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12 Adorable Fourth of July Outfits Guaranteed to Be Parade-Stoppers

Imagine the scene:

You and your little one arrive at the Fourth of July parade. Suddenly, everyone’s attention turns away from the parade.

The floats stop dead in their tracks. The music abruptly dies down. Bubbles and candy fall to the ground, unnoticed.

All eyes turn to your kiddo.

Your child has become the star of the show… because of that perfectly perfect, most adorable outfit.

Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating. But only a little bit.

While these sweet Fourth of July outfits probably won’t actually stop any parades (who wants to be responsible for stopping a parade, anyway?), they certainly qualify for the Cutest Fourth of July Outfit Award.

It wasn’t easy, but I’ve managed to narrow it down to the cutest six girl outfits and six boy outfits. There are two in each age category: babies, toddlers and preschoolers. Phew! My job is so hard!

You know what goes along with 4th of July outfits? Fireworks. If you’re tired of spending the rest of the night in the car with a screaming toddler, this article can help!

Adorable Fourth of July
Outfits for Baby Girls

Whether she’s stuck in the car seat or crawling through the grass towards the picnic table, these fourth of July outfits will sparkle like family fireworks.

Fourth of July Baby Girl Outfit #1:
Stars & Stripes Forever

1. White Cork Sole Sandals | 2. Romper with Tassels
3. Flag Romper Dress | 4. Stars & Striped Sandals

Fourth of July Baby Girl Outfit #2:
Little Star

1. Ruffle Top & Shorts | 2. Star Headband
3. Americana Dress | 4. Ruffled Sandals

Adorable Fourth of July Outfits
for Toddler Girls

Can’t you just imagine your smiling little cutie toddling along? She’s holding an ice cream cone and wearing one of these outfits as she celebrates with family. And it’s ah-dorable.

Fourth of July Toddler Girl Outfit #1:
Makin’ ‘Merica Sparkle

1. Lil’ Miss Firecracker| 2. Sparkly Shorts Outfit
3. Glitter Fisherman Sandals | 4. We

America Outfit

Fourth of July Toddler Girl Outfit #2:
Good Ole Gingham

1. Red Gingham Jumpsuit | 2. Blue Hairbow
4. Heart Sunglasses | 3. Blue Sundress
5. White Princess Sandals

Adorable Fourth of July Outfits
for Preschool Girls

For my whole life, the fireworks were my favorite part of the Fourth of July. Until I had a daughter. Now my favorite part is watching her get dressed up and enjoy all the fun. These cute dresses are going to look great on your precious preschooler.

Fourth of July Little Girl Outfit #1:
Red, White, and Bow

1. White Cat-Eye Sunglasses | 2. Ruffled Flag Dress
3. Patriotic Minnie | 4. White Bow Sandals

Fourth of July Little Girl Outfit #2:
Fun with Flags

1. Americana Flag Dress | 2. Children’s Jewelry
3. Glitter & Tulle Sandals | 4. Flag & Skirt Outfit

Handsome Fourth of July Outfits
for Baby Boys

I can’t even handle these baby boy outfits! Someone call the doctor: I think my heart just stopped.*

(*Note: Do not actually call the doctor. My heart is ok. This comment is here for joking purposes only. No one was harmed in the making of this article.)

Fourth of July Baby Boy Outfit #1:
Rompin’ in the USA

1. Born in the USA Romper | 2. Red Bucket Hat
3. Navy High Top Sneakers| 4. American Mustache

Fourth of July Baby Boy Outfit #2:
Sweet Parade

1. Navy Sunhat | 2. Red Smocked Shortall
3. Gentleman Tie & Suspenders | 4. Canvas Shoes

Handsome Fourth of July Outfits
for Toddler Boys

These toddler boy outfits are just perfect. The only question now is: Which one should you get? Or, get both! Always good to have a change of clothes on hand, right?

Fourth of July Toddler Boy Outfit #1:
Rad, White, and Blue

1. Star Baseball Cap | 2. Flag Hoodie & Pants
3. Rad Outfit | 4. Red Sneakers

Fourth of July Toddler Boy Outfit #2:
Pledge Allegiance

1. White Polo Shirt | 2. Blue Newsboy Cap
3. Navy Shorts | 4. Suspender & Socks Set
5. Leather Sandals

Handsome Fourth of July Outfits
for Little Boys

Seriously, ladies. The fedora! The aviators! The boat shoes! No doubt your little dude will be the star of the show in these fantastic Fourth of July clothes. (Remember, kids, this is not a popularity contest. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still be well-dressed.)

Fourth of July Little Boy Outfit #1:
Red, White, and RAWR!

1. Flag Dino Shirt | 2. Navy Austin Sneakers
3. Red Cargo Shorts | 4. Patriotic T-Rex

Fourth of July Little Boy Outfit #2:
Barbecue Best

1. Plaid Shirt | 2. Hot Dog Flag
3. Gray Cargo Shorts | 4. Navy/Red Mesh Sandals

Stop the Parade!

Whether you are celebrating with a parade, cookout, or fireworks, surely one of these perfect outfits for your little one will turn heads (even if it doesn’t actually stop the parade).

I hope these ideas help you find the perfect ensemble for your little firecracker. Let your kids start the parade out on the right flag-waving start!

 If you are going to a fireworks show with your kiddo, check out this post for some tips on how to alleviate his fears at the fireworks display.

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