, try the Ferris Wheel.
  4. This table skirt is perfect for a carnival event.
  5. Rather than buy all your paper goods individually, you can save a lot of money by choosing a party supply kit.
  6. Bold colors are traditional for the circus, but sometimes it’s nice to take a softer, non-traditional approach like with this garland with matching train centerpiece and cake stand. (These would be perfect for a first birthday party!)
  7. Speaking of bold colors, this tablescape can never be mistaken for anything else but a carnival event. The red, blue, and yellow pinwheels and matching balloons bring a lot of interest and height to the table.
  8. Short on time? Pick up this packaged decoration kit. 
  9. This tablescape is just as bold, but has a vintag-esque feel that I really like. You can recreate this with slightly muted colored pinwheels, tissue balls, and dotted balloons.
  10. This creative mama decided to bring the Big Tent inside! Add your own special kid-sized party place here. (Bonus: it makes a great reading space in the playroom after the guests leave!)
  11. Join in the fun like this clown mom. Even if you didn’t go all out, I think these rainbow lashes add the perfect amount of stylish silliness.

Circus Birthday Ideas:
8 Giggle-Getting Games


You’ve sent the invitations, created all the food, and decorated the house. What next?

Party games!

A party is no place to stand around and feel awkward! Here are some exciting ways to bring down the house. (Hopefully not literally.)

50 Stunning Circus Birthday Ideas That will Take Your Breath Away - MightyMoms.club

  1. Let the kids practice their mad Tight Rope Walking skills with a secured line of crepe paper.
  2. A clown head pinata? Why does that feel so satisfying? #pennywise
  3. This prize punch game looks like the blast. Any chances you could set up an extra one for the adults? With Starbucks Gift Cards, dark chocolate, and mini-bar bottles of Moscato?
  4. I love this idea of a kissing booth! (I can hear the kids twittering from here!) Don’t forget your giant jar and a whole-lotta kisses to count!
  5. Let your guests pose as a Strong Man or a Trapeze Artist in this photo prop.
  6. Go all out and use carnival games like the Bean Bag Toss to earn tickets and win prizes.
  7. Why not include a 3-Legged-Race, a Sack Race, and the always popular Egg Relay Race?
  8. Finish the party with a round of silly photos to share on social media (and show the drop-off parents!)

Circus Birthday Ideas:
4 Unique Thank-You Favors

The food has all been consumed, the gifts have been opened, the games have been conquered, and somehow the decorations are still standing. It’s time to send your guests home with a little reminder of all the fun they’ve had today to celebrate the momentous occasion of your child’s birth!

Here are a few circus birthday ideas for take-home favors to consider!


50 Stunning Circus Birthday Ideas That will Take Your Breath Away - MightyMoms.club

  1. Barnum’s Animal Crackers may be the most perfect finale you can hand over. It’s practically a disappointment not to end with a box of these to munch on on the way home!
  2. The Strong Man wants some hair! Let the kids create funny mustaches and hair styles with this magnetic toy. A great idea from Pizzazzerie.
  3. I’ve never met a kid who didn’t love a pinwheel. Ever.
  4. Or fill these bags up with the Birthday Child’s favorite candy or party favors.

A Million Dreams:
The Ringmaster’s Finale

There’s something really exciting about re-creating the wonder of the Big Tent in your  living room. It’s transforming.

Everyone knows some seriously awesome memories are about to be made.

Yes, it’s going to be a lot of work. But it’s rewarding work!

I’ll confess, I don’t throw these types of parties every year, but I do try to sprinkle them in every two years. I can remember going to a few epic birthday parties when I was little. The effect was so magical, I never forgot them.

What better theme to capture the circus of the life you’re living right now than embracing it as a birthday theme? (A subtle poetic touch of dark-humor you and your hubster can privately enjoy as you are corralling kids to open presents?) 🙂

Honestly, with a party like this, why in the WORLD would your child want to run off and join the circus?

Your house is so much better.

Plus, there’s cake. 

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50 Stunning Circus Birthday Ideas That will Take Your Breath Away - MightyMoms.club

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