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Dad Parenting: The Good, the Bad, and the Hilarious

I’m a big fan of dads.


After all, without them we wouldn’t have our little King Chubs!

My hubby Cameron is a gift from God that I frankly don’t deserve. Without his constant singing, hilarious sense of humor, and level head they would have sent me to the looney bin years ago. He keeps me grounded on the big things, so when the little things happen…

“What is that whistling noise? WHY WOULD YOU PUT A CHEERIO UP THERE?”

I can let go of my obsession of “being on time so everyone thinks I have my act together” and embrace the “take 20 minutes to dig a Cheerio out of a squirming 23-month-old’s nose with tweezers without taking out an eye” side of life.

Dads add so much flavor to parenting. Their brains are wired completely different from ours. No wonder our children love them!

So here are 16 things most moms would never dream of doing with our kids. 🙂

I hope it can help you appreciate the uniqueness that our men bring to the parenting table!

Dad Parenting: Holding Baby 101

#1: Finding the Right Balance

When you’ve worked SO HARD to get her to sleep, why in the world would you risk all that just to eat?

Source: Reddit


#2: A Total Body Workout

For a tough-as-nails Dad, mountain climbing is a great lower AND upper body workout.

Source: Reddit


#3: Containment FAIL

I understand the goal here: containment. He just better hope his wife doesn’t turn around…

Source: My Bad Parent


#4: Quick Draw Dad

Only a male could think this up. LOL. Only a male.

Source: How to Be a Dad

#5: Waste Not, Want Not

99% of all our husbands have done this. They just haven’t gotten caught on camera.

Source: Tumblr


Dad Parenting: Feeding Time

#6: Mr. Helpfulness

I think the expression of pure terror on the baby’s face pretty much says it all. Still, I give this Dad a giant “E” for Effort. I’m sure his wife will appreciate the sarcasm at 3am.

Source: Pregnant Chicken


#7: The 3am Feeding

Speaking of that 3am feeding…I know I’ve done this before in the dark, wondering why my screaming infant wasn’t taking her bottle. Surely it’s an equal-opportunity parenting whoops.

Dad Parenting: Gaming with Baby

#8: Cruisin’ Through WoW

Okay, is it just me, or does this guy look suspiciously similar to #5? As in 3 kids and 30 pounds later?

Source: Reddit


#9: Liar Liar Pants on Fire

Remember this guy? Lets his kids game with him on controllers that are unplugged. Father/son bonding at it’s finest. Brilliant! (Cameron says he deserves a solid bro fist-bump.)

Source: LOLSnaps


#10: Heroes in a Half Shell (Turtle Power!)

This dad is thoughtful enough to keep his Little Ninja Turtle nice and cozy during gametime!

Source: Sabotage Times

Dad Parenting: Playtime

#11: A Little Bob Dylan

Is there anything sweeter than seeing a dad sharing a passion with his son? I love the expression of pure joy on his face, letting his son teethe on his guitar!

Source: The Meta Picture


#12: Diaper Ninja

Normally, I’m all about taking the diapers apart and crafting a Diaper Ninja with the kids, but he should at least make sure he’s included ALL the kids. The younger one looks a little disappointed at being left out.

Source: Awkward Family Photos


#13: Bidet Party

Let’s hope she never learns what her “pond” is really used for (and that Mom never discovers this photo…)

Source: The Noob Dad


#14: One Dot to Rule Them

This multi-tasking dad has figured out how to distract all three of the house minions with one use-from-the-couch laser game!

Source: The Meta Picture


#15: Quality Playtime

Okay, for the sake of kindness, I’m just going to pretend that he had been swinging her for the past 30 minutes and his arms were getting tired…

Source: College Humor


#16: Go to Sleep

What men think up to do when “get baby to sleep” starts getting boring. Ingenious.

Source: The Noob Dad


My Favorite Thing About Dads Parenting…

…is the quirkiness.

Cameron once took Elena to the grocery store in a striped onesie fastened on the outside of her polka-dot pants with a bib on backwards. (“She’s a superhero!” he said.)

These are things I wouldn’t do in a million years, but they make for great family memories. 

Those Dad-brains of theirs provide a treasure-trove of chuckles.

Who but a DAD, would say “Let’s take these diapers and turn you into a Ninja!” or “I’m going to figure out how to keep this baby asleep and eat my cake at the same time!”

They are precious, these men of ours.

What does your man do with your baby that makes you laugh?

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12 thoughts on “Dad Parenting: The Good, the Bad, and the Hilarious

  1. Wow, good eye for detail. You may very well be right (or it’s a dad who likes to get manicures…could be!). But as it says in the article, it’s an equal- opportunity parenting whoops. 😉

  2. Hey,

    The #7 pic is not of DAD but rather a Mom feeding her baby at 3am… Look at her nails, you will know… Please remove the accuse …

    Nice Blog,



  3. Stu, thanks for asking this question! It’s a great example of Heather’s brain sometimes not connecting on the page. 🙂 King Chubs (in my world) was what I would refer to my nephews, because they all had those glorious little baby fat rolls. So, in other words, I meant – without these great dads, we wouldn’t have our wonderful babies! I’m a huge fans of Dads. You guys are awesome. 🙂

  4. In attempts to not be angry at bathtime because of all the splashing, my husband put on his bathing suit and got in with them both last night. Needless to say, he was less angry about the splashing.

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